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President Obama addressed the United Nations General Assembly in his final speech before the world's leaders maintaining his commitment to the significant climate change agreements he secured the cooperation of more than 100 nations to phase down potent greenhouse gases hydrofluorocarbons (HFCs).

According to Gallup, President Obama's job approval, over the past week, increased by two percentage points to 54% of those polled who approve of his effectiveness as President and those who disapprove of his effectiveness as President decreased three percentage points to 41%.

Clinton/Trump Set To Debate

Presidential Candidates Democrat Hillary Rodham Clinton and Republican Donald J. Trump are set to take the podiums Monday, September 26, 2016 at Hofstra University on Long Island for the first of three debates.

The debate decorum has been slightly altered with Social Media playing a larger role, in what is expected to be the largest audience in the history of presidential debates.

Media Analysts are anticipating nearly 100million viewers will tune in to any of the major news networks with additional satellite feed sending the signal around the world to all major markets. All major news networks will offer a live stream with commentary as well as YouTube and Twitter offering analyst free live stream. Radio will broadcast the event to troops and any who prefer to simply listen. Post-debate videos are also being made available for those unable to tune in live.

Lester Holt, Anchor for NBC Nightly News will be the debate moderator. The debates will air from 9:00pm to 10:30pm on the east coast and adjusted for time zones 8:00pm – 9:30pm CT, 7:00pm – 8:30pm MT, 6:00pm – 7:30pm PT.

Odds makers are giving the debate to Mrs. Clinton. Mr. Trump does not fare well on the debate circuit. His performance throughout the Primary Season was sketchy at beats enforcing more of an Andrew Dice Clay of Politics than a serious presidential Contender.

To date his strength has been to drill into his opponents with high school rhetoric and bait them into responding in kind, which they have throughout the primaries. It is a tactic that works.

His failure to answer clearly and present concise structure and plans for the nation and speak fluently on the issues has resulted in deep concern over his qualifications and inability to serve in the office for which he is seeking.

Democracy allows for the unqualified, those with embarrassing inabilities, and even alienating opinions to hold political office as long as they are elected by the people.

Trump Hints of Circus

As Mr. Trump is well aware of his own poor performance in past debate forums he has hinted at theatrics for which his constituency have shown great affection. He is loved by a population who is tired of politics as usual and tired of being the outcast.

Republican presidential candidate Trump has hinted at inviting Jennifer Flowers to the debate. This is a solid tactic as he can't make the usual hidden and open male lack innuendo, some sophomoric phraseologies that only men understand. His vast wealth has allowed him some arrogance and prowess the rest. At this point Jennifer Flower would be the only unnerving and unexpected variable, unless of course he asks Monica Lewinsky to be his date for the first presidential debate.

With three debates Mrs. Clinton may have to tolerate the humiliations of her husband's extra martial affairs three times and the question becomes can she handle the stress.

Either of these females open Mr. Trump to a barrage of sex-sational headlines that some across the nation may not have ever seen. His extramarital affairs were tabloid fodder in New York City with then mistress Marla Maples gushing over his sexual antics and abilities. He has a love-hate relationship with the media when he stays in his win-loss-fail-succeed lane. His determination to break the mold and move lanes without much signaling has made him public enemy number one.

Anti-Hillary Sentiment

As the election draws near the anti-Hillary sentiment continues to take grow in small bursts among what are considered the nation's top pundits. The argument never seems to be a resounding endorsement of GOP Presidential Candidate Donald J. Trump, the voice of dissent is simply left over animosity from the Clinton Years and an abrasive Hillary.

Granted the Clinton Political dynasty, of which the late Linda Bloodworth Thomas predicted in a pre-William Jefferson election interview, when they die she said both will be buried beside a president or so the quote went.

