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President Obama and Vice President Biden joined families in Orlando, one week after the Pulse massacre, the worst shooting on U.S. soil, to offer condolences, encouragement and solidarity in the fight for renewed gun control measures and to end hatred.

According to Gallup, President Obama's job approval, over the past week, increased by one percentage points to 53% of those polled who approve of his effectiveness as President and those who disapprove of his effectiveness as President remained consistent at 44%.

Obama Visits Orlando; Connecticut Democrat Stages a Gun Control Filibuster

President Obama, in what has become an unfortunate custom, approached an Orlando podium to offer condolences to stunned families, shocked law enforcement, concerned citizens and send far reaching remarks to a nation and world reeling from the recent mass shooting.

"Today, the Vice President and I told them, on behalf of the American people, that our hearts are broken, too, but we stand with you and that we are here for you, and that we are remembering those who you loved so deeply. As a nation, we've also been inspired by the courage of those who risked their lives and cared for others," the President said. 

Over the past week, a different picture of a killer surfaced. The possibility of faked allegiance to the Islamic State/ISIL Terrorist organization, one to mask personal hatred of a man the shooter knew he could not be. Those at Pulse were open, out and limitedly free. Certainly free in the environment to be themselves.

Survivors have told stories of meeting the shooter in personal settings, of exchanges, between himself and others on social media platforms designed for gay men to meet. Original theories of Islamic hatred of ISIS, who claimed responsibility, possibly came quickly as he looked like the perfect Islamic State Fighter, one who had murdered 50 on American soil, proper Islamic State Fighter pedigree, enough damage to invoke fear in the psyche of the population and wear the banner of evil proudly.

"Out of this darkest of moments, that gives us hope -- seeing people reflect, seeing people's best instincts come out, maybe in some cases, minds and hearts change.  It is our strength and our resilience -- the same determination of a man who died here who traveled the world, mindful of the risks as a gay man, but who spoke for us all when he said, "we cannot be afraid…we are not going to be afraid," President Obama said.

Orlando, like the gun tragedies before it, has become a symbol. This time, this tragedy directly effects the LGBT community. Yes. It was an attack on a Gay Nightclub, and Sandy Hook an attack on school children, and Aurora an attack on movie goers, and Virginia Tech an attack on College campus'. Before we started tracking Mass shootings, McDonald's shooting an attack on Fast food patrons and Luby's Cafeteria, an attack on restaurant patrons.

The Center for Disease Control classifies violence as an epidemic, with no known cure on the horizon, no vaccine to still the symptoms, until recently the necessary high profile interest, which usually brings about funding for research and cures, was also lacking.

As citizens of a nation overrun with gun violence, the attack is an attack on humanity, each citizen bears the injury, and the aching thought of where next?

"We also owe a tremendous debt of gratitude to all the doctors, all the nurses who have worked day and night to treat the injured, save lives and prevent even more anguish.  As one of the doctors here said, "after the worst of humanity reared its ugly head…the best of humanity came roaring back."  Let me get that quote more precisely -- "after the worst of humanity reared its evil head…the best of humanity came roaring back," the President said.

Connecticut Democrat Stages a Gun Control Filibuster

Senator Chris Murphy, (D-CT), apparently had enough of gun violence and politics as usual when he stepped forward this week and announced his intent to filibuster the senate until both parties agreed to come together on a vote.

Both parties specifically being the Republican senate who have continued to act irresponsible after each gun tragedy holding firmly to the right of every citizen to bear arms. The second Amendment, which states "paste it here" does provide for each citizen the right to bear arms.

Literal interpretation, or Originalism of which the late Judge Antonin Scalia held and the modernized interpretation of "all citizens." Each citizen? Those with proven mental disabilities and those without are they the same? Is free the operative word for debate? However, the debate rages Gun Control remains the costliest, and deadliest issues.

The republicans have no reason to come to the table or meet in the aisle: Dead men and women don't vote. Delaying the vote, until after the public hysteria over the latest numbers is a common tactic, Senator Murphy wouldn't wait.

Starting with a presentation of Pulse, the senator closed 15 hours later, with a presentation on Sandy Hook. The issue is not sexual orientation, or age, or gender. The issue remains the availability of high powered, 900 rounds per minute, weapons of war that remain accessible in mass to anyone.

The filibuster ended Thursday with a commitment from GOP members that they would allow a vote on Gun Control measure including background checks, banning people on the terror watch list, the no-fly list and those with a diagnosed mental instability, even if correctable by medicine. With that the GOP crossed the aisle.

Senator Murphy and fellow democrats, hopefully, have a small victory that will bring about solid changes in gun laws.

Belgium-Paris Terror Network

Belgium officials announced twelve alleged terror suspects had been detained in an anti-terror raid held in the early morning hours across multiple municipalities in and around the nation's capital city.

Three of the suspects were charged with terrorist activities and were suspected of planning additional attacks during the France-Switzerland Euro 2016 games in Paris. Nine of the detained were released after night arrests.

The Terror Threat level, in Brussels and throughout Belgium has remained at Three, which indicates an attack on Belgium soil is imminent. Even as citizens have adjusted to the new threats, the city is still on edge from the Airport bombings that killed 32 in March.

London Politician Killed

Jo Cox, an outspoken UK Labour Party leader and member of Parliament, was stabbed and gunned down in her constituency last week, by a deranged man, Thomas Mair, 52, was immediately arrested.

