Beltway Insider: Obama Responds as Ebola Hits US; Global Coalition Grows; September Job Numbers

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President Obama and Vice President Joseph Biden have continued to galvanize a global coalition determined to dismantle and destroy ISIS/ISIL even as it continues to grow and taunt both the United States and the United Kingdom with execution of hostages.


According to Gallup, President Obama's job approval, over the past week, stayed constant at 42% of those polled who approve of his effectiveness as President and those who disapprove of his effectiveness as President also stayed constant at 53%. 

Global Coalition Combating ISIS/ISIL Continues to Grow

President Obama and Vice President Joseph Biden have continued to galvanize a global coalition determined to dismantle and destroy ISIS/ISIL even as it continues its exhibitions of hatred with very public executions of both the United States and The United Kingdom hostages.

The American public has adopted a wait-and-see approach to President Obama and his efforts to dismantle ISIS/ISIL. His approval numbers reflect a growing concern he has lost focus of the immediate goal which should be stopping the brutal and public executions of American and coalition partner hostages.

The recent murder of Alan Henning, the forth coalition partner citizen to be executed, drew harsh and swift condemnation.

 "The United States strongly condemns the brutal murder of United Kingdom citizen Alan Henning by the terrorist group ISIL. Mr. Henning worked to help improve the lives of the Syrian people and his death is a great loss for them, for his family and the people of the United Kingdom. Standing together with our UK friends and allies, we will work to bring the perpetrators of Alan's murder – as well as the murders of Jim Foley, Steven Sotloff and David Haines – to justice. Standing together with a broad coalition of allies and partners, we will continue taking decisive action to degrade and ultimately destroy ISIL," the released statement read.

Australian, The Netherlands, Turkish and Danish governments have agreed to join forces with the global coalition bringing the total to nearly 60 world governments poised to initialed airstrikes, assist Syrian's opposition fighters and remain committed to the obliteration of ISIS/ISIL.

Obama's ability to galvanize the world has been a single through line of his presidency. All nations of the world are swayed by his desires to leave the world, a democratic place for all the peoples of the world.

His recent address to the United Nations General Assembly brought agreement from leaders of the world and all welcomed again Obama's view of the impending situation in Iraq and within weeks after the first execution of American citizen James Foley, Obama and his senior cabinet team were able, through the proper diplomatic channels secure commitments for a multi-nation coalition.

He gained the world and now, the world, those citizens who are deeply concerned over the events of ISIS and the insignificant portrayal of the terror organizations strength, are mourning another, a fourth, a British citizen beheaded by a terror group who stands in the sand and wields a knife.

ISIS/ISIL has been portrayed as seemingly insignificant, a localized terror group, threatening unrest in its home country of Iraq. President Obama introduced his re-evaluated Iraqi foreign policy after ISIS/ISIL threatened Erbil, a populous city of nearly three million, impossible for a flimsy, homegrown, limited terror group.

 Airstrikes and ration drops of which were successful saved the innocent villagers driven from their homes into the mountains.

ISIS/ISIL initiated retaliation and began to execute hostages. The only face the public has seen, that of one hit wonder British rapper, shrouded in black, now jihad john willing to die for this "insignificant organization."

The facts are ISIS is a multi layered and well structured and funded  terror group with strength not only in Iraq a vast network mirroring the late Osama bin Laden, who left, even after dismantled and sedated, a group ready to pick up arms again.

Obama Responds as Ebola Case 1 Strikes in United States

Senior Cabinet members held a joint press conference this week, addressing the issues associated with the revelation as United States Ebola Case 1 is met with heightened medical and public concern.

Presenting to the media were Assistant To The President For Homeland Security Lisa Monaco, Secretary Of HHS Sylvia Burwell, Director Of The National Institute Of Infectious Diseases Dr. Anthony Fauci, USAID Administrator Dr. Raj Shah, Commander Of AFRICom General David Rodriguez On U.S. Government Response To The Ebola Epidemic In West Africa.

The White House's unified message was geared to quieting public concern, outcry and mass hysteria reminiscent of reactions to those with AIDS, in the 1980's and educating all on recent efforts, current developments, security measures and the projected course of action if elements remain constant allowing for minimal diversion or expanded outbreaks outside anticipated numbers.  

U.S. Case 1 - A Liberian National

U.S. Case 1, an African, Thomas Eric Duncan who holds a Liberia Passport, allegedly lied on an honor code Ebola screening form during a pre-flight questioning in Liberia, admitted to visiting West Africa but denied having contact with infected persons, arrived asymptomatic in the United States.

Duncan potentially, unbeknownst to himself,  infected all his family members and according to Texas official's more than 100 individuals, including school children, not excluding airline personnel, passengers and any unknown persons leading up to his flight departure.

Within days of arriving on U.S. soil he began to exhibit flu like symptoms, sought medical care, and when asked about his travel admitted he had recently visited West African nations highly affected by Ebola.

