Beltway Insider: Obama Unveils Counter-Terror Strategy; ISIS Murders Pilot; Jordan Pummels Key Targets

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President Obama released a comprehensive 2015 National Security Strategy outlining global initiatives to move advancing democracies and emerging nations into greater stability through uniformed directives which include the complete protection of human rights while promoting full international order.

According to Gallup, President Obama's job approval, over the past week, decreased one percentage points to 47% of those polled who approve of his effectiveness as President and those who disapprove of his effectiveness as President decreased one percentage point to 47%. 

President Obama Unveils 2015 National Security Strategy

The 2015 National Security Strategy, an all-embracing and wide-ranging outline of global initiatives to move tactical and calculated initiatives serving the advancement of the security of leading nations and democracies and to assist rising nations move into greater stability through set guidelines employed by the United States, partners and leaders in advanced economies.

 "This is an ambitious agenda, and not everything will be completed during my Presidency. But I believe this is an achievable agenda, especially if we proceed with confidence and if we restore the bipartisan center that has been a pillar of strength for American foreign policy in decades past," the President wrote in the reports Introduction.

The 2015 National Security Strategy, a determined impressive plan that encompasses through six segments devoted to Security, Prosperity, Values and International Order and Introduction and conclusion continued advancement of the world's leading nations, such as the G7, and provides G20 and budding and struggling nations structure and blueprints to implement as polices shifts are addressed.

Reiterating much of his stated polices the strategy doesn't introduce new initiatives and essentially complies, in a single document, the directives of his global and homeland security agendas, some of which are common and known most could name at least one subtopic.

New Security Subtopics

Newly introduced or more concentrated  sub-topics of Confronting Climate Change, Assure Access to Shared Spaces, Increase Global Health Security to Advancing our Rebalance of Asia and the Pacific, Strengthening Our Enduring Alliance with Europe, Seek Stability and Peace in the Middle East and North Africa and Invest in Africa's Future are flushed out.

Preventing Mass Atrocities is addressed and falls short of addressing domestic or homeland issues of mass shooting. The report does not include gun control or any mention of intent to prevent mass shootings through concerted effort to overhaul the components that allow guns, automatic weapons,  killing machines, high powered military style weapons, including rocket launchers, or modified magazine clips that allow more than a normal round to be purchased without a substantial waiting periods or tighter controls for online purchases that include mail delivery checks and balances that would stop orders after repeated deliveries to the same address.

Assure Access to Shared Spaces addressed the connectivity of all humankind through shared spaces of "cyber space, air and oceans that enable the free flow of people, goods, services, and ideas. They are the arteries of the global economy and civil society, and access is at risk due to increased competition and provocative behaviors. Therefore, we will continue to promote rules for responsible behavior while making sure we have the capabilities to assure access to these shared spaces."

Bullet Synopsis

A bullet synopsis released by the White House indicted in order to advance security goals throughout the world, the United States will lead with purpose, lead with strength, lead with example, lead with capable partners, lead with all instruments of U.S. power, and lead with long-term perspective.

Leading with purpose, as the world erupts with hot spot skirmishes, small un-intercepted domestic terror cells or sympathizers, greater and more obvious security threats to the homeland, partners and allies will balance the greater security portfolio advancing priorities.

Advancing strategic partnerships with allies who exhibit unified support through similar agendas ad democracies, upholding similar goals and obligations both domestically and abroad are integral components of the Obama's 2015 Terror Strategy.

The 2015 National Security Strategy includes advancing the security of the United States through, again these are not new initiatives or ideas, in fact, in as much as President Obama defines the strategy as "ambitious" as it represents more of a foundation strengthening of systems and strategies initiated since September 11, 2001.

Prosperity and Values are important elements of the ever evolving fabric of American culture as the protections of members of the LGBT communities are now a global concern especially in countries that are actively on the United States watch list such as ISIS controlled Iran where graphic images of allegedly gay men being thrown, bound, from buildings and crucified, literally, as in ancient civilizations.

Women are also an important component of this globally protected class, as more than 800million women are currently between the ages of eight and 18, and will over the next decade face generational challenges. It is the determination of the United States and other advanced and evolving governments to change the choices of these women.

The document also reiterates the Obama Administrations War time polices, which include the shift of power from "boots on the ground" status to a global peace-keeping or "Transitioning to a sustainable global security posture that combines our decisive capabilities with local partners and keeps pressure on al-Qa'ida, ISIL/[ISIS] and their affiliates," the report states.

 "As Americans, we will always have our differences, but what unites us is the national consensus that American global leadership remains indispensable. We embrace our exceptional role and responsibilities at a time when our unique contributions and capabilities are needed most, and when d when the choices we make today can mean greater security and prosperity for our Nation for decades to come," the President said in the released report.

ISIS Kills Jordanian Pilot Hostage

Jordanian pilot Moaz al-Kasasbeh, a prisoner of war held captive by the murderous ISIS régime was killed after negotiations broke down when Jordanian officials demanded confirmation the American ally shot down during crippling airstrikes was still alive.

