Beltway Insider: Ebola Agenda Casts Doubt; Leadership Melt Down; Political Operative Named Ebola Czar

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President Obama juggling the public outcry over his mishandling of the security, precautions and safety of the American people is facing a firestorm as new and possible confirmed Ebola transmission cases appear resulting in scrutiny of his motive and judgment.


According to Gallup, President Obama's job approval, over the past week, dropped two percentage points to, the lowest numbers the President has seen recently,  40% of those polled who approve of his effectiveness as President and those who disapprove of his effectiveness as President also increased one percentage point to 55%. 

Obama's Ebola Agenda Casts Doubts

President Obama has remained on the offensive in the fight against Ebola inundating the public with speculation, anti-hysteria propaganda, admonishing the public to adhere to suggestions from unnamed officials, mildly adding Ebola facts and of course redirecting the public attention to the upcoming influenza season.

Now that Ebola has reached U.S. shores, according to the president, it is no longer the dreaded death sentence Americans have heard since the initial documented Ebola cases during the outbreak of AIDS in the late 1980's.

Ebola, after passing through the White House Public Relations machine, has become the kinder, gentler, non lethal disease and of course, one death, two transmissions and 150 high risk trace cases does not an epidemic make.

Delayed Preventive Measures Aid Spread

In July 2014, when neighboring third world countries were issuing travel bans and closing their borders from air and sea, taking every precaution to stop the spread of the diseases through any infectious person, President Obama presented a caviler approach to the spread of the virus.

Obama addressed the failure of his White House to mandate a travel ban, "One issue that I want to address, because I know this has been a topic consistently in the news, is the issue of a travel ban.  And I know that you've heard from some public health experts about this, but I want to make sure that everybody is clear about the issue."

The refusal of the President to initialize any ban, citing, of course, unnamed authorities, place the security and safety of the American people last on his priority list. The borders and travel from the highly infected countries will remain open. Although he has indicated more is being done to stop those who are symptomatic from boarding flight to the United States. 

"I don't have a philosophical objection," the president said, "necessarily to a travel ban if that is the thing that is going to keep the American people safe.  The problem is, is that in all the discussions I've had thus far with experts in the field, experts in infectious disease, is that a travel ban is less effective than the measures that we are currently instituting that involve screening passengers who are coming from West Africa -- first of all, screening them before they get on the plane there to see whether they're showing signs of the disease -- and screening them again when they get here, taking their temperature."

Top down mistakes from Center for Diseases Control officials, from sending alleged disaster prepared teams in mishandling the initial Index Case (Thomas Eric Duncan, U.S. Case 1), and the two confirmed subsequent transmissions as well as violations of disaster protocol, misinformation and apparently the intentional permission to expose others through contained public transportation usage are not instilling public confidence that those in elected and appointed office are any more equip to handle the outbreak then the general population. 

President Obama again this week, attempted to explain to an extremely skittish American people, the Ebola virus, while still deadly, is not a concern.

The American people, after forty years of hearing the opposite are less likely to believe the president and feel, in majority, he dropped the vial and now with the virus out in the open we have no choice but to change our lives and tolerate his devotion to his ancestral roots.

Frontline Risk; Ebola Immunity

Outside of Individuals in West African neighborhoods in five major metropolitan cities, New York City, New Jersey, Atlanta, Dallas and Chicago, Healthcare professionals remain the highest at risk community.

The president has indicated, which the CDC team appears in full hazmat suits at every report, there is no cause for alarm or panic. Ebola is not spread through the air, it is spread only through bodily fluid of a person showing symptoms, which he has reassured the American people, the two known transmission are now removed from the Dallas Presbyterian hospital and placed in protective highly secure hospitals in the National Health Institute.

Ebola is spread through exposure to bodily fluids of a symptomatic individual. Exposure to the bodily fluids of a person, diagnosed or not, who is exhibiting symptoms of Ebola, which mirror the flu in early stages, constitutes exposure.

Bodily fluids, according to, break down to the following:

The spread of Ebola between people occurs only by direct contact with the blood or body fluids of a person after symptoms have developed. Body fluids that may contain Ebola viruses include saliva, mucus, vomit, feces, sweat, tears, breast milk, urine, and semen. Entry points include the nose, mouth, eyes, or open wounds, cuts and abrasions. Contact with objects contaminated by the virus, particularly needles and syringes may also transmit the infection. The virus is able to survive on objects for a few hours in a dried state and can survive for a few days within body fluids. Ebola virus may be able to persist in the semen of survivors for up to seven weeks after recovery, which could give rise to infections via sexual intercourse. Otherwise, people who have recovered are not infectious. The potential for widespread infections in countries with medical systems capable of observing correct medical isolation procedures is considered low. Usually when someone has symptoms, they are sufficiently unwell that they are unable to travel without assistance.

