Beltway Insider: Trump Bans Media; Russian Cyber Trail; Travel Ban; Rachel Dolezel

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President Trump went on the offensive this week barring seven major media outlets from a White House press conference over the unsympathetic reporting and general reporting that didn't fit his belief of media responsibility.


According to Gallup, President Trump's job approval, over the past week, decreased 14 percentage points to 41% of those polled who approve of his effectiveness as President and those who disapprove of his effectiveness as President increased 13 percentage points to 54%. 

Trump Bans Media from White House Press "Gaggle"

The president and White House officials in attempt to end the negative and what is deemed unsubstantiated reporting banned three major print outlets; The New York Times, The Los Angeles Times, Politico, BuzzFeed, CNN, BBC and The Guardian all of which are critical of the legitimacy of his presidency.

New York Times executive editor Dean Baquet wrote, "Nothing like this has ever happened at the White House in our long history of covering multiple administrations of different parties. We strongly protest the exclusion of The New York Times and the other news organizations. Free media access to a transparent government is obviously of crucial national interest," as reported in CNN.

All those medias banned gave similar reaction statements to the banning of the White House holds on camera press conferences, and off camera gaggles.

The single session suspension, was the result of what White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer deemed crafting "their story making it appears as though we did something wrong or nefarious, we wanted to make sure that we set the record straight."  

After the New York Times story was presented at a 7:30am meeting, the decision to "push back" was made. This White House, which may have been the procedure of past administrations have adopted the policy of not getting "in the practice of starting to refute every story."  

Spicer continued, "And I think we've made it clear that if there's evidence of something, pursue it.  And we've said that very clearly about the House and Senate.  There is nothing to -- we have nothing to hide.  The President has been crystal-clear consistently over and over again.  And my point to you is that at some point you use words like "suppression" or "investigation" -- then show us.  Where's this investigation?  Where is the suppression that's occurring?  Where's the so-called pushback or pressure?"

The facts remain the trump president has come outs winging at every opinion that deviates from his own. The push back is an attempt to control the media and violate the constitutional freedom associated with the First Amendment freedom of Speech.   

Trump Plans SOTU Address: Trump Plans Joint Session Speech

President Trump will address a joint session of Congress this week, and although it is not a State of The Union, the speech will lay out the state of the union as it has developed over the past month. The president will travel, after the speech, and make certain state visits which have not been announced.

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Russian Cyber Ties: State Department Official Provides Insight

Cyber security is a multi-billion-dollar business, with every government in the world hoping to produce the most advanced cyber software to meet the upcoming challenges of cyber invasion and protection.

The common, everyday citizen, even the tech, well informed, developer doesn't really have an idea of the cyber terror threats. Scare tactics bring the cyber language and challenges into the boardrooms of CEO's as officials search for the ultimate protector against the simple cyber take down.

The media randomly provides the public with headline stories of shocking new threat Ransomware being the most concerning as hackers find the way into the system and essentially shut down the workings holding records and infrastructures hostage while demanding payment.

Drilling down on this, when these types of takeovers occur, exposing a single vulnerability the understanding isn't always accurate with many not understanding the systems are already in place to create a more widespread cyber-attack.

Cyber Assistance in the Election of Donald Trump

The recent election of Donald Trump brought the idea of a Nation State terror attack which assisted in the sitting president's election by undermining the electoral process and system. Those beliefs will never go away despite the protestations of officials.

The President's improper relationship with Russian is a slow leak, with continued revelations presented and refuted weekly by the White House press secretary Sean Spicer who once again denied any relationship or interest by the president with Russia.

"Well, again, there are no connections to find out about.  That's the problem.  I think, A, he's answered it forcefully.  You can't disprove something that doesn't exist.  He's talked about the fact how many times he's talked to Putin.  He has no interests in Russia.  He has no -- there's only so many times he can deny something that doesn't exist," said Sean Spicer, White House Press Secretary. 

Even in the face of continued revelations the White House denies the existence.

Russian Cyber Ties to United States

Throughout the election former President Obama warned Russian President Putin against interfering. Without reiterating the needs of the Russian dictator in reversing the sanctions and binds that the Obama Administration had placed upon the government for its intentional violation of territorial sovereignty, the only untested ground for Putin was Trump.

Not a complete unknown, Putin had clear dealings with members of the republican party with substantiated evidence showing his ties even extended to the Green Party candidates. Building a dossier of potential candidates, the Russian dictator positioned himself.

With the Russian President working openly with members of the Republican and Green Party, on the black-market or bootleg market the Russians were moving in a Cold War scenario. Modernizing the Cold War playbooks, the Russians, either known or unknown to the Russian dictator and underlying cyber infrastructure.

The Russian Are Here

During the 1950's the idea that the Russian would invade the United States plagued the administration, trickled down into mainstream scaring families and causing officials to take dramatic action in protecting citizens.

Menacing is often a Russian scare tactic. Surprisingly, earlier this month, the Russian spy ship Vikto Lenonov was spotted not far from a Navy Submarine base in Connecticut, only 30 miles from the United States shoreline.

With the United States, territorial boundary set at only 12 miles the Russians can come as close as 13 miles to the shores of the United States, close enough to deploy long-range and short range nuclear missiles or other weapons, and clearly engage the target.

