ARTHUR CHRISTMAS and Sony Pictures Animation Partner With Marines Toys For Tots Campaign

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ARTHUR CHIRSTMAS, SONY PICTURES and Aardman Productions Holiday Theatrical Release, has partnered with the Marines Toys for Tots Foundation in a quest to create a very special Christmas for every child, everywhere.

The ARTHUR CHRISTMAS sneak peek media day, held at Culver Studios in Culver City California, set the scene for the Holiday Spectacular by recreating an idyllic Winter Wonderland complete with Christmas Carolers, Wooden Toy Soldiers, Christmas trees, presents, delightful holiday goodies, hot chocolate, Eggnog, and yes even snow!

ARTHUR CHRISTMAS, voiced by James McAvoy, tells the story of the biggest night of the year for the Christmas family, planned with precision by his older brother, Steve, voiced by Hugh Laurie, a working behind the scenes CEO, a man of action, heir apparent, the man the world couldn’t live without, with all the credit given to the front man Santa, voiced by Jim Broadbent. The Christmas family is rounded out by Grand Santa voiced by Bill Nighy, a crotchety, cantankerous, grandfather reliving the good ole days before technological advancements encroached on the way it was and the way it worked for decades and the way it effectively retired him. Mrs. Christmas, Santa’s dedicated, faithful and devoted wife voiced by Imelda Staunton and an Elf of action, Bryony, voiced by Ashley Jensen.

As it was a sneak peek, the first thirty minutes of ARTHUR CHRISTMAS were incredibly entertaining, fun, and full of holiday happiness and destined to be a holiday classic that will entertain children of all ages for years to come. Arthur Christmas, from what was seen, is thoroughly entertaining! 

No holiday gathering would be complete without sweets, sweets and yes, even more sweet delicious treats! Christmas desserts, pumpkin squares topped with red and green sugar, chocolate bread pudding, gingerbread squares sprinkled with powdered sugar, cut-out cookies in all the Christmas  shapes for the kids (of all ages) to decorate with delicious frosting in colors of the holiday season and topped with edible nonpareils decorations that send one right back to Mom’s kitchen!  

With the naughty o’ nice meter in place guests of SONY PICTURES ARTHUR CHRSITMAS sneak peek all left with Christmas gifts.  

For all who wish to join with Arthur Christmas, and THE MARINES TOYS FOR TOTS Campaign to make this holiday season a festive and joyous time for the everyone, including the 15million children who might not get a single present, there are multiple opportunities for partnership.

Denny’s Restaurants, The UPS Store and SONY STYLE STORES have banded together with SONY PICTURES and Aardman Production in this galactic undertaking. All donations are welcome; all donations accepted and all are community directed to meet the need of the children within your community.

To partner with SONY PICTURES, AARDMAN PRODUCTIONS and ARTHUR CHRISTMAS visit any participating Denny’s Restaurant location from November 15 through December 18 and make a one dollar donation to the Toys for Tots Foundation. ALL donations, one hundred percent, will go to purchase and distribute toys in your local neighborhood.

If your plans include shipping any holiday packages this season visit any participating The UPS Store, from November 1 through December 31 and make a single dollar donation to the Toys for Toys Foundation literacy program. Again, all donations, 100% of all UPS donations will go to purchase and distribute books to children in your local community.

Donate a TOY at any SONY STYLE Store on November 19th and 20th and receive a percentage off your total purchase.

Donations are also accepted online through via through December 20, 2011. Funds will be directed to the community with the most urgent needs.

 ARTHUR CHRISTMAS opens November 23, 2011!

For more information on ARTHUR CHRISTMAS visit:

For the official Facebook ARTHUR CHRISTMAS Page “IN SANTA WE BELIEVE” visit:

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