Beltway Insider: Obama Orders Review on Russian Hack; Turkey/Egypt; Pearl Harbor; John Glenn; Kirk Douglas

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President Obama has ordered a thorough review on the possibility of Russian cyber involvement in the election process dating back to 2008 and has mandated the exhaustive report be completed before his term officially end, January 20, 2017.

According to Gallup, President Obama's job approval, over the past week, increased by five percentage points to a year high of 58% of those polled who approve of his effectiveness as President and those who disapprove of his effectiveness as President decreased by four percentage points to 40%.

Obama Orders Review on Russian Election Hacking

President Obama, in ordering a full review, reinforces the certainty of evidence necessary to support the widespread belief that the Russians were engaged in malicious cyber interference aimed at the election process.

“In 2008, there were intrusions into both the Obama and McCain campaigns.  There haven't been any noted episodes in 2012, but the President asked to go back, with what we know now, to make sure that we're using every tool possible as a means of due diligence.  And then, of course, in 2016, our intelligence community determined that there was malicious cyber activity intended to interfere with our elections,” said Eric Schultz, Deputy Press Secretary.

This forthcoming report will be the second high confidence assessment undertaken by the intelligence Community with the initial report released in October 2016 noting substantial activity directed by the highest levels of the Russian government.

The various terminology used to describe the intrusions, hacking, malicious nation state cyber manipulations all indicate a Russian cyber presence at various times, to coincide with the election cycles. 

“We've made clear, we are committed to ensuring the integrity of our elections.  And this report will dig into this pattern of malicious cyber activity timed to our elections, take stock of our defensive capabilities, and capture lessons learned to make sure that we brief members of Congress and stakeholders, as appropriate. What the President asked for is a review to look at malicious activity timed to our presidential election cycle.  So it will be broader than just looking at this past election,” Schultz said.

CIA Offers Assessment on Russian Cyber Disruption

The Central Intelligence Agency, the CIA, has proffered an assessment of the Russian Cyber intrusions were to undermine the public confidence in the U.S. electoral system.

It has been labeled “laughable” by Kellyanne Conway, President elect Trump’s Chief Adviser and she is right as it is weak and refuses to directly implicate the Russians with direct interference with the electoral process and essentially assisting in election of Donald Trump for the purpose of ending the lengthy and debilitating sanctions Russian now faces over the violations of territorial sovereignty of the Ukraine.

The Trump Campaign has played a mind game with the public and media with ambiguous retorts, replies and vague explanations that could have two-different meanings. The first on topic following the direction of the conversation or question, the second reveling their own hidden agenda and smiling at you while they respond. The media and public expect direct on topic responses the Trump Campaign provides indirect, sleight of hand, hidden replies and stopping the rambling reply and demanding specific on topic replies.

Why is it laughable?

President Elect Downgrades Need For Daily Intell Briefs

President-elect Trump made two separate surprising statements this week, announcing Daily Intelligence Briefs will not be necessary as he is “smart enough” and his intent to remain as executive producer for the hit NBC reality television program, The Apprentice.

Trump Italian Interview – Ok’s Hacker Investigation; Wants Ivanka, Jared Involved

Trump then announced that he will live with his family in the White House and that he would like "that even Ivanka and Jared were involved" in his presidency, [which is] why "we are seeking a legal point of view right now," as reported in rai news.

"Trump though not necessarily opposed to the decision of Barack Obama to a review by intelligence but argued that in any effort like that '' you should not just say 'Russia'. It should also indicate other countries, and perhaps other individuals, '' as reported in Rai News.

Beltway Insider: Putin/Trump Strengthen Ties; Cyber Security; Election Disruption Eyed; Plane Crash; S.C Shooter; Standing Rock Victory

Popular Vote to Date

Democratic Candidate Hillary Rodham Clinton has continued to amass a popular vote margin as the ballots continue to be counted. As of December 7, 2016, Mrs. Clinton leads the President elect with a 48.2% lead and 65,746,544 million votes to President Elect Donald Trump’s 46.2% and 62,904,682 million votes.  Her lead in the popular votes extends to 2,841,862 million votes and continues to grow. Over the course of the last week President Elect Trump has gained 212,626 votes.

