Money News: Wall Street Closes Up; World Markets Down

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The DOW Jones Industrial Average, fought off a global downturn, and finally managed to rise up after a long holiday weekend ending the first week back from the traditional summer season up stopping the mauling’s of the past two weeks.

The DOW opened Tuesday at 16,413.65, a significant bounce from the low close of 16,102.38 that ended the week heading into long holiday weekend. The violent pitching of the last weeks of the traditional summer season slowed to a steadier rally decline rolling swing.

The DOW saw the week high at Wednesday’s opening bell at 16,620.09 after which the market preceded to decline slowly. The market continued a mild rally and decline throughout the remainder of the week with an upswing on Friday to close the week up.

The DOW ended the trading week up with triple digits gains at 16,433.09 (+102.69/+0.63%). Opening at 16,330.40 the DOW held a day range of 16,244.65-to-16,434.76.

Gainers include Aimmune Therapeutics Inc, closing up at $25.01 for a gain of (+2.14/+9.36%)  Advanced Micro Devices Inc (+0.17/+9.24%) with a closing price of $2.01 per share, Seattle Genetics Inc (+3.43/+8.25%) with a closing price of $45.01 per share, and Ziopharm Onocology Inc closing up at $10.62 per share for a gain of (+0.80/+8.15%).

Losers for the week include Mattress Firm Holding Corp closing down at $46.24 per share for a loss of (-14.10/-23.37%), Finisar Corp closing down at $12.16 with a loss of (-2.75/-18.44%), Marvell Technology Group Ltd (-1.71/-16.21%) with a closing price of $8.84 and Linn Energy LLC (-0.39/-11.14%) with a closing price of $3.11.

Active for the week included Apple Inc, in heavy trading moved 49.92M shares, to close down at $114.16 per share with a gain of (+1.39%), Marvell Technology Group Ltd in medium trading moved 45.29M shares closing down at $8.84 per share with a loss of (-16.21%), Frontier Communications Corp in medium trading moved 37.67M shares closing down at $5.32 per share with a loss of (-3.45%), Advanced Micro Devices Inc in steady trading moved 31.01M shares, closing up at $2.01 per share for a gain of (+9.24%).

The NASDAQ closed up at 4,822.34 for a gain of (+26.09/+0.54%).

The S&P 500 also closed up at 1,961.05 for a gain of (+8.76/+0.45%).

World Markets

The ten most watched world markets closed the trading with an 80/10 loss. The DOW Jones Industrial and the Shanghai Composite closed up. Not included in the ten most watched markets, the S&P500 and the NASDAQ also closed up.

With the exception of the New York Markets, Mexico’s IPC and Canada's S&P TSX Composite closed down.

Central Europe’s London's FTSE 100 and the CAC 40 of France and Germany's DAX all closing down, as the uncertainly of the refugee situation reverberated throughout Central European countries. The SENEX of India, the Hong Kong Hang Seng and Japan’s highly traded Nikkei 225 closed down.

Nikkei 225

The Japanese Nikkei 225 opened the trading week at nearly the week low (17,582.51) and mirroring the Dow Jones Industrial Average dropped to the week low (17,427.08) as the North American markets opened after the long holiday weekend.

Similar to the DOW, the Nikkei immediately rallied and by midday Tuesday had gained nearly 1000 points. By 3:00pm Tuesday the Nikkei hit the week high of 18,770.51 a short lived high. Wednesday opened to a 600 point drop followed by a shorter decline and rally.

The Nikkei, on Thursday settled into a slow, steady rally that continued throughout the remainder of the week and through the closing bell Friday.  

The Nikkei 225, still in a weekly gain/loss pitch, fell this closing the week down with small double digit losses.

The Nikkei closed the trading week down at 18,264.22 with double digit losses of (-39.40/-0.19%). 

Gainers for the week include Daiwa House Industry Co Ltd (+112.00/+3.81%), Sumitomo Osaka Cement Co Ltd (+14.00/+2.96%), Konami Corp (+74.00/+2.85%), UNY Group Holdings Co Ltd (+20.00/+2.82%).