William Jefferson, a defender of the people, youthful, flawed. He was able to garner the disenfranchised and hang on tight even through the rocky waters of his pre-election Jennifer Flowers Scandal. The voters knew and didn't seem to care that the youthful, attractive governor of a state few could spell left along care about, where poverty had deep roots in generational cycles, had abused his power. Okay they say, so he had a wandering eye.

Following in the steps of John K. Kennedy, a man revered to the people even before Dallas, he was loved despite all his flaws. William Jefferson secretly knew the equation needed to wipe the slate, filled with his indiscretions, clean and still walk into 1600 in that January.

Hillary Clinton is faced with a rot in her campaign. The people won't hold her accountable for the action of every staffer's third cousin's indiscretions or even those closer in the degrees of separation. Unfortunately, the campaign has missed opportunities to garner a stronger foothold in depressed communities at one time the bedrock of the Clinton dynasty.

Mrs. Clinton's biggest obstacle is appearing too smart, too prepared too ready to assume the presidency without sounding smug, arrogant and untamable. A balance of likability, snake charmer, and warmth.

Can she handle her emotions, as Trump will attack her emotions, he can't attack her mind, knowledge, expertise, experience, all that is left is emotions get her to flare up, scream at him alienate male voters who don't want their wife in office. Stumble, more than likely not, at least on the issues. Curse, it will take control. Her husband's indiscretions bring the most humiliation and stress.  

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Assad Bombs Aleppo

Independent agencies have reported nearly 85 civilians, including men, women and children, have been killed and more than 300 wounded, Sunday alone in Aleppo airstrikes that have continued over the last three days as Bashar Al Assad has sworn to destroy the rebel stronghold.  

The airstrikes have finally caught the attention of the larger media organizations who are finally questioning the direction the Obama Administration had taken in Syria.

His weak foreign policy agenda has presented Assad the repeated opportunity, multiple times, over the last six years to violate international treaties, including the proliferation of life treaties that were the foundation for the Obama Administration to seek permission from the United Nations to resort to military power if the tyrannical leader refused to allow weapons inspectors into Damascus.

That crisis averted Obama returned to Olive Branch Foreign Policy and issuing dictates "in the strongest possible language" to a dictatorial leader who could care less what the United States would say or do.

With Russian President Vladimir Putin now protecting the despotic leader the two Superpowers are left to sort out cease fire terms in the civil war.

Depriving the people of necessary aid, through repeated airstrikes and assaults on Humanitarian convoys and medical facilities and destroying their will to live and fight, through the violent deaths and daily bombings is exactly the type of leader Assad is and why he has alienated himself from the world.

The time has come for the United States Navy Seals to pull him from his palace and transport him to Russia, bomb his military weapons and hide outs each time he hits a convoy or end his reign.

Two Police Shootings Spark Protests

Terence Crutcher, an unarmed black man, whose vehicle had broken down in the middle of a two lane Oklahoma highway, was shot and killed while attempting to return to his vehicle.

The murder was recorded by circling Police helicopter who show, Mr. Crutcher, 40, walking with his hands above his head. He did not heed officer instruction.

Even with the very flawed judicial system and Mr. Crutcher's apparent disregard of Police warning, manslaughter charges have been filed against Officer Betty Shelby.

Protesters Remain Vigilant In Charlotte, N.C.

Six Days of protests have done little to satisfy the swelling anger in Charlotte, North Carolina after a black police officer shot and killed and African American suspect who he indicated made threatening actions.

The killing of Keith Scott has become a volley of statements from the police who believe the body and dash cams officers were using contained sufficient evidence to stop the public outcry where the family disputed every assertion presented.

The medical information, the Traumatic Brain Injury, presents deeply disturbing evidence of failure on the Charlotte Police Department to accurately access a non-combative situation before converging. His widow, Rakeyia Scott, who also has a video is heard begging for the officers "don't kill him." She continues explaining he has a TBI (Traumatic Brain Injury) and just took his medicine.

No gun is found on the ground after officers rush the victim to attempt medical attention.

