Missing El Segundo Resident Mackenzie Lueck Murdered; Suspect Arrested

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Mackenzie Lueck, 23, a Salt Lake City, Utah college student, who went missing after returning to the area following her grandmother's funeral in El Segundo, CA., has been declared dead after charred remains were discovered in the suspect's yard.

Ayoola Ajayi, 31, the suspect, who was born and raised in Nigeria, was the last person to see Lueck alive on June 17, 2019. After arriving on a late-night flight from Los Angeles, Ms. Lueck requested a Lyft from the Airport to a remote location near a park in Salt Lake City at approximately 3:00 a.m.

It remains unclear the relationship between the two individuals or why this would be the person she would have arranged to meet. Cell phone records pinged both the suspect and the victim's phones in the same area before Lueck's went dark.

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After an intensive investigation and an interview with the Lyft driver who indicated the victim did not appear concerned or in duress when she arrived at the locations and approached the waiting vehicle.

Neighbors of Ajayi have provided detectives with statements indicating the witness him burning something in his backyard with the help of gasoline on June 17, 2019 coinciding with the time frame of the victim's disappearance.

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An extensive search of the suspects home provided detectives with additional pieces of evidence including items which are known to have belonged to the victim. The search area included the property of the suspect. Detectives in two separate digs found items and in the second dig, under scorched earth, found human tissue which when tested was identified as the victims.

Following the processing of the evidence, SWAT arrived, in force, with heavy tactical gear to make the arrest.

Further evidence collected came from a local contractor who explained to the police, the suspect rented out rooms on Airbnb and had planned to have interior additions added to his home. The nature of the requests, a soundproof room, walls with protruding hooks and the Brian Wolf, a contractor, indicated he passed on the job as it "weirded him out."

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Ajayi who utilized social media to further his pursuits had profiles on multiple platforms on Airbnb an alleged profile indicates two basement rooms, (which was also the subject of the police search), he had a profile on an aspiring model page where is presents himself as one who assists women find work in the industry. He is pictured shirtless.

He also has an Amazon author page and has allegedly published a crime e-book, titled "Forged Identity," which has been removed, and is said to be about a teenager who has witnessed violent murders and then has to decide whether "he will join the ranks of a criminal mastermind, or fight to escape the tyranny that has surrounded his young life."

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"Lueck's uncle, reading a statement on behalf of her family Friday, said her parents were "devastated and heartbroken" also said they would like to "express their gratitude" to all the law enforcement agencies that assisted in the investigation. He said her family is "grateful" of those who supported it," Fox News reported.

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