The unthinkable act, which left her family, friends and townspeople stunned and at a loss for words, came together to pay their respects and tribute to the charismatic and determined politician.

She is survived by her sister, parents, husband and children.

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Stanford Rape Judge -  Persky Overloads Again

Judge Aaron Persky, who presided over the Stanford Rape Case and handed down a ridiculously minor sentence to an unanimously convicted Brock Turner, is once again making headlines for his statements supporting his decision.

Persky, who has been known to be a supporter of harsh sentencing for sexual assault offenders, explained he [Turner] told me he wouldn't do it again "I take him at his word."

The stunning statement was just one of the recent fueling speculation the Judge may need to seek medical treatment to determine to possibility of a brain tumor or other debilitating illness or injury.

Persky was recently removed from presiding over a sexual assault case, in which a male hospital attendant assaulted an incapacitated female patient, due to lack of faith in sentencing, as requested by the Santa Clara County prosecutor.

Ex-Vanderbilt Football Star Convicted of Rape

In an eerily similar case, an ex-Vanderbilt football star, Brandon Vandenburg, has been convicted of raping an unconscious woman he had been dating.

After four hours of deliberation a jury found him guilty of five counts of aggravated rape, two counts of aggravated sexual battery and one count of unlawful photography.

He will serve a minimum sentence of 15 years for aggravated rape with no chance of parole.

Okinawa: Islanders Stage Major Rally to Have Marine Base Closed

A major protest, over the weekend, on the island of Okinawa has refueled the effort to have the Marine Military Installation closed after a local girl, Rina Shimabukuro, was raped and brutally murdered by an American sub-contractor in April.

The protest, in which nearly 100,000 Okinawan's attended, where marked with tradition and began with a moment of silence for Shimabukuro. The mayor also addressed the crowd expressing his sorrow over a failure to protect his citizens.

The Japanese, apparently have had enough of the Marines and the belief of superiority, which is a major cause of contention and conflict. Armed with Red, Yellow and Black signs, some read MARINES OUT, the crowd was relatively well behaved, making a day of the well planned protests.

Bob Iger - An Unimaginable Week

Robert A. Iger, CEO and Chairman of the Walt Disney Empire, is usually attending premieres, negotiating the big deals, enjoying the newest additions and holding meetings with the heads of the divisions that make up The Walt Disney Company.

This week, however, Iger was center stage as events both tragic and victorious occurred thousands of miles apart.

Orlando, home to Walt Disney World Resort, has been in the public eye throughout the week, as the names and victims of Sunday's Pulse Shooting, have been revealed.

Iger's statement on Pulse indicated Orlando is a second home for the Magic Kingdom, some of the victims were Disney employees. Post the statement. "We're all heartbroken by the tragic and horrific events in Orlando and offer our thoughts, prayers and support to everyone in our community affected by this senseless act."

The Disney Blog stated Walt Disney Parks and Resort employee more than 74,000 cast members from the region. It later posted the sad news that Pulse was frequented often by theme park employees and two cast members were known to have been among those murdered.

Iger and his Disney Team, presidents, guests, publicist, and media were in Shanghai, China, for the opening of Disney Theme Park, the newest addition to the Parks and Resorts family that opened this week to smiles, laughter and a world of people who love all things Disney.

The opening of the 17-year project, which had undergone many changes, even amidst the rain, was a delightful culmination of hard work, effort, negotiation and represented a genuine commitment between two diverse nations.

However, the joy was momentary and short lived as another crisis erupted on the other side of the world, and again in Orlando.

A catastrophic event that struck the heart of Disney as Lane Graves, a toddler, enjoying the beach doing what families and little boys do at the beach, digging a canal or in the playing sand, wading in the water, just ankle deep, when an opportunistic predator prowling the dark water, struck and pulled the child under the surface to the horror of his family who attempted to save him from the steel locked trap.

Iger released this message on the horrific and simply unfathomable death: "As a parent and a grandparent, my heart goes out to the Graves family during this time of devastating loss. My thoughts and prayers are with them, and I know everyone at Disney joins me in offering our deepest sympathies."

Lane was found, intact, not far from where he was snatched in about fifteen feet of water.

Walt Disney Parks and Resorts have acted swiftly to provided new warning signs. However, the new sign, possibly a prototype, ignores international signals and warning and danger symbols. It does post pictures of dangerous reptiles.

Finally, Finding Dory, the animated Pixar/Walt Disney Animation Film destroyed the box office with a whopping 136M weekend revenue. The dangers of the deep aside it is best to enjoy all the ocean offers in animated form.

Chelsea Clinton and Marc Mazvinsky Welcome Second Child

Chelsea Clinton, daughter of Democratic Presidential Candidate Hillary Clinton and former President Bill Clinton, and her husband Marc Mazvinsky welcome their second child, a son, Aidan Clinton Mezvinsky, this past weekend.

"At 7:41 AM Saturday, our family and hearts expanded with Aidan's arrival. We are blessed," Chelsea Clinton tweeted late Sunday afternoon.

Taking a moment off the Campaign Trail Hillary Clinton also tweeted "What a joy being with our new grandson Aidan. So grateful. - H"

Chelsea and Marc also have a daughter Charlotte.

For more information on President Barack Obama:


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