Beltway Insider: Trump, Pence Stump MAGA Redux, Cuts Central American Aid, Brexit Power Grab, Boeing MAX Jets, 2020

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President Trump, riding high on his vindication interpretation, roared into Michigan initiating his 2020 re-election campaign setting the tone with hate mongering, cursing, and belittling the investigation that resulted in 34 guilty pleas, including six from former advisors.

According to Gallup, President Trump's job approval, which was tracked for the month of February ending on March 10, 2019 decreased four percentage points to 39% of those polled who approve of his effectiveness as President and those who disapprove of his effectiveness as President increased by three percentage points to 57%. Ratings are calculated monthly.

Trump Stumps MAGA Round II

President Trump debuted a preview of his 2020 Re-Election stump speeches during the recent CPAC Conference. Maintain the bashing, hate-mongering, rhetoric toward media, democrats the pollical process and the investigation of his campaign which has since ended.

Beginning at the CPAC Conference, Trump has repeated his claims of the democratic witch hunt, even as it has since released a summary that propped up Trump's claim's he nor anyone in his campaign colluded with the Russians who were already working separately to influence the campaign.

Beltway Insider: Trump/Mueller, ISIS Defeat, Brexit, NZ Unites, 2020 Election, Census

According to the letter from Attorney General William Barr, the Mueller Report did not exonerate the president. The President has maintained his Twitter campaign using the twittersphere to evangelize his innocence.

Calling the process "Bullshit" was a new low for the president as he dumbed down his campaign speech in his attempt to reach those who has no real knowledge of the investigation or the process and only believed it was really the fault of Hillary Clinton.

The fact remains now, with the group of 2020 Democratic candidate the president will continue to hurl insults, and trash talk in maintain his base. While he openly denounces the hate crimes which have become common, he fuels hate speech and charges those who cling to ideals, which they believe are similar to the president's, with action. The only action the President desires from this alt-right group is their vote.

It's all about the Trump Show and he'll pump his constituents up supercharged with "Make America Great Again" rallies that leave the substance up for interpretation. Just like the Mueller Report.

Pence Heats Up Trump Re-Election Campaign

Vice President Mike Pence, who fully supports President Trump and rarely speaks, took to the campaign trail this week stumping for Trump at the AIPAC (American Israel Public Affairs Committee) Conference coinciding with Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's White House visit.

The first stop on the Trump-Pence re-election message, the recent report from Robert S. Mueller who said, "The investigation did not establish that members of the Trump Campaign conspired or coordinated with the Russian government in its election interference."

"After two years of investigation and reckless accusations, the Special Counsel confirmed what President Trump said along: There was no collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia during the 2016 election.  Make no mistake about it, my fellow Americans: This was total vindication of the President of the United States and our campaign. And the Attorney General confirmed there was no obstruction of justice." Pence said.

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The summary circulated by Attorney General William Barr stated, "The Special Counsel therefore did not draw a conclusion – one way or the other – as to whether the examined conduct constituted obstruction. Instead, for each of the relevant actions investigated, the report sets out evidence on both sides of the question and leaves unresolved what the Special Counsel views as "difficult issues" of law and fact concerning whether the President's actions and intent could be viewed as obstruction. The Special Counsel states that "while this report does not conclude that the President committed a crime it also does not exonerate him."

Giving a preview of every speech the two will make over the next two years, Pence touched on the economy, the creation of 5.3million new jobs, even as the economy is already bloated with underpaying employment that forces the educated members of the workforce to settle for underemployment.

"No matter how you measure it, record jobs growth, record investment, record employment, the American economy is once again the envy of the world.  President Donald Trump is a man of his word, and with respect to our most cherished ally, he's more been more than a man of his word. Under President Donald Trump, if the world knows nothing else, the world knows this: America stands with Israel.  It's the greatest honor of my life to serve as Vice President alongside a President who cares so deeply about the state of Israel," Pence said.

Zeros in on Border Wall, Illegal Immigration

With "a complete exoneration" behind him, the president has zeroed in, once again, on Border Politics.

The Pentagon has released $1 billion dollars for 57 miles of President Trump's Border Wall with the funds being diverted from a military personnel fund. A Community Action group, We Build The Wall, has raised more than $20 million dollars of a $1 billion dollar goal toward assisting the Trump Administration build the Border Wall.

The recent influx of illegal immigrants which have walked, and while we're not without empathy for both the treacherous journey and the end goal, the desire to have a better life for themselves and their families and children, the pathway to citizenship or status in the United States is very clearly defined.

Recent intelligence has shown two major caravans from central America. The United States Border is closed.

"We have, right now, two big caravans coming up from Guatemala.  Massive caravans walking right through Mexico.  So, Mexico is tough.  They can stop them, but they chose not to.  Now they're going to stop them.  And if they don't stop them, we're closing the border.  They'll close it.  And we'll keep it closed for a long time.  I'm not playing games.  Mexico has to stop it.  They have people coming right through Mexico.  It's a long, very dangerous journey," Trump said during a press conference at Lake Okeechobee Florida.

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The same message has been repeated throughout the last eight years. Former President Obama has an agreement in principal with Central American nations and Mexico where written material would inundate the region through all forms of media explaining in the local language and dialect the borders is closed and the consequences involved with capture.

