Edinburgh Pocket Guide Travel Book Review – Clear, Complete, Sightseeing Made Easy

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Edinburgh Pocket Guide, from Insight Guides, supplies travelers with a condensed handbook filled with stunning photos, a pullout map, and a perfect day itinerary to ensure the visit to Scotland’s capital city is packed with all that Edinburgh offers.

Pocket Insight Guides are generally published in the same format, all covers have a city view scene introducing the scenery of the city, inside the book opens with a two-page spread of the Top Ten Attractions followed by a Perfect Day Itinerary, and then the table of Contents divided into nine sections detailing a more extensive, although not exhaustive, guide to the city outlined.

Edinburgh, Scotland, one of four countries that comprise the United Kingdom, England, Wales, and Northern Ireland are the other three. Scotland is located on the northern tip of the island of Great Britain. Edinburgh, the capital of Scotland, has a population of nearly 500,000. 

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Historically rich, mixing old and new, Edinburgh’s transportation system includes two international airports, Glasgow and Edinburgh, an extensive bus system and trams which run out to the coast, taxi’s, and ride share services are available in the city proper, trains provide services to other cities in Scotland, rental cars and ferries which take travelers to nearby Ireland.

The Top Ten sites Insight Guides provide for Edinburgh are The Scottish Parliament, St. Giles Cathedral, The Scott Monument, Arthur’s Seat, Edinburgh Castle, Charlotte Square, Festivals, The Scottish national Gallery, The National Museum of Scotland, and The Place of Holyroodhouse.

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The introduction, A Brief History, Where To Go, What To Do, with a subsection of Entertainment, Shopping, Sports & Activities and Activities for Children, Eating Out, A-Z Travel Tips, Recommended Hotels, and Index and also a Features section for quick references to historical points.

Each section contains many of the top destinations available for those passing through or even enjoying a short stay. With proximity to The Scottish Highlands, Wales, Northern England and London, all accessible by bus, car, or train and Ireland accessible by ferry, day or weekend trips to these neighboring countries are not to miss when visiting.

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Mixing the old with the new, Edinburgh is rich with history and is known for the outrageous annual festivals. A complete "What to Eat" section is filled with recommendations of culinary offerings for every meal, desserts, drinks and a restaurant guide to help with decision making.

Best travel season depends of course on personal tastes. Scotland’s southern region has a traditional winter three or four months of cold temperatures. The northern region experiences seven months of deep-freezing temperatures. Springtime and summer are fueled by warm ocean temperatures and is ideal for seeing the city on foot.

The best time to visit Scotland is during the summer months. The warmest temperatures are June through August with mild temperatures into the fall, although September is the rainiest month. Spring from March to May, have colder mornings, a warm-up, and chilly evenings.

Where to Go

The Insight Guides "Where to Go" section highlights the city’s four neighborhoods each offering a unique feel with key points of interest within each district and the "What to Do" section provides a more in-depth look at the region and an understanding of why more than 2.5million tourist visit every year.

The Old Town, The New Town, Edinburgh’s Villages and Excursions

Many of the traditional visitor sights are located in The Old Town, including The Scottish National Portrait Gallery, National Monument, Museum of Edinburgh, National Museum of Scotland, Camera Obscura and World of Illusions, Edinburgh University and Museum of Childhood, as well as many Cathedrals and churches, Parliament House, Regent Gardens, Edinburgh Castle and the famed Princes Street.

The New Town holds the Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art, National Monument Calton Hill, Royal Botanical gardens, The Royal Lyceum Theater, Filmhouse, the Edinburgh Zoo, and Usher Hall. As well as more upscale hotels and the Edinburgh Villages.

What to Do

Sightseeing, and marveling at the splendor of the countryside, many see Edinburgh as a short trip while traveling through Great Britain, however for those looking to enjoy the depth of the culture available the summer months, July and August when the city is bursting with creative and cultural events.

Traditionally, the Edinburgh International Festival, the annual gathering of classically trained performing artist specializing in dance, opera, music and theatre who are invited by the festivals director, and the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, born out of a rejection of rules and regulations and known for its celebration of art that pushes the boundaries, are two of the livelier experiences to fill the streets.

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The Edinburgh International Film Festival, (June), Edinburgh Festival Fringe, (August), Edinburgh International Book Festival, (August), Edinburgh Jazz and Blues Festival, (July), Edinburgh International Science Festival, (April) Edinburgh Mela, (August) Edinburgh Military Tattoo, (August), Hogmanay, (January).

The 143-page guide provides a perfect mix of key points. The two sided pull out map provides a full map of Scotland with its proximity to Northern Ireland and England and the opposite side has four small maps, an Edinburgh city map, an Old Town or Central Edinburgh map which highlights the cultural destination points of interest, Edinburgh Suburbs, and a Edinburgh Excursion map.

Insight Guides Edinburgh Pocket Guide provides the perfect introduction and travel companion to this historically and culturally rich European city. For more information: https://www.insightguides.com/

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