Beltway Insider: Trump’s Tax Tricks; JFK Papers; Conspiracy Revisited; Japan; Spain; Hurricane Relief

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President Donald Trump has decided not to stop the release of a batch of previously unseen documents surrounding the assassination of President John Fitzgerald Kennedy, while riding in a motorcade in Dallas Texas, November 22, 1963.

According to Gallup, President Trump job approval, over the past week, decreased by four percentage points to 36% of those polled who approve of his effectiveness as President and those who disapprove of his effectiveness as President increased four percentage points to 58%.

Trump's Tax Tricks

President Donald Trump announced his tax reform package this week and while ambitious, it is a plan that should it be approved in its entirety exactly as proposed it will save those American workers who are struggling keep more of their paycheck.

The move, which is brilliant and strategic and has the potential to begin his re-election campaign, allows the president to make good on his tax break, which media has touted as helping the 1% with newly established tax breaks.

The facts are the average American household income could increase between $4,000 and $9,000 a year in wages and salary by cutting the Federal corporate income tax rate from 35% to 20%.

According to the point release: TAX CUTS AND TAX RELIEF: The Unified Framework supported by President Trump will mean hardworking Americans can keep more of their money.

• Double the standard deduction so that more income is taxed at zero percent.

• The first $12,000 of income for individuals and $24,000 for married couples will be income tax-free.

• Lower individual income tax rates to: 12 percent, 25 percent, and 35 percent.

• Increase the Child Tax Credit and expand it to benefit more middle-income families and eliminate the marriage penalty.

• Create a new $500 tax credit for those caring for an adult dependent or elderly loved one.

On Job Creation:

• After President Bush's 2003 tax cuts, the economy created 7.8 million jobs over five years, based on data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

• After President Reagan's 1981 tax cuts, the economy created 14.8 million jobs over five years based on data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

• After President Kennedy's tax cuts, the economy created 12.0 million new jobs over five years based on data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

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The Final Batch of Documents Relating to the Assassination of JFK Set to Be Released

President Donald Trump, who has continue to anger and incite democratic leaders from the moment he secured the Presidential Nomination, has once again set himself against the long standing democratic ideals and will release, the final batch of documents associated with the assassination of President John F. Kennedy.

While the release of the documents are not considered a threat to National Security, the general feeling has been the documents should remain sealed simply out of respect for the late President and the position of the office.

However, with the desire to believe the hypothesis presented, to have a collective consciousness, a final realization, an assured truth the documents need to be released in order to be examined, reexamined, reviewed and reviewed by those who accept the conclusions which society has agreed seemed plausible and for those who believe another possibility may exist.  

It is not an uncommon practice for the government and any person to initiate a belief simply by the authority of the deliverer. A long term effort by the government to change the public's believe system can be seen with the permanent granite marker, the truth set in stone, as a tribute to the victims of Flight 800. Did it happen the way in which they have said? More than 700 witnesses say no to which the government simply negates with "mass misperception."

The Single Shooter Theory Still Stings Fifty Years Later

The long held theory that Lee Harvey Oswald acted alone, firing three shots from the Texas School Book Depository along the Presidential Motorcade route may finally be debunked.

As the truth of this alleged fact has long been questioned by members of the media, Historians, Hollywood moguls and private citizens who have a shred of common sense, based on the facts of bullet trajectory and the nature of the multiple wounds suffered by then Governor John Connolly seated in the front seat of the open air motorcade and President Kennedy who suffered two wounds, a throat wound and the fatal skull shot which has been seen, in the Zapruder Tape, for decades.

Historians have examined the life and death of President Kennedy married to Jacqueline Bouvier Kennedy,  was known to have had multiple romantic liaisons outside his marriage. The facts surrounding his infidelity and also the facts that he readily engaged in those activities inside the White House, ruining, some would believe, demoralizing, disgracing, dishonoring the sacredness of the office.

Hoover's Involvement

Conversely the argument could be made that J. Edgar Hoover, the long term leader of the Federal Bureau of Investigation, who secretly had all the Kennedy's tapes, wired, bugged and photographed played a role in the assassination.

With a motivation of restoring the honor of America, Hoover, acting alone after years of reports detailing the president involved in illicit and extra-marital affairs decided the only way to restore honor to the White House was to have the president removed.

The good, in the mind of Hoover, that would come from restoring the White House to a place of honor and subsequently curbing the out of control explosion in society, was well worth the impact, the blunt force trauma and long term Post Traumatic Stress Disorder society would suffer because of the action.

Hoover, fighting the uprising of his own demons also, long felt the only way to handle uprising was with an iron fist.

In this manner, any branch of society that strayed into an area of influence was clipped. Entertainment, had been clipped and was still stung from the House Un-American Activities Committee and the Hollywood Ten, 15 years earlier. So they wouldn't be a problem.

With Jackie in the White House, upstairs, the Security Detail were reporting starlets and that damn Marilyn, parading in the office and out the exits, there was only one way to end this continual dishonor of the office, and that was to end the presidency.

Hoover would understand two things were of paramount importance, 1) the president couldn't survive and 2) Oswald had to fire one shot.


Hoover would set in place a team of marksmen, at least one, with Kennedy's detail, all of them positioned one car and one car length behind the presidential motorcade, the wasn't the possibility of a secret service taking a bullet for the president. The motorcade would be wide open. The orders to have the detail, all of them one car length behind the President came from someone.