At this point President Trump has not made the decision if the border closings will include trade. "It could be to all trade.  Mexico is making absolutely a fortune with the United States.  They have a trade surplus of over $100 billion, which is far bigger than anybody understands.  They've had it for many years.  And either they're going to stop — they have the strongest immigration laws anywhere in the world.  And we have the weakest, the most pathetic laws," Trump said.

Trump also ended all payments to Central American nations. "I've ended payments to Guatemala, to Honduras, and to El Salvador.  No money goes there anymore.  We were giving them $500 million.  We were giving them tremendous aid.  We stopped payment to Honduras, to Guatemala, and to El Salvador.  We were paying them tremendous amounts of money, and we're not paying them anymore because they haven't done a thing for us," the President said.

Brexit Divorce Delay

The British divorce deal from the European Union, negotiated by Prime Minister Theresa May, which reached a fevered pitch over the last two weeks, was voted down for the third time as MPs are hoping for a softer exit deal.

May's dedication to the deal became known as she offered her resignation in a sort of exchange for passing the deal. The Labour Party, led by Jeremy Corbyn, didn't appear to move toward the power grab possibility.

With the first deadline already passed and the extension less than two months, just over seven weeks away, and each of the parties believes a better, more protective deal, is available to be negotiated and one that will finally receive majority support in Parliament.

Secretary of State for Justice and Lord Chancellor David Gauke said, on the Andrew Marr Show, "If Parliament is voting overwhelmingly against leaving EU without a deal but is voting in favor of a softer Brexit then I don't think its sustainable to say, we'll ignore Parliament and leave without a deal."

Which can also be interpreted as leaving is obviously the consensus at Parliament and a snap exit with no deal is not what anyone wants to see. The definition of "softer Brexit" may be the next issue MPs face as they move to create this deal.

"On Monday, MPs will vote on nine different alternatives to May's Brexit plan none of which won a majority last week. They range from a second referendum to a plan to take Britain out without a deal through to new powers to give Parliament the right to revoke article 50, postponing Brexit. Two "soft Brexit" plans have gained support from MPs. Ken Clarke, the former chancellor, has been pushing a plan that would require a full customs union with the EU as part of the Brexit package. This option was defeated last week by a majority of only eight votes," The Guardian reported.

Boeing MAX Jets – Ethiopian Black Box Data Released

Flight recorders from the doomed Ethiopian Flight 302, has released the final moments of audible recordings with the pilot frantically saying, "pitch up, pitch up."

A subsequent investigation led multiple aviation agencies to find sufficient similarities between a recent Lion Air crash in December to look at the aircraft, astonishingly both new, less than six months of use, similar crash patterns with both experiencing lift and immediately unable to achieve height with the aircraft's nose being forced down creating an erratic and impossible to control craft.

Since then Boeing has admitted the malfunction was due to a safety system that was installed, and pilots were not told nor sufficiently trained to operate. The manual turn-off, a double switch flip down, appears to be located on the center console.

No information was forwarded to airlines using the Boeing MAX 737 fleet. The entire fleet in 21 nations, have been grounded until further notice. The US government that last nation to ground the fleet raising questions of profit verses safety.

Election 2020

From Trumpism to Wayne's World, Wayne Messam, the Mayor of Miramar, Florida has tossed his hat into a very crowded field of potential democratic presidential candidates.

Messam, who unseated a sixteen-year incumbent to become the mayor of Miramar, speaks passionately about the issues that are real to him. In his two-minute advertisement, which can be seen here, he speaks of seniors unable to pay for their prescriptions, college graduates saddled with crippling debt and the American dream.

World News: The Yellow Vest Movement Showing Signs of Fading

Undeclared Presidential Candidate Joseph Biden is feeling the sting of politics in 2020 as he is accused of inappropriate contact. Welcome to the new mudslinging world of Post Trump Presidential Politics. Biden remains the democratic frontrunner with a double-digit lead over Bernie Sanders.

Sanders returned to Iowa this week for a rally in Davenport bringing his message of restoring dignity to the White House. He also spoke on Face the Nation regarding the cost of prescription drugs in America.

"It is absurd that Americans are forced to pay, by far, the highest prices in the world for prescription drugs while the top 5 drug companies made over $50 billion in profits last year.  We have a national health emergency when one out of five Americans cannot afford to purchase the medicine their doctors prescribe. Whether the drug companies like it or not, that is a situation which must end, and end soon."

Sanders made the statement in reference to the Prescription Drug Relief Act, which he introduced in the Senate in January. The legislation would set the price of prescription drugs in the United States to the median price in five major countries: Canada, the United Kingdom, France, Germany and Japan.

If pharmaceutical manufacturers refuse to lower drug prices down to the median price in these five countries, the federal government would be required to approve cheaper generic versions of those drugs, regardless of any patents or market exclusivities that are in place.  

U.S. Sen. Bernie Sanders declared today that, if elected president, he would take on the pharmaceutical industry and cut the cost of prescription drugs in half in the United States.

Census 2020 California Count

2020 also marks the year of the census, the numerical count of the population that occurs every ten years in America. The census provides information that effects every area of life in the United States, it determines the redistricting of neighborhoods, it adds or subtracts representation in Washington, and determines funding.

Over the next year additional messaging from #Census2020 will be seen throughout the United States as the agency gears up for its largest count in history of Census taking.

California is gearing up to ensure every person is counted. Messaging will begin to appear encouraging all to participate. It's fast, easy and important. The exactness of the Census ensures increased representation in Washington, federal funding, more monies for schools and local communities.


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