Coroner Confirms Human Remains Found Are Vallow’s Missing Children

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The remains of the two missing children of Lori Vallow-Daybell, 46, arrested in Hawaii after she failed to provide proof of life, have been found on the property of her husband, Chad Daybell, 51, who was arrested.

The find brought a sad close to the nearly six-month search for Joshua "JJ" Vallow, 8, and Tylee Ryan, 17, who were last seen, entering Yellowstone National Park in September 2019 for a planned vacation with their mother.

Daybell's Idaho property had not been the focus of the search until this past week. Autopsy results proved conclusively the two sets of human remains were the two missing children.

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Vallow-Daybell married her fifth husband, Chad, in Hawaii on November 5, 2019, two months after the children had been last seen alive and two weeks after Daybell's wife Tammy, of 19 years, died in her sleep of what was listed as natural causes. Her body has since been exhumed and a follow up autopsy has been performed. Officials have not released the findings.

Vallow moved to Rexburg, Idaho, after her fourth husband, Charles, was shot and killed by her brother Alex Cox, July 11, 2019, in Phoenix, Arizona.

The two were embroiled in a contentious divorce which included attempts by Mr. Vallow to secure an order of protection citing his wife had threatened him with physical injury. He was denied the order by the court. Mr. Vallow also alleged his estranged wife had repeatedly changed the passwords on his $1 million dollar insurance policy. He had removed her from the policy in February 2019. He named his sister as the beneficiary.

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Mr. Vallow had filed for divorce because Lori had become insistent that she had been endowed with the belief that she was a "god like figure" to prepare the world for the end times.

She maintained this persona upon her arrival in Rexburg, a town with a population of less than 25,000, and met Chad Daybell, also known for his fringe religious publishing.

Daybell believed he was gifted with visions from behind the "veil." His self-published books were loosely based on religious teaching of the church of Jesus Christ and Latter-Day Saints and was known for his obsession with the end times and post-apocalyptic dooms day writings.

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Vallow and Daybell were immediately draw together, either by chance or through his postings online prior to planning her move. She had explained to officials in Phoenix, Arizona, when she withdrew her son from school that she had received an employment promotion in California.

Authorities had been searching for the children since November, when relatives had asked for a welfare check. When police arrived, Ms. Vallow had explained her son, JJ, was with relatives in Arizona. In the time between the visit and follow-up, less than 24 hours, Vallow and Daybell, who had yet to be married fled to Hawaii.

Vallow-Daybell had been charged with two felony counts of desertion and nonsupport of children and one misdemeanor count each for obstructing an investigation, criminal solicitation to commit crime and contempt of court. She had been held on $5 million dollar bond which has recently been reduced to $1 million. Target of Attempted Circumvent

While in Hawaii, Alex Cox, her brother, who murdered her fourth husband and physically assaulted her third husband, Joseph Ryan, the father of Tylee, dies in December of a blood clot in his lung.

Daybell has since been arrested and charged with tampering with evidence and disposing of a corpse. Bail was set at $1 million dollars, along with special conditions which include wearing an ankle monitor and having no contact with victim's families.

Prosecutors have yet to announce what additional charges will be filed against the pair.

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