Beltway Insider: Trump Asian Agenda;Texas Church Shooting; New York Terror Attack; Wall Street

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President Donald Trump began his ten day, five nation, Asian trip this week, stopping in Hawaii before embarking on the most comprehensive Pacific Rim journey undertaken by any Administration in nearly twenty-five years presenting a dedicated, focused agenda. 

According to Gallup, President Trump job approval, over the past week, decreased by one percentage points to 35% of those polled who approve of his effectiveness as President and those who disapprove of his effectiveness as President increased two percentage points to 60%.

Trump's Asian Agenda

President Donald Trump has descended upon Japan the first stop in his five nation foreign trip which will focus on regional issues, specifically North Korea, and strengthen international resolve to denuclearize the nation, as well as promoting free and open Indo-Pacific region and advancing prosperity through fair and reciprocal trade and economic practices.

The President also stressed last week, during the declaration of the Opioid Crisis his intent to seek a similar agreement with Chinese officials to stop the production of fentanyl which a powerful synthetic is produced in the region and smuggled into the United States.  

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The hot button issues in the region of course is North Korea's Kim Jong Un and his determination to build a nuclear arsenal. To date the erratic leader has tested several Inter Continental Ballistic Missiles intentionally taunting his Asian Nation State neighbors and threatening to launch an ICBM that can reach the United States.

General McMaster, The President's National Security Advisor, spoke on the President's upcoming trip and answered question for the media. When asked specifically regarding North Korean, which is a constant course of concern,

"The President recognizes that we're running out of time and we'll ask all nations to do more. In particular, the President will continue to call on all responsible nations, especially those with the most influence over North Korea, to isolate the North Korean regime economically and politically; to convince its leaders that the pursuit of nuclear weapons is a dead end and that it is past time to denuclearize; and he will remind friend and foe alike that the United States stands ready to defend itself and our allies using the full range of our capabilities," the General said.

He added, China is definitely doing more, but obviously it's not enough until all of us achieve denuclearization. And I think what's really essential to remember about China's approach to this is China recognizes this isn't the United States or anyone else asking China to do us a favor. China recognizes it is clearly in China's interest, in all nations' interest, to denuclearize the Peninsula. And that's because of the direct threat from a regime like this with a nuclear weapon, but it's also because of the specter of the breakdown of the nonproliferation regime."

The President has been notified of the Sutherland Springs shoot and through twitter noted that he would be "monitoring the situation from Japan."

Texas Church Shooting

A white male, from outside the local community stormed a small Baptist congregation in Sutherland Springs Texas, dressed in tactical gear and opened fire on the worshippers killing 27, including the pastor's daughter and injuring 30.

The suspect, unknown to the community, died in a chase, after a neighbor near the church returned fire causing the shooter to flee the scene. His mangled vehicle was scene near a sharp bend in the road eleven miles from the incident.

The First Baptist Church Pastor Frank Pomeroy, who was in Oklahoma at the time of the shooting, told media his "14-year-old daughter, Annabelle Renee Pomeroy is among the deceased. He also said every one of our close friends is amongst the deceased," ABC KSAT12 news reported.

Neighbors of the small white church told multiple agencies they did no see anyone escape. Pictures indicate multiple emergency vehicles, on the scene.

Federal Authorities have indicated there is no active threat The shooting is not a fluid situation. The shooter is dead.

Offering words of solace to the mourning and fearful community, the Reverend said, of those dead, "they are in a better place."

God is a god of comfort for the burdened and heavy laden and may He take up the burdens of this community and those who mourn and share in the grief. We mourn today for the loss of innocent lives, the anniversary of deaths that robbed us of lives that were bountiful and brought us joy.

We prepare today for another anniversary with heavy hearts. How many must die before are politicians, those we have elected, are brought to a place where they understand the common sense gun control is no longer an option? Is it the will of the people. We desire our loved ones, home, with us. Not remembered as a statistic, a list, a place.

We've allowed those who live on the fringe of mental psychopathy to enjoy full rights as citizens; to own weapons, without thought or concern for the future. Last month, October 1st, a concert in Las Vegas, 59 dead, 500 injured; today November 5th, a church, 27 dead, 30 injured; next month December 14,  an anniversary of a Newtown and 20 first and second grade children were murdered along with six brave educators. When? When is the time for change?

Are we all so jaded that empty words with no action behind them appease us? "Keeping the victims' families in our hearts and prayers." Yes, we all are, and when, when, again I say when will we stand and say, enough is enough? Change the words of change, not empty words, templates of sorrow that we recycle for the next shooting is what we want to hear.

New York Terror Attack

New York City's Tribeca neighborhood was the scene of horror and terror as a lone wolf terrorist made a deliberate turn onto a walk/bike lane plowing through pedestrians and bicyclists leaving bodies scattered along the Hudson River promenade.

Op/Ed: Adding My Voice and Story to the Many Who Were Once Silenced by Violence

The terrorist, identified as Sayfullo Habibullaevic Saipov, 29, originally from Uzbekistan, was heard shouting "Allahu Akbar" as he exited the rented Home Depot, single axel, pick-up truck and pointed fake weapons, later discovered to be a BB gun and second, similar fake weapon, before he was shot in the abdomen by New York City Police.

From his hospital bed, Saipov, reportedly was in good spirits, pleased at his actions and requested an ISIS flag. He also told investigators he planned the attack for nearly a year.

Investigators have indicated they have recovered nearly 3800 videos and other propaganda from the suspects home and cell phones. The radicalization of Saipov, whom his family said is "consumed with hate" happened while in the United States.

