Russian Debut Comedy Releases December 20

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On December 20, the Epic Media YouTube channel will host the online premiere of the short film Thank you, Coach! (2020). Actor Nikita Tarasov, known for Battle for Sevastopol and Attraction, debuts as the film’s director and screenwriter.

Thank you Coach!, a comedy about the strange surprises that striving for personal growth can bring. The plot is based on the story of the housewife Sonya. Sonia tries to manipulate her husband and takes consultations from Alexandra's personal growth coach.

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However, it soon turns out that Sonya's husband also consults with a coach. The author of the picture asks the question, is it worth relying on the advice of a person who is not ready to take responsibility for his own happiness?

The main roles in the film were played by Anna Kotova-Deryabina (Policeman from Rublevka, Project Anna Nikolaevna, Storm), Olga Venikova (Call Center, Ivanovs-Ivanovs ), Denis Kosyakov ( Ivanovs- Ivanovs, Isaev ).

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The film was produced by the Potential production center. The filming took place in Moscow. The producers were the chief editor of Kino-Teatr.Ru, the director of development of the web cinema Chill Zhan Prosyanov, as well as the creative producer of Potential Irina Obidova and producer of Potential Alexandra Alekhina, who worked on such short films as Fire by Maria Shulgina and Former by Irina Bass.

Thank you, coach! marked by the organizing committee of the Kinoshock festival as a successful debut in a comedy, received the Audience Award and the Best Actress Award (Anna Kotova-Deryabina) at the SOL Russian Film Festival, a special prize of the Golden Calf festival, participated in the Shorter Film Festival competition, entered the program of the British show of Russian cinema Russian Film Week.

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The offline premiere of the film took place on October 12 in St. Petersburg at the open film studio Lendok as part of the screening of the short film almanac Potential. The director is planning a feature film Thank you, coach!

Nikita Tarasov, film director:

This is a movie in which it was important for me to say to the viewer: Your happiness is in your hands! . As soon as we give in to solving our own problems, we deprive ourselves of the opportunity to become better. It is impossible to shift responsibility for your actions onto the shoulders of even the most famous coach. When you are promised happiness in return for paying for the marathon of desires, remember that the one who will lead you to a bright future also has someone who shows the way. It is not a coach that heals the soul, but humor!

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Irina Obidova, film producer:

We decided to tackle this story because, first of all, we were hooked on the script and the provocative theme. And of course, it was important for us that the director's eyes were shining. Nikita also showed him the three-minute shorty he had filmed - it became clear that he knew how to work with actors, operators, and a team, which also played in his favor. And finally, it is always interesting to discover new names in cinema.

On December 20, at 18:00, a live broadcast with Nikita Tarasov will take place on the YouTube channel of the Potential production center: the director will talk about the creation of the film - the appearance of an idea, writing a script and the creative process on the set.


Nikita Tarasov is an actor, screenwriter, director, graduate of the last acting course of Oleg Tabakov at the Moscow Art Theater School, laureate of the Government of the Russian Federation in the field of culture for the role of Boris in the film Battle for Sevastopol (2015). In the acting filmography of Tarasov there are more than a hundred roles, including roles in the TV series Kitchen, Project Anna Nikolaevna , Call Center, Magomayev.


The Potential production center has existed in St. Petersburg since 2014. The project supports young filmmakers, helping them to realize their creative potential and get into the professional industry. Potential is involved in filmmaking, organizing annual screenplay contests and pitchings, film educational events and the annual Potential Project Market.

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