Beltway Insider: Trump Attends G20; Redefines Position; NASA; Scalise/ICU; Grenfell Tower Investigation

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President Donald Trump has once again fumbled Presidential protocol and allowed his daughter, a positioned adviser to the President, to take his place during meetings with G7 Heads of State at the recent G20 Summit.

According to Gallup, President Trump's job approval, over the past week, increased one percentage point to 39% of those polled who approve of his effectiveness as President and those who disapprove of his effectiveness as President decreased one percentage point to 56%. 

Trump Attends G20

President Donald Trump attended the annual G20 Summit in Hamburg Germany, an invited guest of German Chancellor Angela Merkel, the host, where the agenda set forth in the May G7 held in Italy, should have been the order of the day.

The G20, like the G7, brings together to World's 20 major economies, to hold bi-lateral meetings, seek funding, gather support, present agendas vote on procedures for emerging nations and to essentially bolster the governments and economies of these twenty nations.

Over the last eight years the world economies have seen unprecedented uniformity in agenda and even before Russia was expelled due to the violation of territorial sovereignty of neighboring Ukraine, the former G8 leader had put his personal agendas on hold to stabilizes the global economies and move every nation out of the worst recession the United States and Europe had experienced since the Great Depression.

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After the election of Donald Trump, the agenda of the United shifted to one of anti-Obama and the removal of all and the alienation of every supporter if necessary to further what can only be called "Excess Economics."

Trump and Foreign Leaders Address Press

Before the Bi-laterals meetings the President and key Heads of State offered progress remarks to the American and international press attending the G20 Summit.

Remarks by President with President XI of China

The President of China offered no English translation for his remarks.

President Trump thanked the Chinese President reiterating the need to work together on North Korea, and for the commitment to trade. He concluded by thanking the Chinese President for inviting us and again "it is an honor to get to know you and your wife and an honor to have you has a friend."

Remarks by the President and Prime Minster Abe of Japan

"At the beginning of the G20 Summit, we made a great start with the trilateral summits among Japan, the U.S., and the Republic of Korea.  I was appreciative of your initiative to hold this trilateral summit.  We are about to wrap up our discussions at the G20 Summit, it is a great pleasure for me to have our bilateral meeting with you. The security environment in the Asia Pacific region, including North Korea, has become increasingly severe. Together with you, Donald, we would like to demonstrate the robust partnership as well as the bond between Japan and the United States," said Prime Minster Abe.

"We made a lot of progress on trade and other elements. We're also talking, obviously, about North Korea, and the problem and menace of North Korea. And the Prime Minister is -- I will say this -- very, very focused on what's going on with respect to North Korea. So we will continue those discussions, and we appreciate you being here," President Trump said.

President Trump and Prime Minister Teresa May

"I'd like to thank Prime Minister May for being with us. We've had tremendous talks. There is no country that could possibly be closer than our countries. And I just want to say thank you very much. We are working on a very powerful trade deal. I think we'll have that done very quickly. Prime Minister May and I have developed a very special relationship, and I think trade will be a very big factor between our two countries. I want to thank you very much," President Trump said.

Prime Minster May's remarks were omitted from the White House website and when the press questioned Presidnet Trump on his postponed trip to London he indicated he would be going to London to meet the Queen, an invitation that was extended by the Prime Minster in January after President Trump's inauguration.

The Prime Minster didn't respond to deny or confirm the President's statement.

Trump Meets Putin

"President Trump and President Putin met this afternoon for 2 hours and 15 minutes here on the sidelines of the G20.  The two leaders exchanged views on the current nature of the U.S.-Russia relationship and the future of the U.S.-Russia relationship.  They discussed important progress made in Syria, and I think all of you have seen some of the news that just broke regarding a de-escalation agreement and memorandum, was agreed between the United States, Russia and Jordan, for an important area in southwest Syria that affects Jordan's security, but also is a very complicated part of the Syrian battlefield," Secretary of State Rex Tillerson said

The Secretary of State was peppered by media after his propaganda pitch on the virtues of Russian President Vladimir Putin who zero in on the investigations and allegation of involvement in the 2016 election which landed President Trump, a uniquely unqualified candidate, in the White House.

The pictures coming out of the G20, prior to Trump's gross violation of protocol, show Putin and Trump who seem to be well acquainted with each other, Melania sitting next to Putin at dinner, Putin and Trump jovial in their actions and Trump a very willing partner to put the ills of Putin in the bundle of Post Obama policies and trash it with the others.

The Press Conference was essentially a four-point report on the global hot spot including North Korea, Syria, Assad his family and the Ceasefire, Putin and Russia, and all that goes along with him, the Ukraine.

"The President opened the meeting with President Putin by raising the concerns of the American people regarding Russian interference in the 2016 election.  They had a very robust and lengthy exchange on the subject.  The President pressed President Putin on more than one occasion regarding Russian involvement.  President Putin denied such involvement, as I think he has in the past and he asked for proof and evidence," Tillerson said.

Redefines US Position

President Trump moved immediately to redefine the position, post-Obama, of the United States. Gone are the days of social responsibility, Universal Healthcare, and addressing climate change.

Successful at one of the three, President Trump, a climate change denialist, reversed the United States policy on the Paris Agreement, that 200 nations signed and agreed to meet incremental deadlines to reverse the effects of Climate Change.