Istanbul Hit by Twin Explosions 38 Killed; Scores Injured

Twin blasts rocked the city of Istanbul, Turkey yesterday as terrorists targeted a heavily guarded soccer game ramming a car bomb into a loaded police bus killing more than 30 police officers and injuring dozens according to media reports.

“The United States condemns in the strongest terms the terrorist attack today in Istanbul, Turkey, which killed and wounded dozens.  The attack appears to have targeted police forces,” said Ned Price, Special Assistant to the President, Spokesperson, and Senior Director, National Security Council at The White House 

The car bomb, which could be seen from miles around, sent a ball of orange flames into the air. It was followed by a smaller suicide bomber that resulted with police engaging in some sort of firefight.

Various videos posted on the micro-messaging platform twitter show the initial explosion and the subsequent aftermath and exchange of gunfire.

This is the ninth bomb attack in turkey this year. Turkey, as ISIS continues its aggression and retaliation over the loss of key cities along the Turkish Syrian border, continues its fight against terrorism.

Responsibility for this explosion has not been claimed although local authorities have suggested it has all the benchmarks of the Kurdistan Workers' Party (PKK).

Egypt Explosion – Women and Children Victims in Catholic Church Bomb

St. Mark’s Catholic church in Cairo Egypt was the scene of the deadliest attack on the Coptic Christian community in over a year killing 25, mostly women and children, gathered in the females worship hall and wounding at least 50.

The blast destroyed the interior of the church used predominately for women and children, with ball bearing used in the homemade bomb, imbedded in the walls and furniture. The wooden pews were demolished and congealed pools of blood could still be seen on the floor.

ISIS has targeted the Coptic Christian community since the 2013 military coup. The minority community, which is only 10% of Egypt’s 90million people, are often targeted by fringe, radical, zealotry, religious groups.

December 7, 2017 Marks 75th Anniversary of Pearl Harbor Attack

“Yesterday, December 7, 1941, A Date that will live in Infamy” said President Franklin D. Roosevelt, in his address to Congress declaring war on the Japanese government after a early morning surprise attack at Pearl Harbor in Oahu Hawaii.

The attack, an unprovoked attempt by the Empire of Japan to destroy the military presence and leave the pacific virtually unprotected and open to the encroachment of Hitler’s fascist government who had, at the time, forged an alliance with Japan.

Beginning at 7:48am, the Sunday morning attack hit the Hawaiian military base with more than 350 Japanese Fighter planes, bombers, and torpedo planes. With the Oahu base the gateway to the Pacific, the entire Navy and Marine fleet docked while waiting orders.

The strength of the fleet, nearly 500 aircraft, submarines, destroyers, cruisers and battleships were in harbor on that Sunday morning. After the attack, an ambush by nature, 4 battle ships were sunk, 4 others damaged, two other ships were sunk. Three cruisers were destroyed, three other ships damaged. 188 aircraft destroyed 159 aircraft damaged. The human toll was staggering 2403 soliders were killed and 1178 wounded. 

The U.S.S Arizona, a battleship at port, was hit by four armor piercing bombs exploded and sank with 1,177 on board. All on board were killed. The U.S.S. Arizona was the only battleship not raised.  A lasting memorial to honor the lives of those lost during the battle of Pearl Harbor, the U.S.S. Arizona memorial was built atop the main deck of the battleship. The U.S.S. Missouri, a neighboring battleship has become a museum for the thousands of visitors that continue to visit the sacred ground annually.

The remainder of the fleet, the U.S.S. Oklahoma, West Virginia, California, Nevada, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, and Maryland, all took heavy hits by bombs and torpedoes. Only the Oklahoma did not return to active service.

At the time of the ambush, the Japanese Prime Minister was in Washington negotiating a peaceful long-term solution to the Pacific high seas.