He was initially treated with antibiotics and not as a potentially carrier, and U.S. Case 1, of the disease which poses the gravest threat to global population since the AIDS/HIV pandemic that is still a CDC focus through prevention, containment and cure.

While public hysteria did not ensure, maintenance workers, rightly so, refused to participate in the janitorial clean up needs as the man vomited and left other bodily secretion containing the virus, if transmission is strictly limited to CDC outline, the potential of exposure to the deadly diseases was 100%.

In order to reach maximum certainty of containment federal officials performed a wide sweep, tracing potential contact threats and monitoring of cases, and believe they had reach saturation of U.S. Case 1.

"Ebola is an extremely serious viral disease with a high fatality rate, it is not easily transmitted. You must come into direct contact with the bodily fluids of a sick person, or through exposure to objects that have been contaminated with infected bodily fluids. Ebola is not a respiratory disease like the flu, and so it is not transmitted through the air. This is important. Individuals who are not symptomatic are not contagious. In order for the virus to be transmitted, and individual would have to have direct contact with an individual who is experiencing symptoms or who has died of the disease," said Dr. Anthony Fauci,Director Of The National Institute of Infectious Diseases.

Government officials have stated exact transmissions of the diseases that has except West African official have stated mishandling of dead bodies have also resulted in transmission of the diseases.

Ebola Ravaged West Africa

Factually, medical professionals, even those with the highest level education, have not for certain isolated every possible transmission.

Common sense and heightened diligence in any profession that may come in contact with any individual from medical professionals across the board to education professional and home care attendants as the transmission of body fluids could include open cuts, sores, blisters or blood.

It is the responsibility of the president and his White House and all branches of government to present a uniformed message and in the case of Ebola dispel public fears, outrage and squash any protests or what may be considered discriminations or direct or indirect blame or ostracized of people or groups reminiscent of the AIDS epidemic.

Ebola is not a new disease and has been isolated to West African nations for almost forty years. The global threat has been minimal and while on the Center for Disease Control radar did not directly affect the population or pose a direct threat to the United States and by association allies and partners so research to deconstruct the virus for the purpose of finding a cure or vaccine was allocated to research dollars and need. Ebola did not meet the criteria to warrant dedicated teams and funding.

"The United States is prepared to deal with this crisis both at home and in the region. Every Ebola outbreak over the past 40 years has been stopped. We know how to do this and we will do it again. With America's leadership, I am confident, and President Obama is confident, that this epidemic will also be stopped," said Assistant to the President for Homeland Security Lisa Monaco, Secretary of HHS Sylvia Burwell

Every Administration over the past forty years, beginning with the moment Ebola claimed its first victim should be held responsible. Disease does not discriminate as to race, religion, gender or sexual orientation nor is it party directed. Ebola will affect democrats as well as republicans.

With Ebola clearly at pandemic levels in multiple West African nations, the structure and capabilities of the medical system is under question and offers a possible tandem cause to the swift and uncontrollable spread.

"The reason there is an outbreak now is because the health care infrastructure and system in those counties is inadequate and incapable of actually handling the kind of identification, isolation, rapid treatment, protection of the people who are coming into contact, and contact tracing. That's something that we have very, very well established here. So we have a case now, and it is entirely conceivable there may be another case. But the reason that we feel confident is that our structure, our ability to do those things would preclude an outbreak," said Dr. Anthony Fauci, Director Of The National Institute of Infectious Diseases.

September Job Numbers

 The United States Bureau of Labor Statistics have released September Job numbers reporting the highest decline in unemployed workers since the beginning of the global economic meltdown in 2009.

Adding 248,000 jobs to the economy, the overall unemployment rate fell to below 6.0% for the first time in five years. At 5.9% overall unemployment, the Obama Administration is heralding a victory in the efforts to put Americans back to work.

Over the past 55 months unemployment numbers have fallen as economic confidence returns and employers are adding workers, diligently each month.

However, state unemployment rates are very different and swing the pendulum from the highest in California at 7.4% to North Dakota at 2.8%. Regionally, the West continues to have the highest unemployment rate at 6.6 %. The Midwest again had the lowest rate, 5.8%. The South had the only statistically significant over-the-month unemployment rate increase (+0.2 percentage point), while the Midwest had the only appreciable rate decrease from July (-0.1 point).

All four regions: the Midwest, Northeast, and West (-1.4 % each) and South (-0.7%) experienced declines in unemployment which is indicative of a total nationwide economic growth.

American Jihadists Continue to Gain Strength

American jihdists, those loyal to the use of the anti-constitutional technology and software stolen from the Pentagon intent on the destruction of the constitution with all its protections are continuing to advance their organization and gather the disenfranchised through multiple branches of the same organization.

The leaders, chosen at random, are provided indoctrination and must buy-in with the potential of reward, in a plan similar to the beliefs presented by Iranian President Rouhani during his address of the United Nations General Assembly.

Inductees are approached, similar to cult tactics, through an individual who creates camaraderie with the individual whom they are looking to enslave.

For more information on President Barack Obama:

Sources:,, Bureau of Labor Statistics

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