Beltway Insider: Airstrikes Begin in Iraq/Syria; Scots Vote; WH Tackles Sexual Violence, Ebola

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President Obama addressed two global epidemics this week as he traveled to the Center for Disease Control to implement Ebola prevention and announced a second initiative in the anti sexual violence campaign initiated under his leadership.


According to Gallup, President Obama's job approval, over the past week increased one percentage point to 42% of those polled who approve of his effectiveness as President and those who disapprove of his effectiveness as President decreased one percentage points to 53%. 

Airstrikes Begin in Iraq/Syria

President Obama used his weekly address to provide new information to the American people on his efforts to galvanize the world leaders, the United Nations and more importantly Congress in the fight against ISIL.

 "A majority of Democrats and a majority of Republicans in both the House and the Senate have now approved a first, key part of our strategy by wide margins.  They've given our troops the authority they need to train Syrian opposition fighters so that they can fight ISIL in Syria.  Those votes sent a powerful signal to the world: Americans are united in confronting this danger.  And I hope Congress continues to make sure our troops get what they need to get the job done," he president said.

As the world fully understands this Congress has a global reputation as the most ineffective in history and for a majority on both sides to produce a unified vote signals the importance of the cause.  

Arming Syrian opposition fighters and ousting Basher al-Assad, President of Syria, has been a long determined effort  of the Obama administration, even prior to the shocking  revelations of the use of chemical warfare by the tyrannical leader.

One year ago, the violations of the Geneva Convention against the use of Chemical weapons stunned the world when pictures of convulsing men, women and children, killed by chemical weapons flooded the media.

President Obama has targeted Syria as al-Assad has trained, armed and given haven to members of ISIL. Strongholds in Iraq are also targeted by the more than 170 airstrikes authorized by the President.

Majority Vote Aligns Scotland with Queen; Scots Remain in the Empire

Scottish citizens, in what is surely not the last of the fight for independence, voted to remain subjects to her Royal Highness Queen Elizabeth of England, in a historically and often heated debate for succession.

As the polls opened in Scotland Thursday, 7:00am, the local media used the day for one last ditch effort to sway the voters. Front page from the local media held the attention of the world pleading with Scottish Citizens not to end the 307 year old relationship this way.

 There would be no exit polls. By 10:00am, lines longer than anyone expected were forming throughout Glasgow, where the "Yes" vote took the majority.

Not enough to hold against the loyalists the final tally ended with 44.7% of Scots voting for Independence, and 55.3% citizens voting to remain a lynchpin in the British Empire. An unprecedented 84.59% of the Scottish population turned out to cast a ballot in the historic election with a total of 3,619,915 voters.

"We welcome the result of yesterday's referendum on Scottish independence and congratulate the people of Scotland for their full and energetic exercise of democracy. Through debate, discussion, and passionate yet peaceful deliberations, they reminded the world of Scotland's enormous contributions to the UK and the world, and have spoken in favor of keeping Scotland within the United Kingdom," said President Obama in a released statement.

With almost the same feeling as American citizens felt when an African American was elected to the highest political, Scots described the overwhelming sense of pride at simply the possibility of independence.

Billed as an overwhelming majority, in fact the critical victory was as near an even division in preference as the two countries, Scotland and England, are divided.

The victory is indicative of a global trend, occurring in every major country where diversity is strength and indicate a continued, deep and profound challenge for leaders as the people, with polar views, opinions and ideas rise to the challenge of working with government to change government and to be heard.

In the recent 2012 Presidential election in the United States the republicans and democrats were as equally split and as far back at the turn of the century in the 2002 election, George W. Bush and Al Gore, were locked in a Supreme Court battle as the popular vote went to the Republican who did not win the majority of the vote.

The Scottish National Parliament began a National Conversation in 2007 to engage citizens of Scotland on the idea of succession from the UK and address a variety of issues surrounding the possibility of independence.

This national debate evolved over the next six years into a determined movement, based on input, governmental vote, committee leadership which ended through parliamentary vote and the Scottish Parliament supported a single aspect of a four point scenario presented of the gathered ideas: that of full independence.

The fallout from the failed vote has come swift as Alex Salmond, the "Yes" leader has tendered his resignation from the pro-independence Scottish National Party (SNP).

Not departing quietly the Nationalist leader expressed his opinion on the current succession package offered in the last hours before the vote by Prime Minister David Cameron.

Explaining in the final hours before the Thursday vote, interpreted as a last ditch effort to stop any snowball effect that might be rolling, England was prepared to offer the Scots more autonomy and emphasized the devolution package or the transference of power allowing in essence Scots to address Scottish problems of welfare and taxation.

This promise, a new heap of hot coals that rest squarely in the Prime Ministers lap as England has also demanded more autonomy in decision making.

Freedom is rarely free and the independence vote, although a disappointment for many, has opened the proverbial Pandora's Box as constituents throughout the Empire are demanding the same loosening of the reigns offered to the Scots.

David Cameron, Britain's Prime Minister, stated his heartfelt appreciation to those who decided to "keep our four countries together."

