Money News: Bull Markets Return; American, Europe, Asian Markets Close Up

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The DOW Jones Industrial Average pitched and rallied throughout the week as did the top ten watched markets with nearly all managing to get up under September’s heavy losses and run with the bull earning solid gains across the board.

The DOW opened Monday at 16,258.25, with immediately fell nearly 200 points and continued to decline falling below 15,000.00 before the rally began.

Opening Tuesday, still below 15,000 the markets remained bearish throughout Tuesday and barely broke 16,000.00 by closing bell. A 200 point bounce opened Wednesday’s market became the catalyst for a rally that continued throughout the remainder of the week.

Friday began with hope as the bearish marketed shifted and the bull began to run and remained strong throughout the day, and with no end in sight gained more than 400 points closing bell.

The DOW ended the trading week up with triple digits gains at 16,472.37 (+200.36/+1.23%). Opening at 16,258.25. The DOW held a day range of 16,013.66-to-16,472.77.

Gainers include Wynn Resorts Ltd (+11.81/+22.84%) with a closing price of $63.52 per share, Merrimack Pharmaceuticals Inc, closing up at $9.21 per share for a gain of (+1.34/+17.03%),  Melco Crown Entertainment Ltd (+1.89/+13.88%) with a closing price of $15.51 per share, and Theravance Inc closing up at $8.56 per share for a gain of (+0.99/+13.08%).

Losers for the week include Progress Software Corporation closing down at $23.00 per share for a loss of (-2.63/-10.26%), Liberty Global PLC closing down at $44.29 with a loss of (-4.43/-9.09%), The Advisory Board Co (-2.46/-5.50%) with a closing price of $42.30 and Pilgrims Pride Corp (-0.91/-4.38%) with a closing price of $19.85.

Active for the week included Apple Inc, in medium trading moved 58.02M shares, to close up at $110.38 per share with a gain of (+0.73%), Micron Technology Inc in medium trading moved 49.69M shares closing up at $15.91 per share with a gain of (+7.72%), Microsoft Corp in medium trading moved 41.84M shares closing up at $45.57 per share with a gain of (+2.15%), Facebook Inc in steady trading moved 37.88M shares, closing up at $92.07 per share for a gain of (+1.23%).

The NASDAQ closed up at 4,707.78 for a gain of (+80.69/+1.74%).

The S&P 500 also closed up at 1,951.36 for a gain of (+27.54/+1.43%).

World Markets

The ten most watched world markets closed the trading with a 90/10 gain/loss ratio. The DOW Jones Industrial closed up. Not included in the ten most watched markets, the S&P500 and the NASDAQ also closed up.

The Americas Markets, including both Mexico’s IPC and Canada's S&P TSX Composite closed up.

Central Europe’s London's FTSE 100 and the CAC 40 of France and Germany's DAX all closed up, as the initial uncertainly of the refugee upheaval seemed to settle across the Central European markets.

Asian Markets, on the world stage, survived with only a hint of the encroaching worldwide bear market. Japan’s highly traded Nikkei 225 closed up. The Shanghai Composite and Hong Kong Hang Seng closed up. The only hold out, the SENEX of India closed down.

Nikkei 225

The Japanese Nikkei 225 opened the trading week up (17,564.39) and stayed steady throughout Monday with a slight and ominous decline a rally seemed unlikely and by weeks end the Nikkei surprised investors and closed up.

Tuesday’s opening saw a rapid decline that continued into and by 3:00PM the Nikkei dropped to the week low (16,930.84).

The Nikkei opened strong on Wednesday with a bounce and gained 325points and immediately followed with the steady rally. By Thursday midday the market saw the week high of 17,782.44 and with only slight declines managed to end the week up, barely.

The Nikkei closed the trading week up at 17,725.13 with single digit gains of (+2.71/+0.02%). 

Gainers for the week include Nitto Denko Corporation (+425.00/+5.66%), Sumitomo Osaka Cement Co Ltd (+21.00/+4.96%), Mitsubishi Motors Corp (+40.00/+4.29%), Meiji Holdings Co Ltd (+340.00/+3.94%).