The protests in Charlotte seemed nothing more than an opportunity for a few unlawful to engage in looting and other forms of vandalism as the majority of those attending various marches and vigils attempted to remains on the right side of the law.

Citizens of Charlotte have failed to understand attempting in any way to harm a police officer remains a felony, even in the time of protest.

At this point, for reasons unknown, the shooting appears justified by local police. Federal authorities have yet to make a determination.

Declaring War on Johnny Law a Losing Battle

The all too familiar scene has been played out repeatedly with increased frequency over the past year with each incident a renewed response by African American leaders of the devalued life of the black community.

These messages are followed by a protests by a people who are tired of the non-violent resistance to change. The first generation descendants of Martin Luther King Jr.'s Selma March are fed up with feeling enslaved to second rate jobs, poverty and a cycle of violence that leads repeated to the death of innocent men and women stopped for routine traffic violations.

Society is not perfect nor are human beings. When peaceful protests turn into violent displays of uncontrollable anger, the compassion over the latest tragedy is lost. There will come a time when protestors will no longer be permitted to walk through the streets of any city simply due to the inability to control the pent up rage. Protesters will be arrested and not shown the compassion reserved for troubling responses to tragic events.

Jose Fernandez, Star Pitcher, Killed

Jose Fernandez, the Miami Marlins star pitcher, died when a powerboat driven by a friend slammed into a jetty in Miami Harbor at full speed, killing the three men instantly. Fernandez was 24.

Fernandez, who defected to the United States nine years ago, became one of baseball's most known and beloved stars clocking 94mph fastballs while still in high school.

The powerboat was discovered at 3:15am Sunday by Coast Guard personal patrolling the Miami Harbor. Two passengers were under the 30ft motorboat that had flipped landing on the rock jetty and a third was discovered ejected from the boat on the rocks.

Preliminary reports indicate the pleasure craft was traveling at top speeds, which are close to 55mph, and struck full speed. The impact ripped a gaping hole in the hull.

The Baseball world was stunned by the news. Marlins Manager, former New York Yankee, Don Mattingly announced to the team and media the sad news.

Fernandez defected from Cuba in 2008, it was his third attempt and the riskiest. A passenger fell out of the boat in the choppy waters and Fernandez jumped in to save the person, who was unknown until the rescue, when Fernandez found out it was his own mother.

Born in Santa Clara, Cuba, Fernandez left behind beloved members of his family to pursue his dreams. Upon arriving in Miami, he enrolled in Braulio Alonso High School in Tampa, Florida. He pitched a shocking 94mph fastball which lead his high school all-star team to the state championships. He was selected in the first round by the Marlins and played his last game, September 20, 2016. During his career he pitched 589 strikeouts. The Sunday Game with the Atlanta Braves was cancelled.

He leaves behind devastated friends, family, mother, grandmother, fiancé, a team and league. Arrangements are pending.

Arnold Palmer Dies

Golfing legend Arnold Palmer, affectionately known as The King, died today. He was 87.

"We are deeply saddened by the death of Arnold Palmer, golf's greatest ambassador," the United States Golf Association said in a statement." Arnold Palmer will always be a champion, in every sense of the word. He inspired generations to love golf by sharing his competitive spirit, displaying sportsmanship, caring for golfers and golf fans, and serving as a lifelong ambassador for the sport.

Palmer won seven major championships, in a career that spanned more than fifty years. Palmer won The Master four times. He held two title wins from The Open and one U.S. Open title. He was known and admired by legions of fans. His long running rivalry with Jack Nicklaus and Gary Player earned them the title of the "Big 3." Between them they won seven Masters titles.

Palmer, along with Nicklaus and Player made the sport a draw with crowds and groupies following the Big 3 like rock stars. He was a fan favorite in commercials, a pitchman for nearly as long as his five decade career,  and recently appeared with other sports talent musing over the aches and pains of aging.

Palmer was prepping for surgery at University of Pittsburgh Medical Center when he died.

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