2018 LA Film Festival Complete Film Offerings With Synopsis

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The 2018 LA Film Festival announces a diverse slate of 40 feature films, 41 short films, and 10 short episodic works representing 26 countries.  More special screenings and programs will be announced in the coming weeks in addition to Opening and Closing Nights and Galas.

US Fiction (7)

  • Banana Split – USA (DIRECTOR Benjamin Francis Kasulke WRITERS Hannah Marks, Joey Power PRODUCERS Jeremy Garelick, Mickey Liddell, Pete Shilaimon, Will Phelps, Glen Trotiner, Sam Slater CAST Hannah Marks, Dylan Sprouse, Liana Liberato, Luke Spencer Roberts, Haley Ramm, Meagan Kimberly Smith) – Over the course of a summer, two teenage girls develop the perfect kindred spirit friendship, with one big problem: one of them is dating the other’s ex. World Premiere
  • In Reality – USA (DIRECTOR/WRITER Ann Lupo CO-DIRECTOR/CO-WRITER Esteban Pedraza & Aaron Pryka PRODUCERS Ann Lupo, Nadine Martinez, Holly Meehl CAST Ann Lupo, Miles G. Jackson, Kimiko Glenn, Jill Eikenberry, Olivia Washington, Esteban Pedraza, Lauren E. Banks) – A young woman takes a journey through her own fantastic mind as she investigates her relationship to unrequited love. LA Premiere
  • Olympia – USA (DIRECTOR Gregory Dixon WRITER McKenzie Chinn PRODUCERS Gregory Dixon, McKenzie Chinn, Elliott Lonsdale, Lucy Lola Manda, Sarah Sharp CAST McKenzie Chinn, Charles Gardner, Ericka Ratcliff, LaNisa Renee Frederick, Penelope Walker, Sadieh Rifai) – A struggling Chicago artist finds herself at a crossroads in life, overwhelmed by changes and needing to make a critical decision in her relationship. World Premiere
  • Simple Wedding – USA (DIRECTOR Sara Zandieh WRITERS Sara Zandieh, Stephanie Wu PRODUCERS Ray Moheet, Norman Aladjem, Sara Zandieh CAST Tara Grammy, Christopher O’Shea, Shohreh Aghdashloo, Rita Wilson, Maz Jobrani, Houshang Touzie, Jaleh Modjallal, Peter Mackenzie, James Eckhouse, Rebecca Henderson, Aleque Reid) – A romantic comedy about a young Iranian-American woman and the lengths she goes to in order to appease her parents and their need to see her settled down. World Premiere
  • Softness of Bodies – USA/Germany (DIRECTOR/WRITER Jordan Blady PRODUCERS Jordan Blady, Catherine Morawitz CAST Dasha Nekrasova, Morgan Krantz) – An American poet living in Berlin hopes to win a prestigious grant while dealing with her former relationships, a rival poet and her own penchant for stealing things. World Premiere
  • This Teacher – USA (DIRECTOR Mark Jackson WRITERS Mark Jackson, Dana Thompson PRODUCERS Mark Jackson, Dana Thompson, Gigi Graff, Josh Mandel, Javier Gonzalez CAST Hafsia Herzi, Sarah Kazemy, Lucy Walters, Kevin Kane, Lev Gorn) – A young Arab-French woman on an introspective journey visits her childhood friend in New York City before heading to the woods upstate. World Premiere

Documentary Competition (10)

  • Behind the Curve – USA (DIRECTOR Daniel J. Clark PRODUCERS Caroline Clark, Nick Andert, Daniel J. Clark) – The internet breathed new life into an old conspiracy theory: that the earth is flat instead of spherical. America’s flat-Earth movement appears to be growing, in spite of its detractors in the scientific community. US Premiere

  • Facing the Dragon – USA/Afghanistan (DIRECTOR Sedika Mojadidi PRODUCER Jenny Raskin) – After international withdrawal from Afghanistan, two remarkable Afghan women working within the government and media struggle to maintain their hard-won rights while balancing what’s best for their families. World Premiere

  • False Confessions – Denmark (DIRECTOR Katrine Philp PRODUCER Katrine A. Sahlstrøm) – “Would you confess to a crime you did not commit?” A defense attorney fights against the complex and manipulative tactics of US police interrogations, focusing on victims of coerced confessions as she helps exonerate her incarcerated clients. North American Premiere

  • hillbilly – USA (DIRECTORS/PRODUCERS Sally Rubin, Ashley York SUBJECTS bell hooks, Billy Reddon, Ronny Cox, Frank X Walker, Crystal Good, Silas House) – Two filmmakers visit rural Kentucky, one returning home to Appalachia, to unpack the stereotype of “hillbilly” and explore the personal and painful experiences fueling our polarizing political climate. LA Premiere

