Beltway Insider: Obama Attends World Forum; G7 Suspends Russia; Putin Attempts Diplomacy; Christie’s Sinking Ship

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President Obama traveled this week to Eastern Europe to meet with fellow Heads of State at the World Forum in an ongoing effort to build solidarity in key matters including the Ukraine, Nuclear Security, the Syria Conflict and Russian sanctions.


According to Gallup, President Obama's job approval, over the past week remained constant at 43% of those polled who approve of his effectiveness as President and those who disapprove of his effectiveness as President dropped one percentage point to 52%. 

Obama Attends World Forum; G7 Suspends Russia

President Obama attended the World Forum at The Hague, this week, to participate in the Nuclear Security Summit after which he, along with Sr. White House officials, continued onto Belgium, Italy and Saudi Arabia.

The World Forum, a prelude to the June G8 Summit schedule for Sochi, Russia, brought together the top seven industrialized nations for a G7 meeting.  

The G7 voted, in a closed door session, to suspend Russia as part of a global sanction for violating the territorial sovereignty of neighboring Ukraine.

The G7 leaders also noted a united commitment to the Ukraine and the democratic process which include upcoming elections and the freedom of the Ukrainians to determine their future through the electoral process.

"The G7 suspending Russia signaled a willingness to move to very tough sanctions.  So there's been a lot of movement in the last several days that suggest that Europe has been stirred to action by the events in Ukraine and I think the President felt a degree of unity in that G7 meeting, during the EU session at NATO, and then with the individual leaders that he met with," said Ben Rhodes, White House National Security Advisor for Strategic Communications.

The Ukraine dominated talks, although all nations continue to reiterate the need for restraint by Russian President Vladimir Putin amidst ongoing troop buildup along the revised Russian Ukraine border, included the upcoming elections and admission to the EU.

"The International Monetary Fund, has concluded a preliminarily agreement that will guarantee the democratic Government of Ukraine a 14-18billion dollar loan. This represents a powerful sign of support from the international community for the Ukrainian government, as we help them stabilize and grow their economy, and move their democracy forward. The agreement is expected to unlock roughly $27 billion in total support from the international community for Ukraine's people over the next two years," said Jay Carney, White House Press Secretary.

The agreement moves the Government of the Ukraine forward to completion of the EU requirements for admission.

The Netherlands, China, Kazakhstan, The United Arab Emirates, Japan and other Sessions

President Obama also meet with leaders of The Netherlands, China, Kazakhstan, The United Arab Emirates and Japan in separate bilateral meetings and sessions engaging in dialogue on global issues as well as attended multiple plenary meeting designed for all participates.

Asian Pacific leaders and European allies came together to meet and solidify the global strategy that will dictate all decisions, at the highest levels, in regards to the continued nuclear program and the dismantling of the Iranian Nuclear programs.

Ending the Nuclear Summit the President Obama presented these remarks.

"And at this particular summit, we've seen such steps as Belgium and Italy completing the removal of their excess supplies of highly-enriched uranium and plutonium so that those supplied s can be eliminated. 

In a major commitment, Japan announced that it will work with the United States to eliminate hundreds of kilograms of weapons-usable nuclear material from one of their experimental reactors, which would be enough for a dozen nuclear weapons.  Dozens of other nations have agreed to take specific steps towards improving nuclear security in their own countries and to support global efforts."

Italy, The Vatican, Brussels, The EU and Saudi Arabia

President Obama, on a number of issues primarily focusing on security and the ongoing Syrian Conflict, met with King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia as part of his efforts to ensure, as the regional allies, in the Arab peninsula and the Middle East region the policies were consistent.

The ongoing conflict in Syria was also a topic of continued concerned as opposition leaders are appealing to foreign government for support through military assistance, arms and other provisions necessary in the fight to win freedom and force Bashar Al-Assad into asylum.

With the mass refugee exile to the five neighboring countries, the pressure on these nations is still great and to ease the burden of relocation, medical and other expenses necessary to house, feed and provide, the United States has and will continue to support them through Humanitarian effort.

The White House has denied a New York Times report on the type of weapons they are providing although an arms package is clearly part of a congressional authorized military assistance.

In meeting the recent Italian Prime Minister President Obama through his spokesperson, "And also Prime Minister Renzi is I think clearly a very promising and energetic young leader.  The President was impressed by his plans for reform in Italy and his commitment to Europe and the transatlantic alliance,"

President Obama was also able to make time to visit the newly elected Pope Francis in which the two spoke candidly on a wide range of issues including the Syrian Conflict and the Middle peace process.

"Obviously, the meeting with the Pope was a highlight for the President," said Jay Carney, White House Press Secretary.

The Catholic Church, of course, continues to advocate peace over war, assistance to those in need, helping the widows, orphans and poverty stricken and preaching the gospel of Jesus Christ and emulating Christ in all actions.

Putin Attempts Diplomacy

Russian president Vladimir Putin, amidst additional Soviet troop buildup along the newly revised Russia Ukraine border, has reached out to President Obama in an attempt to resolve the current global isolation.

President Obama has made it clear President Putin still has the option of diplomacy.

"We want to keep the door open to diplomacy, to a pathway of de-escalation, even as we have rallied the international community, both in terms of support for Ukraine and pressure on the Russians," said White House National Security Advisor for Strategic Communications.

NJ Governor Chris Christie's Sinking Ship

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, once considered the GOP's number one contender for a White House bid in 2016, gave his first public interview this week, to ABC Nightly News Correspondent Diane Sawyer.  

Christie maintained his political savvy and media control as he spoke on his staffer's choice to retaliate over political endorsements saying the retaliatory bridge closures were "stupid' and clearly implied they lacked judgment.

A recently released report, issued by a law firm Christie hired to investigate the Bridge scandal has cleared the governor of all wrong doing.

Looking ever so presidential, the governor announced that he and his wife, which is a bizarre choice as it adds to the general belief of wrong doing with Ms. Christie creating a buffer to the usual hard-hitting Sawyer.

The "Bridge-gate" scandal began after Mark Sokolich, the democratic mayor of Fort Lee, New Jersey, endorsed the New Jersey democratic gubernatorial challenger in the November 2013 election.

Christie Aides, Deputy Chief of Staff Bridget Anne Kelly and Port Authority of New York and New Jersey Executive David Wildstein, decided to engage in spiteful, malicious, and retaliatory behavior by closing toll booths on the George Washington Bridge that separate the Garden State from New York State and caused a traffic snarl that resulted in delays up to four hour for commuters.

Although the Governor declared the "scandal" over the fall out continues as David Samson, Head of the New York/New Jersey Port Authority and Christie appointee resigned following the interview.

ObamaCare Final 2014 Deadline  

The Affordable Care Act, also known as ObamaCare, is fast approaching the final deadline date for uninsured Americans to adhere to the recently enacted law.

For those Americans who do not have medical insurance they must access the Marketplace in the state which they reside through

The final deadline to apply for medical coverage, before individuals face penalty through the IRS, is March 31, 2014.


For more information on President Obama:   

For more information on the Affordable Care Act:

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