Beltway Insider: Trump Blasts Dems, Iran Attacks, Mex Deal, Sanders Exits, Boeing Setback, Amanda Knox

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President Trump attacked former Vice-President and 2020 Democratic Presidential challenger this week with a barrage of denigrating remarks as the polls show Biden with a solid double-digit lead and a win if the election were held today.

According to Gallup, President Trump's job approval rating, which was tracked for the two week time period of May 15 -30, 2019, decreased five percentage points to 40% of those polled who approve of his effectiveness as President and those who disapprove of his effectiveness as President increased by four percentage points to 55%. A slight 4% of the population polled have no opinion. Ratings are calculated bi-monthly.

Trump Fear-Mongering Election Strategy

President Trump who has commenced his 2020 Campaign strategy and ramped up fear-mongering tactics sending messages to the American people predicting "A recession the like of which no one has ever seen if he is not re-elected."

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Utilizing his best fear-mongering and embellishing tactics, President Trump predicts, if he is not reelected in 2020, the world will be lost and in a financial meltdown even greater than that of the 2008-2009 Great Recession which saw unemployment skyrocket to double digits in most metropolitan areas will fall upon the people.

Trump Maintains his Base

President Trump, who handily won the electoral college in the 2016 election even as he lost by a solid 2% the popular vote, his base, the unconnected, the anti-politically correct, National Enquirer reading demographic, many of who are bigots, adhere to racist and misogynistic beliefs are maintaining their commitment to the President.

To many, Trump represents the "Fuck you" candidate. For those who believe a secret clandestine organization, or the Illuminati, or some other secret and powerful group who for as many elections as they can remember had their candidate of choice in the White House.

Now, with Trump, he is the one candidate that no one wants in office and this disenfranchised group is saying "Fuck you" to the powers that be that have owned the political process and system for decades by electing someone that everyone hates, a pay back of sorts.

This demographic believes Liberal politics have blurred to many lines, too many boundaries in the name of liberalism. They have allowed too many immigrants into the United States and taken too many American jobs. These people saw entire histories vanish as General Motors moved to Mexico and entire GM factories demolished. This group wants America to be Great Again.

They don't care about what color gets America to that place; they want the U.S. to be the strength of our allies, the pride of our nation and strong enough to strike fear in our enemies, foreign and domestic.

Morally unfit to serve may be a true assessment and his base doesn't care about morality.

These disenfranchised are the citizens who believed the Obama Administration moved too slow when ISIS was beheading American Citizens and sending their severed heads home in a box. This group would have had Navy Seals hiding in the desert and a laser beam on Jihad John's heart, poised, with him understanding his fate the minute he raised his knife to the throat of one of our citizens.

Iranian Tanker Attacked Questioned

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani categorically denied any involvement in the Oil tanker bombings, that crippled two oil tankers traveling through the region, causing President Trump to present evidence to support the claims.

The accusations from the U.S. appear to be supported by surveillance that shows the Iranian military removing a bomb that had failed to detonate. Tensions in the region have continued to escalate as Rouhani has also traded words with those from the US, indicating this continued accusation are simply a way to target the Iran.

"So, Iran has got a lot of problems, and I'd like to help them with those problems.  We'll see what happens.  But they have tremendous inflation.  Their money is worthless.  You can't buy a loaf of bread.  It's a lot of problems in Iran.  And it's a lot different than it was two and a half years ago.  And big things were sanctioned, but I think the biggest thing was when I — and the most important was when I terminated the Iran nuclear deal, which was an incompetent deal," President Trump said.

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President Rouhani has continued to build partnerships with Russian President Vladimir Putin, as well as Chinese President Xi and is expected to meet with Japanese Prime Minister Abe within the next month.

The bigger problem in the region is the reemergence of Iran's Nuclear program and production of weapons grade plutonium, which allegedly has increased the nuclear program which had been allegedly shut down.

Iran is now facing crippling financial sanctions, which when the president entered office had been lifted under the obligations of the Nuclear War treaty former Secretary of State John Kerry had hammered out with his Iranian counterpart. The Trump administration found this deal to be bogus and nullified the effort leaving Iran to engage in nuclear production and the US to impose crippling sanctions. Essentially putting both back at the same place they were four years ago.

So as complicated as the issue appears the solution is in the history books, as we are circling the same situation again. Either clandestine security agencies including Mossad, CIA, NSA, BND, and others act together to dismantle the program either through cyber-attacks or the old-fashioned way which according to history Iranian physicists were routinely assassinated.

As many nations in the region do not want a meeting between the US and Iran, the escalation of terror tactics meant to dismantle negotiations will likely increase bringing any solutions to a halt.

Wife of Israeli Prime Minister Pleads Guilty

Sara Netanyahu, wife of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, has agreed to a plea deal for in connection with allegations that she misused government funds by running up tabs at luxury restaurants. Under terms of the deal, she admitted guilt to lesser charges than the fraud and breach-of-trust allegations she initially faced. Her husband continues to face a corruption indictment of his own.