Losers include Fujikura Ltd (-27.00/-4.53), Nitto Denko Corporation (-311.00/-4.09%), Mitsubishi Electric Corp (-47.50/-3.96%) and Tokyo Electron Ltd (-236.00/-3.65%).

Active on the Nikkei include Mizuho Financial Group Inc, in 38 straight weeks of strong trading, moving 216.17M shares to close up at ¥238.60 for a gain of (+0.89%), Tokyo Electric Power Co Inc in strong trading moved 77.05M to close up at ¥836.00 for a gain (+1.09%), Mitsubishi UFJ Financial Group Inc in medium trading, moved 74.84M shares to close up at ¥770.40 for a gain of (+0.96%), Toshiba Corp in mild trading moved 66.27M shares to close down at ¥321.00 for a loss of (-3.31%).

FTSE 100

London Markets began the week down, a slow quiet day as the markets were mainly down reflected of the closed North American Markets, and by Monday’s close the FTSE had neared the week low of 6074.52. Spiking Tuesday opened with an 89 point jump and began a small mid day rally which by opening bell Wednesday had gained nearly 180 point from the blistering and dismal Monday showing. The FTSE saw the week high later in the afternoon Wednesday at 6276.59. Immediately the market quaked. With mild gain/loss rallies throughout the remainder of the week, the market shifted between the possibility of minimal losses and ending the week on a positive note. Friday’s decline ended all questions and the London market closed the week with minimal double digit losses.

The London Markets closed down at 6,117.76 with triple digits losses of (-38.05/-0.62%).

Gainers in the FTSE 100 include BAE Systems PLC (+8.60/+1.94%), Hikma Pharmaceuticals PLC Group (+39.00/+1.65%), Kingfisher PLC (+4.90/+1.36%) and Coca-Cola HBC AG (+13.00/+1.36%).

Losers include Morrison (Wm) Supermarkets PLC (-5.44/-3.18%), Sainbury (J) PLC (-5.90/-2.47%), Inmarsat PLC (-22.00/-2.10%), and Tesco PLC (-3.85/-2.07%).

Active on the FTSE 100 included Lloyds Banking Group PLC moving 77.90M shares in strong trading, closed down at €75.78 for a loss of (-0.71%), Glencore PLC, in mild trading, moved 39.32M shares to close up at €133.90 per share for a gain of (+0.75%),Vodafone Group PLC in light trading moved 36.97M shares to close down at €224.65 for a loss of (-1.08%), BP PLC, in light trading moved 20.11M shares to close down at €333.80 per share for a loss of (-0.45%).

Hang Seng Index 

The Hang Seng Index began the trading week down and saw the week low Monday afternoon. By Tuesday opening bell a slow rally began that peaked Wednesday afternnon with the week high of 22,211.13.

The mid-week rally ushered in an immediate decline of nearly 600 points before hitting a plateau that steadied. The market steadied throughout the remainder of the week. The Hang Seng ended the trading week down with double digit losses.

The Hang Seng closed down at 21,540.37 with double digit losses of (-58.13/-0.27%).

Gainers on the Hang Seng Index include Sun Hung Kai Properties Ltd (+3.80/+3.83%), China Resources Power Holdings Co Ltd (+0.68/+3.61%), Cheung Kong Property Holdings Ltd (+1.70/+2.99%), Kunlun Energy Co Ltd (+0.13/+2.32%).

Losers for the week include China Shenhua Energy Co Ltd (-0.64/-4.79%), PetroChina Co Ltd (-0.20/-3.34%), CK Hutchison Holdings Ltd (-3.00/-2.78%), China Life Insurance Co Ltd (-0.65/-2.41%).

Active trading on the Hang Seng Hong Kong Index includes Bank of China Ltd, in heavy trading, moved 397.43M shares to close up at HK$3.55 (+1.72%), Industrial and Commercial Bank of China Ltd, in strong trading, moved 351.28M shares to close up at HK$4.68 (+1.74%), China Construction Bank Corp, in heavy trading moved 233.41M shares to close up at HK$5.38 (+0.37%), PetroChina Co Ltd in strong trading moved 138.37M shares to close down HK$5.78 (-3.34%).

Source: Bing Finance

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