Ebola Immunity

With both transmission cases effecting minorities the newest observation in Ebola tracking is the absence of white or Caucasian infection and death.

In the mysterious world of infectious diseases Ebola would not be the first disease to target the genetic compositions of minorities as Sickle Cell Anemia singularly effects African descendents.

If Ebola becomes the minority killer, with those people with indigenous Caucasian DNA molecular structure  having a natural inhibitor, no cure will ever be found. Minimal research dollars will be appropriated. The two confirmed transmissions, of all those who came in contact with Case 1, were both minorities of Asian and Colored or African descent.

The American people have tolerated Obama's olive branch foreign policy as it has, for all intensive purposes, kept the troubling situations on foreign shores. His devotion to West Africa superseded his alliance to the United States and the people remains sworn to protect.

Should an Ebola outbreak occur it will hit West African communities in the United States with full force the people who jubilantly celebrated and voted the president into office, will be those that risk the greatest infection and death. And it will be difficult to generate a high level of concern over the death of 100,000 poverty stricken Americans, especially as they might be able to provide insight into the composition of the virus.

The question becomes why are the American people, at large exposed to the potential threat? Why and how has the president, singularly, determined the Ebola epidemic or any epidemic of another nation is the burden of the American people to bear?

Doctors Without Borders are certainly free to extend themselves to this region. Why are physicians and, in fact,  any healthcare professionals including the courageous nurses already exposed, who had every opportunity to sign on for humanitarian or infectious disease specialties, now suffering with and facing possible death?

Obama and the African Connection

President Obama is doing little to quiet the growing concern over his personal stake in the Ebola spread. With an overwhelming loyalty to Africa, Kenyan roots and presumably still with distant paternal relatives living in the region, the president has made Africa a center point of his foreign policy.

Ebola, has also made Africa a center point of its campaign, with greater power and more determination the virus, which is spread through both infected people and animals, is now effecting more than 8900 cases in four countries in West Africa.

President Obama is dictating a level of care, concern that is not present and loyalty to the African continent that is not across the aisle supported.

The United States may be the richest and most powerful nation in the world and it is not without ills, there are enough social and physical plagues in our society without adding what was called the most deadly and lethal of any known disease.

Allowing Ebola entry into the United States for the sole purpose of spotlighting the need for global definitive action is ludicrous and irresponsible.

The African continent, from all accounts is beautiful without compare. Serengeti, the sights and sounds of Safari, South Africa, Cape of Good Hope, Africa is a land of vast beauty, deep roots, rich in mineral deposits, diamonds and also home to 7% of the world's Rare Earth Elements.

The Rare Earth Elements, an untapped source of great and unfathomable wealth to the company who decides to extract those rarest of elements on the periodic chart which are in such high demand and are only going to exponentially increase.

The REE African Connection can turn this poverty stricken nation and country into a global producer of minerals needed in the manufacturing of every handheld gadget and device, every tablet, flat screen, laptop;  every hybrid automobile, every element of the Green movement from Wind Turbines to cost efficient electric light bulbs depend on REE in the manufacturing process.

Defense departments around the world would have another source for REE in which, at this time the largest exporter is China, whom has a stranglehold on the world and can limit, which it does, the amount exported. If any person, anywhere, owns anything with a screen it is manufactured with the use of REE. Military defense systems have extreme need in the manufacturing of high tech weapons.

To date, no person/company has developed synthetic Rare Earth Elements able to perform at the same optimum level.

The world tolerates Chinese human rights abuses in exchange for REE. The United States, in actuality the home to the largest deposit at Mountain Pass, CA and due to the high toxic levels associated with mining only delivers on order.

Political Operative Named Ebola Czar

President Obama has named long time political operative, Ron Klain, to the position of Ebola Czar. No medical professional was short listed.

The latest miscalculation over Obama's leadership in what is becoming known as the real first national health crisis has sent ripples through the politico and even his most stalwart defenders to the hollowed chambers attempting to understand what the president is thinking as he distances himself from his usual appeasement appointments to include an ever increasing deferment of public need and expectation.

The president personal African agenda has become under greater microscopic review as he proudly leaked his upcoming announcement that Klein will lead the American people in this national crisis.

Obama's loyalty to the world and democratic ideals are admirable and unfortunately, his loyalty to the United States is less than honorable.

His briefing to the American people on the outbreak of Ebola,  one of the first speeches in recent memory where he didn't invoke the name of the party stalwarts. No John F. Kennedy, "Nothing to fear but fear itself" or William J. Clinton or other crutches which sent a strong message that Obama is in this one alone and he knows it.

For more information on President Barack Obama:


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