"We are aware of the vessel's presence. It has not entered U.S. territorial waters. We respect freedom of navigation exercised by all nations beyond the territorial sea of a coastal State consistent with international law," said Lt. Col. Valerie Henderson, a Defense Department spokeswoman, as reported in

Buzzing the U.S. borders or otherwise engaging the United States military is often by the Russian dictator to invoke or heighten fear and possibly to bait he United States into taking evasive measures and offensive actions which at the very least would include some form of electronic messaging.

Closer than You Think

Malicious software threats seem to be a common term the technological base of users in the united states are comfortable with and understand.

When a website is hacked no one really cares who is behind the attack, a jealous competitor, a stalker, or simply hacktivist, a criminal hoping to gather financial data or worse. Very few individuals outside of cyber geeks and cyber protection agencies look behind the service to discover anything. People in cyber-attacks want one thing: the google ranking restored and the site cleaned.

I sent this statement in the body of an email (one of several) to a high-ranking state department official regarding a cyber-attack in which Cyrillic and Russian links where injected in the coding of the content management system.

"So not a state department, national security, entire cyber structure compromised through the interjection of malicious content allowing a Russian cyber invasion to manifest, problem?

The reply "Could be. Hope not :(" (The background source is a high level ranking officer within the State Department who opinion is above reproach and unimpeachable).

It Only Takes a Spark

While common mentality dictates, an invasion equates to boots on the ground in the cyber world, an invasion equates to bots on the ground, interlacing, through the injection of Russian codes and links into the U.S. massive cyber systems and grids.

Piggybacking our own cyber structure with their own. Granted, common intelligence mandates, this isn't the disruption of the cyber system or clearly does not involve the compromise of sensitive defense systems, grids, or infrastructures so therefore doesn't deserve big attention. Without sounding like a doomsday lunatic, it only takes a spark to start a raging forest fire.

Cyber sellers modernize the playbooks which have worked in the past. Selling counterfeit goods, smuggling contraband, drugs, weapons, the methodology is the same: Buyers and sellers.

Externally hosted websites are the most vulnerable to attack and use as buyers have specific needs for their clients, predominately Russian, some European and others. Buyers are paid, probably quite well to gather those with access to the millions of externally hosted websites through any of domain/host services in the nation. Websites are presented, buyers want specific websites, not every site makes the grade and sellers offer access.

Presently based on this, and with additional substantiated proof, as many as one million or more websites within the United States have been at one time, or our currently used, piggybacked, by the Russian black market or supervised by Russian officials.

The actions which seem minor and simply an annoyance cost millions of dollars annually in antivirus software and cyber protection. The sellers, usually hacking employees of hosting/domain services undermine the cyber infrastructure by providing material support to foreign business entities and governments with the injection of euro and Russian codes and links to Russian businesses. 

Phase One of the United States cyber invasion is complete, while the world looks to the "boots on the ground" the bots are already in place. Making Phase two more readily accessible.

Travel Ban: Stops Artists, Intellectuals

With a continued concern over the rise of administration directed totalitarianism, the Travel Ban imposed by the President Trump has caused Academy Award nominated artists in two films from attending the annual awards show that highlights the best of the previous year's films.

Taraneh Alidoosti and Asghar Farhadi, the star and Director of the Oscar nominated foreign film, The Salesman, were unable to attend the ceremonies.

The French intellectual and holocaust historian, Henry Rousso, was held for nearly eleven hours at the Houston George Bush Intercontinental Airport until he was finally cleared and allowed entry.

The Egyptian born, French citizen, matching the profile criteria, was detained, and held without cause for nearly eleven hours by U.S. Immigration authorities.

Russo, who had been scheduled to speak at Texas A&M called the University explaining he was waiting to be sent back to Paris on the next flight out. The University successfully intervened and one of the university's legal scholars had assisted in writing the brief which successfully challenged the President Travel Ban, the immigration officials rescinded and released Russo.

Emmanuel Macron, the popular candidate for the French Presidency, tweeted "There is no excuse for what happened to Henry Rousso. Our country is open to scientists and intellectuals."

Rachel Dolezel: Fall From Grace Claims "Trans-Black"

Rachel Dolezel, the female that impersonated a African American and held office in the Seattle office of the NAACP, has found herself in an unusual situation, she is nearly penniless, on food stamps and if her dire situation doesn't change will be homeless.

She has gone from the pinnacle of celebrated black society, as a champion for the African American, fighting on every level for inclusion and anti-discrimination, to being a pariah. Shunned by the race she adopted, by the people she held in esteem, she faces the other half of the race, where the disposable, the crack addict, those whom are also shunned and denied, live.

She still claims to be black although she has used the term "trans-black," which hasn't helped her.

She has been repeatedly denied employment. That is a sign of the times. She shopped her story around and was repeatedly denied, which again is more a sign of the times than the story which is a page turner, by nearly three dozen publishers until it was finally picked up.

Dolezel created a life, championed a cause, propelled a people and a movement into the national spotlight and like every person who gets too close to changing the system she was outed for a life, long over and buried. The actions were meant to destroy her and they did.

If she genuinely adopted the life, lifestyle, history, and heritage, then the stand bearers those who went before her of all races should act as her beacon and pull her up.

For more information on President Donald Trump:


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