  • Mamacita – Germany/Mexico (DIRECTOR José Pablo Estrada Torrescano PRODUCERS José Pablo Estrada Torrescano, Arne Birkenstock) – A filmmaker fulfills his promise to make a film about his 95-year-old grandmother, showcasing her big personality and along the way uncovering the source of deep familial wounds. US Premiere
  • Moroni for President – USA (DIRECTORS Saila Huusko, Jasper Rischen PRODUCERS Saila Huusko, Jasper Rischen, Sara Goldblatt) – Determined to shake up the status quo and bring positive change to his people, a young, gay college professor begins a grass-roots campaign to become the next President of the Navajo Nation. LA Premiere
  • Same God – USA (DIRECTOR/WRITER/PRODUCER Linda Midgett) – It started out simply: a demonstration of solidarity. What followed? Life-changing events violating university and ethical codes and a public attack on a tenured professor’s ideals, faith, racial and religious identity. World Premiere
  • The Silence of Others – Spain (DIRECTORS/PRODUCERS Almudena Carracedo, Robert Bahar) – In a country with streets that still bear his name, a group of resolute Spanish citizens seek justice for crimes committed during the brutal dictatorship of Francisco Franco by organizing a groundbreaking international lawsuit.West Coast Premiere

  • Stammering Ballad – China (DIRECTOR/WRITER Nan Zhang PRODUCERS Ruby Chen, Yong Zhang, Sinae Ha) – The visual and musical journey of a Chinese folk musician torn between his desire for fame and his love for singing rural folk songs that are on the verge of being lost. North American Premiere

  • Wrestling Ghosts­ — USA (DIRECTOR Ana Joanes PRODUCERS Ana Joanes, Toni Nagy) — Unable to understand why parenting seems like a constant uphill battle, an emotionally exhausted mother who can’t connect with her two young sons courageously confronts the events of her own traumatic childhood. World Premiere


Haute Tease

  • Taormina Filmfest Unveils 64th Edition With Over 50 Films Along With Master Classes And In Conversations

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    The sixty-fourth edition of the Taormina FilmFest, produced by Videobank and taking place July 14-20 under the new artistic direction of Silvia Bizio and Gianvito Casadonte, has unveiled its full program and attending talent from America, France, Italy and the UK.

  • Undercover Cops Break Facebook Rules To Track Protesters, Ensnare Criminals

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    In the summer of 2015, as Memphis exploded with protests over the police killing of a 19-year-old man, activists began hearing on Facebook from someone called Bob Smith. The name was generic, and so was his profile picture: a Guy Fawkes mask, the symbol of anti-government dissent.

  • Celebrity Interview: PATRIOTS Day Producer Scott Stuber Talks on Making The Film, Mark Wahlberg, and Honor Bound Agreements

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    PATRIOTS Day, from CBS Films, brings to the screen a recreation of the Patriots Day Boston Marathon bombing, the stunning finish line trauma, a four-day manhunt, and the key players that made Boston residents and Americans feel a national pride.

  • Barely Lethal Review – Entertaining, Family Fun for All

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    Barely Lethal, from RatPac Entertainment and RKO Pictures, brings to the screen a fun, over the top, teen angst dramedy of life and the cataclysmic atomic clash as under the radar super spy lives her dream with Middle America normal family.

  • Ivanka Trump, Husband, and Family Heckled on Commercial Flight

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    Ivanka Trump, the power-hungry daughter of President-elect Trump, flew commercial this week, along with husband Jared Kushner and their three children only to be heckled, harassed and lambasted by fellow passengers still angry over the election.

  • Beltway Insider: Boston Bombing Suspect Moved; President, Senator Targeted in Bio-Terror Scare; CISPA Killed in Senate; Fertilizer Plant Victim’s Mourned

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    President Obama, with the Boston Marathon bombing suspect in custody, attended a memorial service at Baylor University in Waco for those who died in the West, Texas fertilizer plant explosion.

  • BACKSTAGE PAST: The High Times of Legendary Rock Promoter Barry Fey

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    BACKSTAGE PAST, the auto bio road trip from legendary promoter Barry Fey, reveals the dressing room romps of Rock n' Roll royalty from a career that spans forty years of music madness.

  • First Look at Director Koen Mortier's "Un Ange," with DP From Oscar Winning I, Tonya

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    Koen Mortier, CZAR Film and Paradiso Filmed Entertainment released the first images of Un Ange, the opening film of the 12th Film Festival of Ostend, Belgium. The film will be released in Belgian theatres on September 19th.

  • May In The Summer – A Challenging Family Drama Beautifully Presented

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    "May In The Summer,"  from Cohen Media Group and Displaced Pictures,  brings to the screen a contemporary drama of discovery as familial boundaries wax and wane allowing for new ideas, new lives, ideals and hopes to replace childhood dreams.

  • Geode Wins First Place Mobile Application Award at CTIA E-Tech Expo

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    iCache Inc, the premier global technology leader in the mobile payments industry, is thrilled to announce Geode, the secure digital wallet for iPhone, won first place in two categories at the CTIA E-Tech Awards

  • Calvary Review – A Lovely Captivating Mystery

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    "Calvary" from Fox Searchlight Pictures and Lipsync Productions, presents an intimate portrayal of an Irish priest faced with a personal impasse as a cast of conflicted, tortured and tormented souls pass through his remote parish confessional.

  • Beltway Insider: President Pushes Gun Reform; Legal Weed Sales High; 21st State Allows Med Marijuana; Cannabis Op-ed

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    President Obama, during the last week of the holiday season, has continued his aggressive action toward curbing gun violence by implementing additional executive orders in tandem with the 23 signed one year ago.


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