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Let the Race Begin - The Road to the White House - Election 2012 - Week 23

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Mitt Romney, presumptive Republican Presidential nominee, swept the final multi state contests winning comprehensive victories, in all five as the 2012 GOP primary season winds down to one.

According to Gallup, as of June 9, 2012 among registered voters President Obama’s national popularity dropped a single percentage point this week to 46% and Mitt Romney held steady at 45%. Obama’s current overall ratings, according to Gallup, dropped a percentage point over the past week to 47% approve and those who disapprove of his effectiveness dropped one percentage point to 45%.

As the two candidates shift their message to the general population hoping to secure the moderates, undecided and swing voters, Mitt Romney and Barack Obama traded jabs over the economy and continued to highlight the deep divide over economic leadership, the stalled recovery, the continued recession and the lack of solid job creation.  

Five states held GOP Presidential primaries this week and in each Mitt Romney scored sweeping across-the-board victories with numbers surpassing 80% in both California and New Jersey. 73% of the voters in New Mexico, 68% of voters in Montana and 66% of the voter’s in South Dakota connected with his moderate conservative message and Take Back America platform. 

Still an active candidate Texas Representative Ron Paul registered double digits in all five states securing 14% of the votes in Montana, 13% in South Dakota, 10% in California, New Jersey and New Mexico.

Romney’s former chief challenger, Rick Santorum, still on the ballot in all states and his strict conservative message still resonating with voters connected with 11% of the voters in New Mexico, and South Dakota, 9% in Montana, 5% in California and New Jersey.  

Former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich also still on the ballots in all states garnered 6% of the votes in New Mexico, 4% in South Dakota, Montana and California and 3% of the votes in New Jersey.

As Romney had already clinched the nomination prior to the June 5, 2012 multi state primary, the victories were icing on the cake. As every paid pundit has begun to talk of the dozen or so possible VP choices for Romney has appointed long-time senior advisor Beth Myers to lead the search committee.

Not in any particular order five possible candidates include New Jersey Governor, Chris Christie, Ohio Senator Rob Portman, Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal, former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice and Florida Senator Marco Rubio. If Romney chooses a twin as his running mate his chances of winning the presidency diminish greatly; stepping outside his comfort zone and choosing a running mate that can reach across diversity lines and add depth to what may be perceived as shallowness in his platform add to his chances.

The 2012 Republican Presidential primary season concludes with Utah on June 26.

As the dust settles in the 2012 Delegate Tracker totals according to the Wall Street Journal for all candidates have been adjusted. Of the 2286 total available delegates, Mitt Romney has secured 1,480 delegates. At this time Rick Santorum holds 267 delegates, Newt Gingrich; 138, and Ron Paul, 137.


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