Election 2020 - Saint Anselm College Survey Center February 2019 Poll Potential Democratic Presidential Candidate Announced

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During the first week of February Saint Anselm College Survey Center conducted a poll with registered voters throughout the state. Below are the results which, at this early date, show a national consistency in preferred democratic presidential candidate.

These results are from the Saint Anselm College Survey Center poll based on interviews with 600 randomly selected registered voters in the state of New Hampshire. Interviews were conducted by landline and cellular phone between February 6th and February 9th.

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The overall survey has a margin of sampling error of 4.0% with a confidence interval of 95%; the margin of sampling error on questions specific to the 1st and 2nd Congressional Districts is 5.8% and 5.6% respectively.

258 respondents that indicated their intention to vote in the Democratic presidential primary were asked for their impression of 14 candidates and potential candidates for president. The names were presented in random order.

"I'm now going to read a list of people that have announced that they are running for the Democratic presidential nomination, or have indicated that they are strongly considering it. After each name, I would like you to tell me if you have a favorable impression, unfavorable impression, or no opinion of that person. If you have never heard of them, please let me know."

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New Hampshire Institute of Politics Executive Director Neil Levesque summarized the results, saying, "The field is beginning to take shape a year out from the 2020 New Hampshire Primary. It's still early, but a handful of candidates are already well-known to voters. Familiar faces Joe Biden, Bernie Sanders, and Elizabeth Warren are almost universally recognized, although the latter two start with some unfavorable baggage. Firsttime candidates Cory Booker and Kamala Harris are already well-known and well-liked, with potential candidate Beto O'Rourke not far behind. Potential candidate Michael Bloomberg is well-known, but carries the highest unfavorable opinion of any candidate tested."

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Levesque continued, "Less well-known are announced candidates Julian Castro, Kirsten Gillibrand and Amy Klobuchar, all of whom have a solid base of favorable opinion to build on. Rounding out the field at this time are John Delaney, Tulsi Gabbard and Pete Buttigieg."



Favorable Unfavorable No Opinion Recognition

Joe Biden

80.0 12.8 6.8 99.6

Michael Bloomberg

30.4 31.7 31.9 93.9

Cory Booker

60.9 9.3 18.4 88.7

Sherrod Brown

19.7 4.6 29.4 53.7

Pete Buttigieg

11.7 2.6 22.4 36.7

Julian Castro

32.4 6.2 34.7 73.3

John Delaney

11.3 7.2 33.8 52.3

Tulsi Gabbard

13.4 7.9 27.0 48.2

Kirsten Gillibrand

35.2 14.9 29.9 80.0

Kamala Harris

62.5 7.7 17.6 87.8

Amy Klobuchar

30.3 5.0 29.7 65.0

Beto O’Rourke

51.6 8.2 20.6 80.4

Bernie Sanders

65.3 24.8 9.5 99.6

Elizabeth Warren

60.2 28.3 9.7 98.2


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