His belief as China was the last holdout to sign the Paris Agreement and the world's largest emitter of Greenhouse gases, followed by the United States, China's President Xi would only need a comrade, a partner to stand up to the other nations and reverse his decision.

To his credit, even after President Trump redefined the United States position on Climate Change, President Xi and the remaining nations remained loyal to the Paris Agreement.

On the home front, the GOP Healthcare bill that was pushed to a vote is according to top Republicans, all but dead and ObamaCare or the Affordable Care Act remains in place despite the continued efforts of the Trump Team to discredit the ACA.

Social Responsibility, closing the borders of the United States to the worlds citizens, has seen partial victory with the Supreme court to hear arguments on the broader and more permanent ban.

As the United States continues to witness the rise in terror attacks across Western Europe, and while those nations have remained committed to the Syrian and third world humanitarian crisis' and allowing large amounts of foreign nationals to migrate into their homelands, greater numbers of these very nationals have become disgruntled and innately aligned and realigned with the terror tactics of the regimes they fled. And have acted upon those call to duty orders.

Death Toll Expected To Rise as Massive Inferno Engulfs Famed London Apartment Building

The United States has determined a deterrent policy of immigration which identifies four key terror hotbed nations and stops, slows or stalls all attempted by lone wolf and non-connected individual's from migrating to the United States.

Trump Violates Protocol Again

President Trump has never been loyal, as anyone who can read or listen, the truth is often veiled in embellishments and fabrications, recycled words, and false statements. However, even as the world sees his character, flawed, pretentious, and maniacal, his choices as leader of the free world have continued to shock those who invested a vote for him.

Now, and of course, again we see his loyalty is blood lines only, and his daughter, who, he apparently has hopes the world will elevate their thinking of her and see her as an equal with as German Chancellor Angela Merkel,  named Time's Person of the Year, and has been called the most powerful woman in the EU or Prime Minister Theresa May, elected twice, once by a majority and the only a minority and still formed a government while she simultaneously handle multiple terror attacks, a pending Brexit agenda, the worst fire in modern British history and inquires, judgments and angry protesting citizens, or China's President Xi, the Man charged with the task of keeping the surrounding nations on track, has maintained the Paris Climate Agreement even with the opportunity to exit, and the single most important person in the region that can stop North Korean's Kim Jong Un.

The interpretation of his actions were vividly clear, the agenda of Europe and China is so far beneath him that his unqualified, unelected and uneducated daughter can handle the bi-laterals.

Donald trump like to surround himself with beautiful women, he believes a beautiful woman will disengage any personal attack, intense argument, or end a bi-lateral meeting by her presence, and one glance will calm him it doesn't matter if the women is his wife, who looks increasingly unhappy every day, or his daughter, who is grossly underqualified. To repay her loyalty she gets to sit at the Big Boys table and play global leader.

NASA's National Space Council Revived

President Donald Trump signed an executive order this week reviving The National Space Council.

The purpose is to advise and assist the President on matters regarding national space policy and strategy.

"I come to assure you, the men and women of NASA, and all those at this Gateway to the Stars, where the aspirations of the American people have taken flight that under President Donald Trump America will lead in space once again.  Just last week, President Trump declared that America is in his words "going to be leading" in exploration and discovery "like we've never led before."  Welcome to a new era of American leadership in space," Vice President Mike Pence said while addressing gathered guests at the Kennedy Space Center.

The expectation is this administration will be supporting the exploration of new frontiers and funding for further exploration of the vast galaxies of stars and planets, some charted and others uncharted, as well as the exploration of Mars.

Scalise Back in ICU

Congressman Steve Scalise, the Louisianan Representative wounded during a mass shooting targeting the GOP during an early morning charity baseball practice session, has been readmitted to the Intensive Care Unit due to an infection, and underwent surgery.

While his condition is serious, he is expected to make a full recovery, and as was stated during the initial press conferences the recovery process will be a difficult and challenging process.

Grenfell Tower Investigation

With the death toll now presumed to be at least 80, and another 70 physically injured, investigators are cautioning the exact death toll will not be known for some time, and has given a six-month period, end of year 2017, as a projected date that will allow those charged with the gruesome task of shifting through the buildings "hot spots" and performing the necessary testing and matching dental records and DNA samples against any records available.

Investigators, aided by those who escaped the inferno, have focused on particular sections of the block of flats including the single stairwell, where many trying to escape were unable to navigate the dense smoke and passed out falling on the stairs, dying, before the fire engulfed the entire building, including the stairwell, and those who heeded the building managements policy and stayed in their flats waiting to be rescued.

Authorities have determined the dead came from 23 of the buildings 129 flats in the North Kensington block tower.

The charred block tower remains uncovered, a symbol to the public of distrust and mismanagement and a constant reminder of the horrific images the world witnessed nearly one month ago this week when a fire broke out on the 4th Floor and quickly, as if a wick had been ignited, traveled up the side, crossing over diagonally and engulfing the entire building.

With only a small section of the building, the lower floors and lobby areas remaining unscathed by the fire, residents unprepared for the reality of a massive uncontrollable inferno, expected and had placed their lives in trust to the buildings management company and a system of safety that had not been tested.

To keep the building crime scene uncontaminated the building needs to be draped, to protect the integrity of the evidence, and to allow for the healing process for local residents who daily see the remains of the building and relive the terror of that night when life and death decisions were made.

To donate to the London Community Foundation:

For more information on President Donald Trump:


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