Beltway Insider: Obama/Putin Square off; Italy/Quakes; French/Immigrants; Spain Refuses; Hillary E-blasted; HL Op-Ed

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President Obama, with one week before his successor is elected, has announced ObamaCare premiums will increase by 25%, dealing a harsh blow to the people and causing the smooth sailing democratic boat to hit white water.

According to Gallup, President Obama's job approval, over the past week, remained constant at 55% of those polled who approve of his effectiveness as President and those who disapprove of his effectiveness as President increased two percentage points to 43%.

Obama/Putin Square off As Bombs Falls on Aleppo; Assad Uses Chemical Weapons - Again

The battle for Aleppo has been raging throughout the week with U.S. backed rebels exchanging tank fire with Syrian ground troops as Soviet fighter jets are raining airstrikes on the civilians in the war torn once vibrant city.

The Syrian Civil War has taken an ugly turn, immoral and deplorable, as Syrian President Bashar al Assad and Russian President Vladimir Putin have joined forces to target civilians killing dozens over the past three days after an earlier airstrike that murdered up to 22 children attending school.

In recently released death totals rebels had killed 55 Syrian troops and suffered the loss of 64 troops in addition to civilian casualty and those killed in the school airstrike.

“Make no mistake, we know the school was hit in an airstrike.  We don’t know yet whether it was Assad or the Russians that carried out the airstrike, but we know it was one of the two.  And even if it was Assad that carried it out, the Assad regime is only able to carry out those kinds of attacks because they are supported by the Russian government.  The failure of the Russian government to use their influence to bring that kind of violence to an end is something that have deeply, deeply disappointed us,” said Josh Earnest, White House Press Secretary.

As the new administration begins its transition in one week and President Obama’s tenure essentially one week from ending, the Syrian/Russian and the United States lead coalition will transition to a new leader.

Spain Refuses Russia Request

Officials for the government of Spain have announced Russia has withdrawn its request to refuel  its aircraft destroyer as NATO, (North Atlantic Treaty Organization), raised concerns over Russia’s positioning of naval vessels and tactical support.

Russian ships have stopped over routinely and are often given specific time frames for refueling. Requests to allow food, medical and other much needed supplies transported to Aleppo and the citizens targeted by the Assad regime have been denied by Putin.

"It is very hard for us to communicate with the current USA administration, because it implements no agreements, including on Syria", Putin said here at a session of the Valdai Discussion Club (in Moscow, Russia) as reported in MagUSA magazine.

Italy Struck by Three Strong Earthquakes

A 6.6 earthquake, the most powerful the nation has felt in more than thirty years, struck October 30th, following on the heels of two less powerful quakes which occurred over the past week.

The Wednesday tremors struck Central Italy crumbling weakened structures and causing many to flee to the streets in fear. The ground in the region has not stop trembling since the August 2016 twin quakes that killed 300 and decimated Amatrice and other small surrounding villages.

No deaths have been reported from the earthquakes that struck the region this week.

French Clear The Jungle Calais Immigrant Camp

French officials moved this week on the Calais Immigrant Camp known as The Jungle, located in the North of France on the English Channel, demolishing the makeshift housing and shanty town structures refugees built as they waited for immigration procedures.

The Jungle, as it became known, was home to many unaccompanied children who safely survived the exhaustive and dangerous trip across treacherous waters to escape the sure death of Syria and Bashar al Assad’s regime.

The camp, a squatters’ village similar, in idea, to the Occupy Movement, received notice of the expected demolition of the village and had advanced notice of expectation of the government as to the next phase and steps to continue the immigration and assimilation process.

Long lines and frustration stopped many who gave up, even children. Soon the day arrived and French Troops moved in clearing what was left of the deserted village. A Few dozen children, it has been reported, did not file the paperwork and initiate the process for relocation. Those children have been allowed to stay in a Mosque while arrangements can be made.

Surrounding nations have been asked, at minimum, to honor their commitments and increase the allotted totals of immigrants if possible.

Britain’s new Prime Minister Teresa May has indicated she will allow refugees who have relative living relative in the United Kingdom to enter, in addition to the total agreed allotment.

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Election 2016: Hillary Blasted With New Email Allegations; Trump Donors Slow Funding

Hillary Rodman Clinton, the Democratic Presidential hopeful, spent the week in usual go to mode. With the 2016 election one week away, she campaigned in swing states, venturing into red state strongholds and then the blast.

The FBI announced this week they were re-opening the investigation into Mrs. Clinton’s email as some of the correspondence had been found to have originated from the home office computer of former U.S. Representative Anthony Weiner, the husband of Huma Abedin Weiner, the Vice Chairwoman of Hillary’s Presidential Campaign.

Anthony Weiner, the former New York State Congressman, 9th District, is fatally flawed and known to have a self-promoting personality. At the time of the emails his political pursuits were intact. With a higher political office in his sights, it is possible he had full knowledge of the damaging nature of the email origination and could use the, at that time, unknown facts as leverage for promotion or pardon.

Pursuing a criminal investigation into the misuse of server’s or unsecured devices between entities seems more smoke and mirrors than actual crimes that place Mrs. Clinton in the middle of a criminal investigation.

As there are only two scenarios as to how the emails ended up on his computer, accident or design, one trail leads to him the other his wife, Clinton Chief of Staff, Huma Weiner.