Losers include Maruha Nichiro Corp (-72.00/-4.19%), Hitachi Zosen Corp (-26.00/-4.15%), Nitto Boseki Co Ltd (-14.00/-3.85%) and Fukuoka Financial Group Inc (-21.00/-3.64%).

Active on the Nikkei include Mizuho Financial Group Inc, in 41 straight weeks of strong trading, moving 114.52M shares to close down at ¥228.60 for a loss of (-0.65%), Unitika Ltd in medium trading moved 55.62M shares to close up at ¥58.00 for a gain of (+1.75%), Mitsubishi UFJ Financial Group Inc in medium trading, moved 40.63M shares to close up at ¥745.00 for a gain of (+0.42%), Kobe Steel Ltd in strong trading moved 32.95M to close up at ¥134.00 for a gain (+1.52%).

FTSE 100

London Markets began the week up, opening Monday at 6,072.47, followed immediately by a steady slide that brought the FTSE under 5,000 and didn’t hold the promise of a rally and by weeks end the bear had backed off the London Markets and the Brit’s closed the week up.

By Monday’s close the markets had dropped below 5,000 and Tuesday’s opening saw the slide continue to the week low of 5,885.89. By 8:15am the market began to a steady rally which continued throughout the week.

Minor declines/rallies gave way to a slight dip and slide throughout Friday and the week high of 6,175.47, Unable to sustain the gain the market fell slightly and the London market closed the week with double digit gains.

The London Markets closed up at 6,129.98 with double digits gains of (+57.51/+0.95%).

Gainers in the FTSE 100 include Fresnillo PLC (+30.00/+4.96%), Glencore PLC (+3.44/+3.78%), Randgold Resources Ltd (+142.00/+3.61%), Aberdeen Asset Management PLC (+9.70/+3.27%).

Losers include Experian PLC (-45.00/-4.19%), Wolseley PLC (-108.00/-2.86%), Persimmon PLC (-36.00/-1.77%), and International Consolidated Airline Group PLC (-8.75/-1.51%).

Active on the FTSE 100 included Lloyds Banking Group PLC moving 175.13M shares in strong trading, closed up at €76.62 for a gain of (+1.86%), Glencore PLC, in strong trading, moved 85.58M shares to close up at €94.46 per share for a gain of (+3.78%),Vodafone Group PLC in medium trading moved 57.73M shares to close up at €205.60 for a gain of (+0.64%), BP PLC, in light trading moved 32.43M shares to close up at €351.00 per share for a gain of (+2.56%).

Hang Seng Index 

The Hang Seng Index opened the trading week up (21,172.94) and performed remained steady with only small rallies and declines.

Tuesday’s opening the Hang Seng had fallen, plummeting to week low of 20, 413.10 which was followed, slowly, by a steady rally that continued throughout the remainder of the week.

By the Hang Seng saw a solid bounce of more than 500 points and was able to sustain the bounce and gains and ended the trading week up with triple digit gains.

The Hang Seng closed up at 21,506.09 with double digit gain of (+659.79/+3.17%).

Gainers on the Hang Seng Index include Galaxy Entertainment Group Ltd (+2.05/+10.41%), China Resources Land Ltd (+1.54/+8.48%), China Overseas Land & Investment Ltd (+1.55/+6.62%), Sands China Ltd (+1.50/+6.44%).

Losers for the week include Li & Fung Ltd (-0.09/-1.52%), Hang Lung Properties Ltd (-0.10/-0.58%), Sun Hung Kai Properties Ltd (-0.55/-0.55%), Cheung Kong Property Holdings PLC (-0.25/-0.44%).

Active trading on the Hang Seng Hong Kong Index includes Bank of China Ltd, in heavy trading, moved 292.99M shares to close up at HK$3.40 (+2.10%), China Construction Bank Corp, in heavy trading moved 267.51M shares to close up at HK$5.29 (+2.72%), Industrial and Commercial Bank of China Ltd, in strong trading, moved 220.70M shares to close up at HK$4.55 (+2.02%), China Petroleum & Chemical Corp Ltd in medium trading moved 123.74M shares to close down HK$4.88 (+3.61%).

Source: Bing Finance

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