"We have no closer ally than the United Kingdom, and we look forward to continuing our strong and special relationship with all the people of Great Britain and Northern Ireland as we address the challenges facing the world today," the President said.


Obama Initiates Campaign Against Sexual Violence; Addresses US Ebola Fears

President Obama and Vice President Biden are to be commended for the diligence in initiating a national conversation and debate geared toward stopping the compliancy associated with Sexual Assault.

"It's On Us" is a critical step forward in the Administration's multipronged approach to combat sexual assault that includes improved enforcement of federal laws and practical help for schools. This campaign will complement efforts schools should be undertaking to hold perpetrators accountable and assist students who have experienced sexual assault," read a White House released statement.

Both men and the well crafted messaging needs to be reduced to simple language so that there can be no interpretation in the wake of the standard rationalization associated with perpetrators.

To facilitate this debate and in less than polite language the campaign against sexual assault means: All sexual activity is only engaged in with permission.

Both parties must say "yes," not "she let me touch her breasts, vagina or we engaged in oral sex."  

Any either party has the right to stop the course of action; meaning "no" means "no." I don't want to go any further means "no." Not interested means "no." She really wanted me, I could tell through the signs – the signs mean "no." Consensual sexual relationship means both parties say "yes."

It is very important to understand all, conservative and liberal, gay or straight, male or female, have the freedom to engage in sexual activity and the same freedom to abstain. All have the freedom to participate with the sexual partner of choice.

Liberal engagement still has rules. She did with everyone else; if she says "no" this time, "no" means "no." Conservative, same rules, "Yes" mean yes, "no" means no.

Be brave engage in conversation before.  

Now, even if both parties agree and one party decides somewhere along the way they are uncomfortable and voices stop, through any number of verbal or non-verbal "no" adjectives, "no" means no.

Next, if both individuals are without clothes, meaning if both have decided to engage in sexual conduct and a woman's panties are off; she is still allowed to change her mind. Should she state "no" save Mr. Happy for another day. "No" means no even if panties are off. "No" means no.

Next drinking, drugging and incapacitation of any kind: Plain and simple no. No. No. No. You want to be a man, cover her up, protect her while she can't, give her a place to sleep it off, keep her safe. She'll remember.

As polite as the White House press corps are and of course, the Press Secretary it is doubtful if scenarios were detailed with precise and uncomfortable language that speaks clearly to situations faced by students on campuses around the country.

"Most men are not comfortable with violence against women, but often don't speak out because they believe that other men accept this behavior. By getting men involved, we can change this way of thinking and create new social norms. Research shows that bystander intervention can be an effective way of stopping sexual assault before it happens, as bystanders play a key role in preventing, discouraging, and/or intervening when an act of violence has the potential to occur," the press release read.

Finally changing the national thought on Sexual Assault saves the next generation of victims guaranteed unless attitudes across American change now.

Stopping predators before they move into corporate America, without facing prosecution for rape or sexual assault committed on the college campus, reigns in an entitlement attitude that often balloons out of control. Unlike the victim who often faces career assassination.

 "It's On Us" partners include, American Association of University Women, Athletic Coast Conference, Atlantic 10, Big Ten, Big Twelve, Clear Channel – iHeart Radio, College Humor, Conversant Media, Electronic Arts, Everfi, Generation Progress, Mekanism, Men Can Stop Rape, Participant Media, Microsoft – Bing, NCAA, National Campus Leadership Council, Newsweek, National Women's Law Center, On Campus Media, Only With Consent, Our Time, Pac 12, Park Pictures, PVBLIC, RAINN, SB Nation, The Mill, Tumblr, Ultraviolet, USA Characters Unite, United States Olympic Committee, Verifone Media and Viacom, which includes VH1, MTV, BET, CMT, and Spike.

Joining with Publisher Janet Walker, advocates today for the prosecution of those responsible for the series of sexual assaults against Victim X.

"It's On Us" 

Ebola Epidemic

The Ebola epidemic, once believed to be contained in West Africa, has grown so rapidly President Obama announced the United States has moved into pandemic mode as he stated during his visits to the Centers for Diseases Control.

"Now, here's the hard truth:  In West Africa, Ebola is now an epidemic of the likes that we have not seen before.  It's spiraling out of control.  It is getting worse.  It's spreading faster and exponentially.  Today, thousands of people in West Africa are infected.  That number could rapidly grow to tens of thousands," the president said.

He went on to explain the efforts by both physicians and those involved in National security to stop the spread of Ebola.

He reiterated as did all medical professionals common sense diligence measures must be and remain in place in dealing with any person exhibiting symptoms. Although the President believes it is doubtful Ebola could make it to the United States, necessary education, control and preventive measures must also be widely disseminated in an effort to inform all citizens of the potential threat and speed in which the diseases destroys the immune and blood clotting ability.

And if the outbreak is not stopped now, we could be looking at hundreds of thousands of people infected, with profound political and economic and security implications for all of us.  So this is an epidemic that is not just a threat to regional security -- it's a potential threat to global security if these countries break down, if their economies break down, if people panic.  That has profound effects on all of us, even if we are not directly contracting the disease," the president said.


For more information on President Barack Obama:



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