The prisoner exchange, rare for coalition countries who have all agreed on a zero tolerance non-negotiation position on terrorist demands, was to have taken place during the week with ISIS demanding the release of two prisoners held in Jordan.

As always ISIS released a videotape heralding its own depraved level of brutality showing new levels of primary evil by the terror group and stark differences from all murders up to this point.

Particularly brutal, ISIS captors chose not to use an English speaking Jihad John to announce the punishment of coalition nations for the support of America is the murder of its citizens.

Caged al-Kasasbeh, dressed in an orange prison uniform, was surrounded by armed ISIS loyalists dressed in military fatigues who were standing on different levels up the side of the ravine which appeared to be barracks carved out of the mountain.

A wick made of gun powder or other flammable chemicals ran about six foot from the cage.

Al-Kasasbeh, mercifully, died within minutes. His chilling screams were not edited.

The wickedness of ISIS, the Islamic State of Iran and Syria Terrorist organization, has long been noted. Now, as they continue to attempt to convince the world of their superiority, the level of the evil continues to increase with greater frequency as the challenges are not met with surrender but with defiance.

Jordan Retribution

Jordan, a strong and loyal American Ally immediately matched the brutal and merciless murder of Jordanian pilotMoaz al-Kasasbeh with the executions of ISIS prisoner held by the Jordanian government.

King Abdullah and the Jordanian government were immediately criticized by some allied members of the coalition for the swift retaliatory executions of ISIS prisoners of war.

White House Josh Earnest, White House press secretary when pressed on his initial and official no committal comments to the barbaric actions committed by ISIS eventually shifted his comments after he was reminded King Abdullah sat less than twelve hours prior in the Oval offices discussing this shocking and inhuman actions.

"We have talked about how these kinds of ongoing efforts are going to be difficult and that it's going to be difficult to measure success or failure in one-day increments.  What we're focused on is the longer-term arc.  I think the best example I have for this is that last fall there was extensive, even breathless coverage about the success that ISIL has had, or did have at that time, in making significant inroads into this border village called Kobani.  And just last -- over the weekend, we saw news reports that ISIL has been repelled from that village and that ISIL fighters themselves attributed their retreat to the success of ground operations that were supported by airstrikes from coalition pilots," said White House press Secretary, Josh Earnest.

Abdullah immediately ordered an increase in airstrikes against the terror organization, which resulted in at least 65 airstrikes by Jordanian pilots absent of the more than 1000 airstrikes decimating, but not dismantling the terror group loyal to Osama bin Laden.

Each country, the United States, United Kingdom, Japan, and now Jordan, who has felt the wrath of ISIS through the barbaric murder of its citizens, has reacted much in the same manner; outrage, public vowed retribution, a renewed sense of determination to dismantled the terrorist organization even if it equates to policy change.

Abdullah, more than a solid ally of the United States, and the Jordanian people has absorbed the refugees from neighboring Syria Civil War, over the past two years, as the disenfranchised have fled to safety.

The execution according to Abdullah is a "game changer" in the Jordanian ISIS strategy both regionally, as a enemy of the state, and the broader coalition led war on terror. 

Without even a statement from the President on the barbaric brutally witnessed again by the world the White House appears to be approaching particular acts of terror with a pick and choose style of support as they did the vicious Charlie Hebdo murders that left the world wondering, as they are now, the level of support of the United States.

There is no retaliation strong enough. The bravery and courage of hostages beheaded have resulted in ISIS utilizing methods to generate torture so vile, evil and satanic, and reactions extreme enough to engage the world who must respond in unison with unified, determined, unilateral and singular, support to dismantled, decimate and destroy all remnants of the terror group.

January Jobs Report

The United States Bureau of Labor Statistics announced the economy added only 257,000 nonfarm payroll jobs in January resulting in little change in the nation's stagnant unemployment rate.

At 5.7%, the deceptive national average unemployment rate has seen little change since October, with incremental small gains over the last quarter, the number of unemployed persons at 9million remains unchanged.

State by state the overall unemployment varies from 7.1% or higher across fourteen major metropolitan areas and astronomical levels reaching up to 19.4% in Puerto Rico to 3.2 in others. The pendulum swing doesn't accurately portray those in higher areas who are experiencing more challenges in finding suitable employment.

The seasonal adjustments anticipated in January for the holiday employment workforce has not materialized and in fact retail trade rose by 46,000 in January. With across the board retails employment gains.

Under-employment, a post recession term used to describe those who have taken jobs under the employee's capabilities simply to be working, are not given a suitable demographic and are added to the general employed pool.

Heath care employment, a solid gainer throughout even the deepest moments of the recession,  continued to climb and increased by 38,000 jobs.

Professional Services, no longer a standalone demographic was paired with technical services and combined added 33,000 jobs in January.

February Jobs report is due to be released March 6, 2015.

For more information on President Barack Obama:


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