In the day following the attack, President Franklin D. Roosevelt, made it clear the United States would have the absolute victory avenging this unprovoked attack.

The surprise attack pulled the United States into World War II. In retaliation and facing the advancement of Hitler’s SS, the U.S. built the atomic bomb which they dropped on Nagasaki and Hiroshima, Japan. In August 1945, four years after the unprovoked Pearl Harbor attack, the Atom Bomb was dropped on Nagasaki and Hiroshima, Japan effectually ending Japan’s involvement in World War II.

John Glenn, White House Pays Tribute to Passing of Astronaut and Senator

John Glenn, the first man to achieve space flight travel and orbit the earth died this week. He was 95.

His heroism, and thirst to achieve, to learn and lead was constant throughout his life. Influenced and challenged by the times, the heartbreak of a convulsing America, Glenn again picked up the mantle and choose to lead, to influence a nation for as long as he could with the ideals that kept him, the challenged him and made him into a better person leaving the nation in a better place.

President Obama and Vice President Joseph Biden paid their respects to the man, who effectively launched the United States into the space race. His complete trust in the NASA, who along with a team of dedicated scientists, mathematicians, which included one of the most, if not the most advanced mathematical minds in the world, Katherine Gobel Johnson, a woman and even more extraordinary an African American, who was tapped by Glenn himself to confirm his final landing (splash down) coordinates. Without his confidence in her the mission would have been scrapped.

“Senator Glenn is someone who enjoyed the admiration, and captured the imagination, of the American people.  He's an American hero and a true public servant.  He's a decorated Marine Corps pilot from World War II in Korea.  He was the first American to orbit the Earth.  And he served in the United States with unimpeachable integrity.  He's someone who fought for science and technology.  He was a thought leader on these issues, and not just while he was in the Senate, but for years after,” said Eric Schultz, Deputy Press Secretary

“Jill and I are blessed for the twenty-five years we shared with John and Annie in the United States Senate, and for the forty years we have shared as dear friends. In our prayers to Annie, their children John David and Lyn, and the entire Glenn family, we can only offer the solace that future generations of Americans, when tested and challenged, will find a model for how to explore, serve, and love. For if there is ever a message to send beyond our time here on our Earth for what it means to be an American, it is the life of John Glenn. Godspeed, friend,” Vice President Joseph Biden said.

Kirk Douglas – Hollywood Icon Turns 100                    

Kirk Douglas, a trailblazer, icon, turned 100 this week and celebrated in true Hollywood style at the Beverly Hills Hotel Sunset Room surrounded by his family, his wife Anne, son Michael Douglas and his wife Catherine Zeta-Jones and a few of Hollywood’s elite including director Stephen Spielberg, his DW partner Jeffrey Katzenberg and Comedian Don Rickles.

Douglas, whose own career spans television, films, theater, and Radio he is an author, producer director and actor. His awards, too numerous to mention include the OSCAR, the Emmy, Screen Actor Guild, AFI Lifetime Achievement, Kennedy Honors. Nations and governments around the world have honored him.

A man of honor and integrity, Douglas is noted in history for his refusal to “go along” with the status quo during the Hollywood Red Scare when the House Un-American Activities committee was killing careers over pollical affiliations or sympathies with the Communist Party USA.

The Hollywood Ten, a group of writers including Dalton Trumbo, unquestionably the most successful at the time, were blacklisted and endured severe hate campaigns facilitated by the United States government for their beliefs in freedom.

Trumbo, who wrote, Roman Holiday, under an assumed name while blacklisted and won an Oscar was approached by Douglas, who single handedly ended the blacklist by enlisting him to take this monster of a screenplay and find the story. He did and Douglas true to his word, immediately issued a press release and in the credits listed Dalton Trumbo as the writer. He was a man who held to his word; an unheard-of honor code rare then and more so now.

Tributes from Douglas’ wife, Catherine Zeta-Jones, and their children have been circulating on social media as they wish “pappy” a Happy 100th.

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