Other than a Goggle alert of possible spam, how many of us have the exact knowledge of where any email originated from whose device, laptop or home computer?

Mistakes by the F.B.I. are numerous. Orchestrated conclusions meant to set in stone and in the minds of the American people are a specialty and tactic of the Federal Bureau of Investigation. Systemic corruption, flawed investigations, scare tactics and even ludicrous hypocrisies are set forth under oath and to the best of our knowledge.

Donald Takes the Day

Donald Trump experienced the elation this week he had felt during the primary season, before his personal life, his past secrets, dirty language and behaviors, his hate rhetoric and Presidential candidacy had alienated him from nearly every person he ever knew. Hillary was blasted with another scandal.

Unfortunately for Donald and company not a debilitating scandal and not an unknown scandal simply more of the same, email issues that has had her testifying in court for over a year without criminal indictment.

California Governor Jerry Brown said on August 21, 2015 on NBC’s Meet The Press, “The email controversy has some kind of dark energy that gets everybody excited."

Election Day is November 8, 2016. Vote. Get to the polling place; call local ride share for free rides; vote online; it has never been easier to cast a ballot. Vote.

HL Op-Ed – Endorses Hillary Clinton For President

In what is considered a small voice, in a large resounding definitive voice of Americans and World Leaders who are coming forward to declare support for Hillary Clinton in her quest to be the 45th President of The United States, joins the ever growing group, large and small, Democrats and Republicans, laymen, intellectuals, business leaders and those whose voice may seem lost in the sea of millions that endorse, publicly or privately, Hillary Clinton for President of the United States.

Throughout the primary season, and forward Mrs. Clinton has remained steadfast in her pursuit, even her chief challenger the Republican Presidential Candidate offered a strong endorsement by saying, “Hillary won’t give up. She’ll fight for you.”

Mrs. Clinton, with thirty or more years of public service has made her mark and carved a better path in each of her positions.

Is she without fault? No. Has she made perfect decisions each time? History tell us “no” and I believe she has made the best possible decisions based on the information she had at the time. Hindsight is tricky as it becomes a tool aggressors or demagogues use to destroy sincere, educated, genuine, quantified and qualified decisions.

Is she qualified? Without examining the thirty or more years of service, it is obvious Mrs. Clinton, is qualified, educated, skilled and with the necessary experience to hit the ground running. She will not be a figurehead, a puppet allowing others to dictate her every move for any reason including lack of knowledge.

Her experience as Secretary of State has prepared her fully with knowledge the world’s hot spots, of conflicts, players and dictators. She is thoroughly aware of the assets and detriments throughout the world. She has dealt with our allies and enemies.

During her tenure as First Lady of the United States she maintained her pursuit to ensure Americans had a Universal Healthcare system, an issue that would not pass through a GOP led congress. The GOP has led the fight against Universal Healthcare for nearly two decades and hundreds of years before.

Where does she stand on Gun Control? Gun Control, common sense, modified mandates which allow those who desire to own weapons and are mentally fit, without a violent background, and including the ever cloudy protected and unprotected speech violence, even alcohol driving related issues should stop the sale of a weapon, gun control?

She has spoken of sealing loopholes through Gun shows, Flea Markets and online purchasing. A fully flushed out plan that includes adding a cap on ammunition purchases in off hunting seasons all of course before the next mass murder, before the next mother buries her child or the next child buries her mother has not been revealed to the people.

Where does she stand on Gun Control? Hillary has gone on the record in support of modified Gun Control laws. I venture to say full and complete support for modification is impossible in this current Washington..

Is she flawed? The biggest concern in this endorsement, not to say it was a choice between two candidates, it was a choice to voice an endorsement of Mrs. Clinton, not of her challenger, is the mishandling of Benghazi, Libya which I believe is part of a larger issue one that has the United States offering an olive branch to our sworn enemies and a policy that allows bygones to be bygones.

Granted Mrs. Clinton was not the President who allowed the weak infrastructure in the Libyan embassy and she did, eight weeks, before the November 2012 election take full responsibility. Therefore, now, the responsibility remains hers. A costly mistake, not criminal, but very costly.

The second concern is the email. Granted, again, hindsight is at play here and without knowing all the facts was it simply easier, a miscalculation on Mrs. Clinton’s part, based on ease rather than intent?

Is she nasty and a criminal? Mrs. Clinton is neither. She is dogged, single minded, self-centered, self-focused, determined, tenacious, alone in the extra mile as she fights for the people, a bull in a china shop of delicate GOP ideals, willing to tear it all down to rebuild it better. Yes. She is all those things and any woman knows half that list has her called other, more deeply disturbing, untrue expletives.

Is she the better candidate? That I believe is the litmus test. Her challenger is genuinely qualified to do many things, just as we are all qualified to do many things.

No matter how many times Mr. Trump voices his belief in his ability, when it comes right down to it, he is not qualified to be a President. It’s not a media conspiracy or the East Coast intellectuals or a handful of business and Industry leaders who secretly run the country, it is Mr. Trump himself.

Mr. Trump may be qualified to be many things, and he has proven he is; he is not, however, qualified to be the President of the United States.

Without hesitation and after examining personal concerns, endorses Hillary Clinton for the 45th President of the United States.

For more information on President Barack Obama:


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