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Romney Edges Closer - The Road to the White House - Election 2012 - Week 20

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Former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney, the presumed Republican Presidential nominee, continued rolling through the last of the GOP primaries now that his chief challenger, Rick Santorum, has suspended his campaign.

As of May 12, 2012 national popularity among registered voters indicated President Obama held steady this week at 46% and Romney also held steady at 45%. Obama’s current overall ratings, according to Gallup, dropped a percentage point over the past week to 47% approve and those who disapprove of his effectiveness rose one percentage point to 47%.

Narrowing the topic specifically to if the Presidential Election were held today the presumptive GOP Candidate Mitt Romney garnered 47% of the responses while Obama 44%. Factoring in age and race, according to Gallup, voters under 40 strongly favor Obama while voters above 40 strongly favor Mitt Romney among white voters. Non-whites of all ages favor Obama.

On the topic of the economy, among registered voters, over the past week, both candidates took a hit in economic confidence and leadership. Although, according to Gallup, Mitt Romney still leads with 55% of registered voters believing he would do a better job of handling the economy over the next four years as oppossed to the 46% who believe Obama would be a better at economic leadership.

On the topic of religion, as with Obama’s religion challenges in 2008, Mitt Romney also faces scrutiny over his religious beliefs and values. Addressing evangelicals recently during the Liberty Union Commencement Speech Romney softened the general view of Mormonism by stating during the address,”Your values are mine, too.” Although it is unlikely that religion will be the center focus of the campaign with the economy and unemployment numbers telling a singular truth.

Virtually unchallenged in the recent Nebraska and Oregon primaries, Romney again scored sweeping victories with over 70% of the voters connecting with his message and platform.  Still unable to clinch the title, the presumed GOP Presidential candidate did win these two contests with even greater numbers than in the past and with his chief challenger, Rick Santorum out of the race, the voters are fueling the Romney machine. Texas Representative Ron Paul, still on the ballot and campaigning, managed to collect a few delegates as did Rick Santorum.

The primary season continues with the final four including; Arkansas and Kentucky May 22; Texas with 155 delegates, May 29; Montana, New Jersey, New Mexico, South Dakota and California with a golden prize of 172 delegates, on June 5 and the last primary Utah on June 26.

As the dust settles in the 2012 Delegate Tracker totals for all candidates have been adjusted. Of the 2286 total available delegates, Mitt Romney has secured 989 delegates and needs to win 155 more delegates in order to secure the GOP nomination for President of the United States before the August Republican National Convention. At this time Rick Santorum holds 265 delegates, Newt Gingrich; 130, and Ron Paul, 106.


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