Mexican Government Ready to Deal on Immigration, Trade

President Trump spoke this week to reporters indicting he had secured a deal with Mexico which would benefit the effort at the US borders and further assist Mexico as the two nations meet to continue negotiations.

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"Dated June 7, the letter states that the US and Mexico "will immediately begin discussions to establish definitive terms for a binding bilateral agreement to further address burden-sharing and the assignment of responsibility for processing refugee claims of migrants." This future agreement would include "a commitment under which each party would accept the return and process refugee status claims, of third-party nationals who have crossed that party's territory to arrive at a port of entry or between ports of entry of the other party," reported

"Without the tariffs, we would have had nothing.  We had nothing two weeks ago.  Mexico told us "absolutely."  Well, for a long time — for many years — people tried to get what we got in a period of a couple of days.  And they couldn't get it.  That's the difference: They couldn't get it. They've started a very strong action.  They're moving, right now, 6,000 soldiers to their southern border.  Who ever heard of that?  You think we had that two weeks ago?," President Trump said addressing reporters at the White House.

The supplementary addendum to the agreement to negotiate limits the time to 45 days. If these measure, and those the public is not privy to, have not reduced the flow of immigration to the Southern border in "eyes of the United States" then Mexico will take "all necessary steps" to bring the still to be negotiated agreement into force within the next 45 days.

G20 Meet Upcoming in Japan

The upcoming June 28 meeting of the G20, will bring together the leaders from the 20 top economies in the world, along with the G7 leaders, are expected to take the unusual step of presenting a global strategy for reversing the environmental damages of the epidemic of plastic waste and its environmental effects on marine life.

Environmental and Energy leaders of each nation are already in Japan ahead of the June 28, 29 Summit to address the explosion of plastic waste that has become a global epidemic.

Pictures of whales wrapped in netting unable to free themselves, dead mammals beached with stomachs filled with single use plastics, and turtles with plastic straws caught in their nostrils and six pack plastic rings squeezed around their bodies have driven nations around the world to see this as a an plague of epic proportion.

These leaders have agreed in order to protect the water bodies of the world and all that is within them action, swift, permanent and effective, is needed and needed now.

Boeing Facing Another Setback

The Boeing Company, which is still experiencing a total grounding of its 737 MAX fleet, is attempting to get in front of another crisis as its 787 Dreamliner is facing failure of a critical fire-fighting system in a select group of tests, which has the possibility of malfunctioning.

"The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) announced that the problem was 'likely to exist or develop in other products of the same design', warning that 'the potential exists for an airline fire to be uncontrollable'.  FAA, however, decided not to ground the Dreamliner but ordered airlines like British Airways or TUI to check the switch every 30 days," reported.

Boeing indicated less than 1% of the fire switches proved defective and is attempting to control the spin by supporting airlines with inspections and replacement parts.

"Pilots claimed that passenger and crew safety is being compromised, with one pilot telling a British newspaper: 'If there was an engine fire on a transatlantic flight and the aircraft had one of the defective fire switches, then we would have to fly with a burning wing for up to three hours before we could safely land," reported.

The Dreamliner, at a price tag of more than $200Million, is the latest malfunction in the aviation giant's portfolio of aircraft.

World News: Emmanuel Macron and .... the Others

Sarah Huckabee Sanders Announces Departure

White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders, who had made her disdain of the media and essentially her duties of the position well known, has announced her official departure date becoming the 43rd high level staff member to depart Trump's White House.

Often criticized, ridiculed and targeted, Sanders initially presented false and misleading statements to the media, which were revealed during Robert Mueller's investigation. She also struggled with maintaining her composure during meetings with the White House Press corps. Sanders was often known to withhold information as a strategy and would typically utilize suppression tactics which equate to abuse.

"According to Reuters, the four potential candidates include Deputy White House Press Secretary Hogan Gidley; Stephanie Grisham, first lady Melania Trump's communications director; Heather Nauert, who stepped down as State Department spokesperson in April; and Tony Sayegh, the soon-to-be-former Treasury Department spokesman," ThinkProgress reported.

Sanders, who hasn't held a press conference in three months, 90 days, and with this recent announcement probably won't hold one, barring any catastrophic global disaster, before she exits.

Whomever replaces her it's doubtful the transparency of the political process and the honor White House will be restored.

Amanda Knox Returns to Italy

Amanda Knox, the Seattle born United States citizen wrongly convicted of the murder of her British roommate, Meredith Kercher, in 2007 and spent four years in prison before being acquitted and released in 2017, returned to Italy this week as a guest speaker at a Criminal Justice festival in Modena.

The event, which was organized by the Italy Innocence project, invited Knox to attend the panel on Trail by Media. She addressed the audience in perfect Italian and frequently broke down while lambasting the media over the sensationalism which she believes played a role in her conviction.

Attending the conference may not have been the best idea for Knox, who has been known to make questionable statements especially when the camera is on and present herself in pictures with hidden sexual inuendo while claiming it is all the interpretation of the media.

Knox has since become an author of a best-selling memoir, Waiting to be Heard, and is also a journalist.


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