The Hungry Heart - Lessons from a Life Lived

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The Hungry Heart, a weight modification program, developed to help individuals shackled to eating patterns that bind them to emotional overeating and yo-yo dieting, offers a caring approach to conquering binge and emotional eating habits.

Lauren Grant, a certified clinical hypnotherapist and Nutritional counselor is also the Creator and Founder of The Hungry Heart Program. She started Hungry Heart and developed the eight step systematic process, due to her “own struggles with emotional overeating, binging and yo-yo dieting.”

Grant admitted, ”I was basically using food as a tool to deal with what was emotionally going on in my life. So when I was feeling stressed or anxious, or overwhelmed I would use food to fill an emotional void. And I would lose and gain the same fifteen pounds over and over again.”

The Hungry Heart program, while it can offer hypnosis, is not based on hypnotherapy. Sessions include the initial step one; always the most difficult in any step program and that of course, is recognizing the problem.

Session one, Our Behaviors, addresses such topics, as understanding patterns that cause overeating, and of course recognizing that overeating is an addiction and finding what food represents to us? Is it comfort, security, love, belonging to a treasured memory?

The Hungry Heart program addresses through eight steps, or what could be considered phase one, recognition, and a phase two, reprogramming, overcoming and conquering these foods issues plague and eventually destroy. The Hungry Heart offers medical assistance, counseling and consultant in house, at their locations, and remotely.

Each of the eight sessions in The Hungry Heart Program address deep seeded issues, entrenched mentalities that train over time to generate programmed, or trigger, responses. The sessions address areas of overeating or food addictions that are considered “normal” ingrained in our modern society glossed over without addressing as Grant stated, “ the heavy emotional stuff.”  The following sessions Dump The Diet, Retrain Your Mind, and Nutrition all deal with phase one recognition, relearning, retraining.

Phase two, although not a technical division, of The Hungry Heart Program assists the participant in mental reprogramming: developing an affirmation program that addresses the unknown needs within ones soul, a very personal method of creating change in one’s life, and even explains the key is understanding how to write the affirmations to achieve maximum effectiveness. 

Session Five, Affirmations, follow with learning to love and accept yourself and Forgiveness. The deep, deep issues and the sessions deal with crushing the learned negative thoughts, patterns and self judgments. The Hungry Heart Program, like all traditional step programs introduces a higher power or Spirituality, whatever one interprets that to be, and finally, the final session, Pulling it All Together.

The Hungry Heart offers free Initial consultation and has offices in Orange County, Los Angeles County, San Diego County, New York, Arizona and Ohio. All counselors associated with the Hungry Heart have overcome their own struggles with food.

For more information on Lauren Grant and The Hungry Heart:

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