The ProAccurate Digital Scale Review – Attractive, Easy to Use, Exact

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A pinch of this; a dollop of that; Measuring ingredients can be a fine art especially when recipes fail to convert the most common measuring systems to the measuring cups and spoons usually stocked in most kitchens.

From the master chef  to the home schooled home chef following recipes to exactness is the difference between perfection and failure. 

The ProAccurate Digital Scale, the newest lightweight measuring scale from Component Design NW, the food industry leader in temperature control, weight and measuring devices, is the perfect measuring scale for any home kitchen.

Weights and measures, the United States standard system and the Metric system are accessible with a tap of the unit selection. With options for pounds, kilograms, ounces, liters, grams and milliliters, the Pro Digital Scale also weighs fluid ounces and pound/ounces.

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The single unit, has two unique elements, the base where the LED displays the totals and on either side of the panel, the ON/TARE function on the right and the unit selection on the left.

The TARE function resets the scale display to zero in order to measure only the weight of an item. It is frequently used to subtract the weight of containers. For example, if one were measuring 1 cup of cold cereal placing the bowl on the scale and activating the TARE key, the scale weighs the bowl and then reduces back to zero subtracting the bowl weight measuring 1 cup exactly.

The second element is the scale, a silver round disc slightly elevated from the base. The unit has an automatic shut off after thirty seconds.

The scale has an 11 pound maximum capacity and an error message flashes when the item exceeds the maximum weight. Battery operated the scale takes three triple A batteries that are included with purchase.

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I decided to test the scale at Subway. Lightweight, the scale is size of a small tablet and weighs less at 10.8 oz. So after picking up my packages, I headed off to Subway. After easy operating instructions, batteries and on key. The unit was operational in less than 90 seconds.

So I weighed my drink, 9.2 fl. Oz., then my bag which displayed the EEEE message, more than 11lbs. I need to downsize, so I held it and slightly weigh it to see the numbers run. Easy to read, standard digital display, blue background, black numbers. It’s very easy, contemporary in design and functional.

For those who looking to reduce calorie intake or are have special preparation needs, a pro scale is imperative to staying within boundaries.  Weight loss or maintenance in another important factor in the purchase.

An important factor in weight management is consistency and with the Pro accurate digital scale has an attractive state of the art design.

Having an attractive, modern, sleek design sitting out on the kitchen counter is a reminder to use it. The simplicity in operation and the exactness allow for even the most challenged to activate with ease.  

The ProAccurate has three unique designs: the non-waterproof and waterproof unit and the rechargeable waterproof design and comes in optional colors, red, black and white.

For more information:

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