Report indicate the terrorist traveled south down the Hudson River pedestrian/cyclist promenade nearly 20 blocks, which is equivalent to one mile, ending at Chambers Street before turning back onto the West Side highway and hitting a school bus broadside before coming to a stop and exiting the vehicle.

Witness said he jumped out of the vehicle shouting "Allahu Akbar" before being shot by NYPD. The suspect has rushed to emergency surgery and is expected to survive.

Five of the eight victims were friends from Argentina in Manhattan celebrating a the 30th Anniversary of their high school graduation. They have been identified as Hernan Diego Mendoza, Diego Enrique Angelini, Alejandro Damian Pagnucco, Ariel Erlij amd Hernan Ferruchi. Two of the eleven injured were also with this group.

A Belgium citizen was also killed is was confirmed. She was in New York visiting family. Those family members were also among the eleven injured.

Two staff members of and two students were injured when Saipov slammed into the school bus, one student seriously injured.

New York City Marathon Run without Incident

The 47th Annual New York City Marathon was run with incident with American Shalane Flanagan ending a forty year drought for the United States Women runners, completing the grueling 26 miles course in 2:26:53 nearly breaking the course record of 2:22:31 by Margaret Okayo, of Kenya, set 14 years ago.

On the men's side Kenyan Geoffrey Kamworor took the men's lead late in the race and barely held on, as the silver medal winner finished three seconds behind him,  to finish the course in 2:10:53 taking the first place Gold medal.

And in the Wheelchair New York City Marathon, Swiss Marcel Hug, the world leader wheelchair racer, completed the same grueling 26 mile course in 1:37:21 and fellow country women, Manuela Schar, also known and noted on the world stage took the women's crown in 1:48:09.

After Tuesday's Terror Attack in which eight tourists lost their lives, New Yorkers took to the streets, to reclaim the city as their own.

Wall Street Terror Friend or Foe

Few targets top the terror list with continued frequency as Wall Street, internationally known as the seat of Capitalism, World dominance and money.

For the terrorist, Wall Street is the demon that ruined his homeland, that corrupted their women with visions of the west; that bankrupted their countries, and financed the destructions of their homes, murders of their families, the great Satan America is encapsulated in Lower Manhattan, and the financial trading that in a nanosecond can change worlds.

The World Trade Center Attack of 2001, September 11, at 17 years ago, the devastation of that fresh in some hearts and minds, is three years shy from a generation. An entire population of Americans have no recollection of "that day."

Folk lore, folk tales, even for citizens who were alive and living in distant, unaffected cities, the gravity and actuality of "that day" escape them.

This week a new attack, the modernized version of September 11, driving a high speed vehicle in a crowd and killing as many as possible in the same of some fanatics skewed doctrine believing that hate, suppression, fear, will bring the world to understand Akbar Allah is the one true god.

That's a message that won't play in Manhattan. New Yorkers are many things as we have been told over that past week: tough, resilient; strong. New Yorker's are more than those words; they represent a people who fight daily for existence. They fight the overcrowded commute; the fight the traffic; they work in environments that fight the status quo; they fight, not an angry fight, a battle of will and wits. The will of the terrorist will never match the New Yorker.

The lynchpin in the fight is the unscrupulous; the cunning; the few who believe they can pledge allegiance and work in third party international circles. As much as one believes this is possible, the conscienceless, those dulled to national loyalty and only see corporate profits as the defining line of loyalty and terrorism is well funded.

President Trump is in office now, I guess the adage there a new Sherriff in town is best as he is one who is driven by exposing those who have maintained half-hearted alliances to foreign entities and allowed America to become vulnerable to attacks. Not simply past presidents and policy but Wall Street and Washington Law firms.

One would think with no less than eight federal regulators watching every transaction big banks complete that the neat shell game, firms may have played, with the vast resources of  Nation-States believed to be a hotbed of terrorism would be quickly exposed. Why haven't they?

The simplest reply is "It's not there. We and of course we all known that when banks are in trouble they come formally dressed and present a package of perfectly well-coiffed, manicured, and allegiance to the law and then of course handle the issue.

Law firms on the other hand have no real issue with skirting the illegality line and there is no greater destruction of the possibility to eradicate terrorism than a Wall Street law firm that is chased by a dark cloud, which all know.

When given a chance, a the husband of one of the partners who handles Defense Contracts said to a female partner of her husband's firm "(Named/Unnamed) needs those contracts."

Never once considering allegiance or loyalty to the United States, or the fact that America would be the next target, even with repeated attempts to bomb The World Trade Center in 1990's, the attorneys at this Wall Street law firm jumped wholeheartedly into the "human testing, on unsuspecting employees, of pentagon issues or stolen technology for the purpose of securing defense department contracts prior to bid submission."

And when that failed, as *Privacy advocates erupted stopping even the use of the program on terror suspects in Guantanamo, which has since been give the palatable name of Lifelog, the law firm was left with implanted technology in employees and made the decision to permanently terminate the employee.

The technology used properly was designed to eradicate terrorism. Think of the attacks over the last decade that could have been stopped. With the knowledge of every terror hideout; every terror target; much like in World War II, having the ability to know the targets before the attacks and thwarting each one. The technology would allow every terror connection, every foreign entity, every American associate; every connection everywhere to be exposed.

The law firm? They chose the entertainment industry as the takeover target, using the intellectual property of the implanted employees whom they have long since attempted to discredit, destroy, degrade and with a arrogant belief they could, as part of Manhattan's legal deity, shame, dishonor, question the credibility,  doubt the truth, disbelieve the authenticity of the actions and ability of a privately educated, Pulitzer nominated, journalist, slur, slander, libel and generally mount a smear campaign.

For more information on President Donald Trump:


Sources: Associated Press, "Pentagon's Diary Gets Personal" June 2003.

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