Oswald, even looking at him one could tell he was a bit nervous, shaky, he could get off one shot before his nerves would take over and from one flight up, same area, same line the second kill shot could be fired. 

While everyone has "said" Oswald was an expert marksman, the irrefutable documentation to attest to this fact isn't available so far. He was pictured with guns, had the look of a gun enthusiasts, and to date, no tape of him firing successive shots at a moving target or even a target have been released.

The President could survive a throat injury, and no stone would be unturned to find the shooter. With an assassination the details could be controlled, the information released limitedly and a well-crafted, logical, solution with shaky and nervous Oswald as the single shooter could appease a traumatized people.

Even if he went to trial it's doubtful Jack Ruby was a pawn, player or consideration, in Hoover's restoration process, I think he felt what the world felt and decided to take justice in his own hands, but he could have been. Either way it silenced the only person who could shed any light on any other story then the FBI released story.

Having the President murdered for his flagrant infidelities is the only theory that no person has explored in depth or details. His life and sexual liaisons have been revealed, his extramarital affairs, one night stands, flirtations, and even more, and yet immorality in our modern age has never been considered a theory in his death.

A jealous husband? No. One jealous for power? It wasn't LBJ. Jealous for a return to a more respectful nation? Yes. The uprising in society played into the decision. There was only one person who could orchestrate and cover the entire operation: J. Edgar Hoover, the Head of the FBI.

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Japan - Prime Minister Abe Secures Victory

Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, who has lead the Japanese Government over the last five years, secured an impressive win yesterday in the national elections which leadup to a general election in September.

As the current leader of the Liberal Democratic Party Abe, who seems to be a favorite among his people is considered a strong, sensible, leader and stabilizing force in the region, enters into the national election campaign on solid ground.

His policies, tough on North Korea, strong ties to the United States, and more sustainable energy options including nuclear, made him popular among the Japanese people. Another three year term will continue the current policies allow the Prime Minster who has been in office for five years to solidify real change.

The two uncontrollable regional issues that influence the Prime Minister governance are the instability within North Korea and Kim Jong-Un's quest for recognition as a nuclear power and the other issue, nuclear power.

Prior to the 2011 Fukushima Dai-ichi nuclear plant, which was caused by an earthquake, idled all 54 of the nation's nuclear power plants. The nuclear reactors survived the earthquake with no damage to the reactors, the Tsunami that followed, caused a nuclear melt down by destroying the cores used to cool the water and caused a radiation leak.

Abe, whose nation is also a member of the G8 and a firm believer in the Paris Agreement, is ready to forge ahead with nuclear energy in order to meet his energy commitments set forth in the ambitious plan to mitigate global warming.

Spain – Prime Minister Rajoy Dead Ends Catalonia Independence Movement

Inwhat could be described as an attemptedcoup,Catalonia, the coastal province in Spain which is home to the bustling modern seaside city of Barcelona and scene of the recent terror attack has officially has been stripped of its autonomous rule.

According to the Spanish Constitution Article 155 states:

"That if a regional government "doesn't comply with the obligations of the Constitution or other laws it imposes, or acts in a way that seriously undermines the interests of Spain", the national government can ask the Senate to vote on the use of the measure. The Constitution states that an absolute majority must approve the article's use. If this happens, the national government may adopt the "necessary methods" to force a regional government to comply in order to protect "said interests". []

The breakaway by the Catalonia government, who has continued the effort to the point of calling for election, much like, Russia President Vladmir Putin did upon seizing the Crimean Peninsula in February 2012. The Catalonia government is attempting to separate itself and become a self-governing nation.

The push for independence is not a whim or recent response to concern from Madrid's ruling party, Catalonia has been preparing for autonomy for some time.

"Over recent years the Catalan government has been creating the structures of a parallel state in readiness for independence. It has expanded the inland revenue department, as well as other parts of the regional administration, and established "embassies" in a number of foreign capitals. Under article 155, it is likely that all of this will be dismantled," The Guardian reported.

The push back, of course, has become a war of words between the leaders of Catalonia and Madrid with Spain's Prime Minister Rajoy, finally invoking Article 155 to end the rush by Catalonia leaders to continue on this course of action.

With King Felipe and the European Union solidly recognizing the need to stop the forward motion of the Catalonian leaders, Prime Minister Rajoy is now faced with disciplining a wayward child and has to make the determination the extent of the boundaries in order to stop the continued actions.

Catalonia's desire for independence may end after a cooling down period and it may continue with compromise by Madrid and King or it may result in a total strip of power in Catalonia and imposed military rule until new leaders can be elected to rule the State of Catalonia under the authority of a regional entity within the sovereign.

Hurricane Relief

Former President Barack Obama, George W. Bush, Bill Clinton, George H.W Bush and Jimmy Carter, representing the last 32 years of Presidential Politics, took to the stage at A&M University in Texas under the "One America Appeal" Campaign.

Sitting President Donald Trump sent a video message as the president's pushed aside party divisions and came together to appeal directly to the people of America in fundraising effort to assist those effected by the recent Hurricane that have caused such deep devastation over this recent season.

Grammy award winning singer Lady Gaga also attended the concert as did the C&W band Alabama, Rock & Roll Hall of Famer 'Soul Man' Sam Moore, gospel legend Yolanda Adams and Texas musicians Lyle Lovett and Robert Earl Keen.

The One America Campaign has raised $31million to date. Donations can be made directly to the website.

For more information on President Donald Trump:

Sources:,, The Guardian,

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