Natural Selection, The Russian Web Series, stars the Sons of Sergi Puskepalis, Aleksei Guskov

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Each of us, for fear of being alone, embarked on a series of ridiculous and strange dates, some turned into real jokes, others disasters, and others forced us to reconsider ourselves and the world around us.

The creators of the internationally award-winning short films The Rooster and The Bribe and the documentary about e-sportsmen Letsplay have filmed the web comedy series Natural Selection. It's based on real-life dating failures.

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Natural Selection is eight episodes of eight to ten minutes. The first episode will premiere on November 9 on the VKontakte social network. The episodes will air daily until November 15th.

Episode link:

The main role in the project was played by the actress Maria Korytova, known for the films "Halves" and "Love Triangle". Also, in the "Natural Selection" played the son of Sergei Puskepalis, Gleb Puskepalis, the son of Alexei Guskov, Vladimir Guskov, Ilya Smirnov, Rodion Tolokonnikov, Anton Loban, Igor Bychkova, Olga Mashnaya and others.

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The main character of the series is Alice, who is soon 30, and she is afraid to cross the same "irreversible line" of loneliness. Therefore, he is intensively looking for his other half, meeting guys on the Internet, applications, bars.

Alice is a veterinarian, she compares people to animals and can take a hamster, a dog or even a raccoon on a date with a stranger. Which further complicates the already difficult first meetings. Alice is looking for someone who will understand and love her, but instead begins to understand herself better. Dating becomes a kind of therapy for her.

The director of the project is Kirill Alekhin (The Bribe, The Rooster, The Fall of the Angel, The Heroes of Warface), the scriptwriter is Keren Klimovski (the author of the novels The Queen of England Bit My Nose and Time to Talk).

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The series comes out under the slogan "Based on real dating." The script is written on the basis of several dozen interviews with girls and dating stories of subscribers of the popular blog about sex-clearance "Masha, come on!" Maria Arzamasova.

Natural Selection is the story of a confused generation. Too many choices. High expectations. Fear that someone will see you from social networks, but the real one. Each date of the main character is actually a meeting with herself. This is a story that we are all looking for someone, not noticing those who are looking for us. But in this search, we begin to understand and recognize ourselves more, "says director Kirill Alekhin.

The series has been in development since 2017. In 2019, Natural Selection became the winner of the All-Russian pitching of debutants. Filming took place in Moscow in October 2020. In the new pandemic conditions, the entire filming process has been diversified. The project has an international team. Screenwriter Keren Klimovski worked in Malmo (Sweden), composer Eduard Konovalov - in Paris (France). Preparation and coordination were carried out through Zoom and seventeen chats in Telegram, and many of the participants got to know each other on the set.

The project was created with the support of the Institute of Internet Development (national project "Culture"), its information partner is the cinema portal "".

Information about the web series "Natural Selection."

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Production year: 2020

Genre: dramedy

Director: Kirill Alekhin

Screenplay: Kirill Alekhine, Keren Klimovski

Cast: Maria Korytova, Gleb Puskepalis, Vladimir Guskov, Ilya Smirnov, Rodion Tolokonnikov, Anton Loban, Igor Bychkov, Olga Mashnaya, Daria Girnik, Denis Meleshko, Vladimir Dubinin, Mikhail Guray, Dmitry Alexandrov, Anton Kapanin, Yuri Tsokurov, Maria Golitsyna , Denis Belosorochka, Nikolay Glebov, Anna Aprelskaya, Sergei Aprelsky.

Producer: Kirill Alekhin (showrunner), Pavel Roitberg, Elena Kosenko.

Operator: Oleg Horoshavin

Composer: Eduard Konovalov

Set Designer: Elizaveta Amelina
Make-up artist: Tatiana Tikhonova

Premiere (RF): November 9, 2020

Duration: 8 minutes x 8 episodes
Studios: Life Is Short, FakePublish

About the show's team:

Kirill Alekhin - producer of short comedies "Bribe" (2018), "Rooster" (2015) and a number of other short films that have received international awards, director of comedies "Angel Fall" (2020), "Happiness" (2015), documentary cycles about e-sports "Heroes of Warface" (2018) and "Rocketjump" (2019). Was engaged in producing the film "Letsplay", which is now available on the video service

Keren Klimovski is a laureate of the Climax competition (2019) and other drama competitions. The author of the novels The Queen of England Bit My Nose and Time to Talk. Co-author of the film "Rehearsals" (directed by Oksana Karas). Klimovski's plays are performed in many cities of Russia. Including in the theater "Satyricon".

Eduard Konovalov is a composer, lives in France, wrote two musical scores for Vera Polozkova's albums. One of his last works was created with the participation of Renata Litvinova.

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