Money News: US Markets Gain; World Markets Split; S&P500 Sets New Record

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The Dow Jones Industrial Average as well as the three other top America Indices had nice gains over the past week. Russell 2000, the NASDAQ and S&P500 all had a strong week, gaining enough momentum, in the respectable index to end strong with the DOW remaining above the 17,000 point record set over one month ago.


The DOW finally closed up, this week, in heavy trading the markets after opening the week at 17, 065.89, remained above 17,000, hitting a stride that moved it steadily up to close at 17, 137.36 for a net gain of +67.78/+0.40%.

Big winners for the week include Nike Inc (+2.12/+2.65%) trading with a closing price of $82.04 per share, Microsoft (+0.65/+1.44%) closing up at $45.90 per share, Home Depot at $91.61 per share up +1.68/+1.87% and Merck & Co Inc at $61.18 per share up +1.10/+1.83%.

Losers include United Technologies (-0.52/-0.48%), Goldman Sachs Group (-0.33/-0.18%), Boeing Co (-0.77/-0.61%), and United Technologies (-0.52/-0.48%).

Active on the DOW include Microsoft Corp in light trading moved 36.94M shares closing up at $45.90 with a gain of 1.44%, General Electric Co traded 21.04M shares in light trading for a net gain of +0.54%, Intel Corp moved 20.84M shares in light trading for a net gain of 0.27%, and Cisco Systems Inc, also in light trading moved 19.87M shares for a gain +0.36% to $25.00 per share.

The NASDAQ continued its upward movement with another strong showing and closed up 4582.90 up +20.61/+0.45% holding steady through a fluctuating holiday day week.

The S&P 500, ran alongside the DOW and NASDAQ, gaining almost all the previous losses, fell slightly closing slightly up at 2007.71, with a gain of +10.06/+0.45% for a new record.

Russell 2000 also had a strong week closing at 1,170.13 with a gain of +2.92/0.25%.

World Markets

Unable to maintain the momentum of the previous week, the ten most watched world markets including Canada's S&P TSX Composite, the Dow Jones Industrial Average of the U.S., Mexico's IPC, London's FTSE 100, Germany's DAX, CAC 40 of France, the SENEX of India, the Hang Seng Index and the Shanghai Composite split the week with six closing down, three up and one, the Hang Seng breaking even.

Nikkei 225

The Japanese Nikkei 225, slowly recovering from the Asian market bloodbath and uncontrollable spin finally came to a stop. Although the market closed down, it was down only minimally and nearly broke even closing down at 15, 668.68 with a loss of -7.50/-0.05%. 

Big winners for the week include Trend Micro Inc (+80.00/+2.40%), Aozora Bank Ltd. (+9.00/+2.46%) and Sumco Corp (+29.00/+3.05%) and Tokyo Dome (+16.00/+3.28%),

Losers include DOWA Holdings Co (-24.00/-2.59%), Pacific Metals Co., Ltd (-11.00/-2.57%), Yamato Holdings Company (-31.00/-3.75%), Tokyu Fudosan Holdings (31.00/-3.75%).

Movers on the Nikkei include Unitika Ltd in strong trading moved 82.36M shares and broke even for the week gain close at ¥47.00 per share, Shinsei Bank,Ltd.,  in light trading at 31.08M share to close down at ¥226.00 per share for a net loss of +0.44% and Nippon Steel and Sum in medium trading at 38.25M shares to close down at ¥290.00 per share for a net loss of -0.41%.

FTSE 100

London Markets, unable to sustain the momentum of the previous weeks world gain fell slightly in moderate trading, beginning the week at 6877.97 the FTSE 100 fell slightly throughout the week and closed down 6855.10 a net loss of -22.87/-0.33%.

Big winners in the FTSE 100 include BP PLC (+11.80/+2.59%), Hargreaves Lansdown (+12.00/+1.14%), Smith & Nephew PLC (+11.00/+1.04%) and Severn Trent PLC (+15.00/+0.76%).

Losers include Fresnillo PLC (-41.50/-4.56%), Randgold Resources (-203.35/-4.11%), Coco-Cola HBC AG (-53.00/-3.61%) and Royal Bank of Scotland (-7.90/-2.23%).

Active on the FTSE 100 includes Lloyds Banking Group moved in heavy trading 106.92M shares to close at €74.00 closing down -1.33%, Vodafone Group PLC in strong trading moved 58.93M shares closing at €206.00 down -1.62% and Barclays PLC selling at €226.25.00 in light trading at 35.98M, for a net loss of -1.95%.

Hang Seng Index

The Hong Kong Markets rallied throughout the week countering the daily losses with strong gains to close the week breaking even. The Hang Seng stayed steady throughout the week and closed up at 25,240.15 with a net of gain of +0.00/+0.00%

Index movers on the Hang Seng Index include China Mengniu Dairy (Hong Kong) (+1.00/+2.77%), New World Develop (+0.22/2.18%), Bank of China Ltd (+0.03/+0.81%), China Shenhua Energy (+0.15/+0.64%).

Active trading on the Heng Seng Hong Kong Index includes China Construction Bank in heavy trading 319.19M shares closed up at HK$5.95 with a net loss of +0.51% and Bank of China Ltd in heavy trading moved 439.69M shares closing at HDK$3.78 with a gain of +0.81%.

Losers for the week include Hang Lang Properties down (-0.60/-2.32%), CITIC Pacific Ltd down (-0.32/-2.11%) and Galaxy Entertainment Ltd (-0.80/-1.39%).


Source: Bing Finance

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