Most Guys Are Losers Review – Entertaining, Lighthearted, Romantic Comedy

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Most Guys Are Losers, showing at the Denver Film Festival, presents a lighthearted romantic comedy as an over-protective father meets his daughter's boyfriend for the first time and over Thanksgiving weekend works to discover his hidden flaws.

Directed and written by Eric Ustian, Most Guys Are Losers stars Mira Sorvino, Andy Buckley, Grace Fulton, Michael Provost, Belmont Camelo, Aiden Berzins, Avery Moss, Sander Thomas, Keith David, Talen Marshall, Nick Greco, Kayla Forde, Eliza Stoughton, Mark T. Campbell, Mallory Mullins, Dee Dee Sorvino and Paul Sorvino.

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Most Guys Are Losers begins with voice-over of an updated guidebook, as the camera pans across Southern California, on how to determine whether a guy is Mr. Right or Mr. Right Now, essentially written for women to stop the heartbreak of falling for Mr. Totally Wrong.

With the intro over we meet our two college sweethearts Sandy, played by Grace Fulton, and Bo, played by Michael Provost, who, in SoCal style are sun-kissed beach lovers, paid social media influencers, and as Bo is a film major Sandy is his muse and the two create a Sex-Wax surf board wax Instagram post which blows up.

Throughout the scenes the voice over returns with a checklist of male behaviors which should be red flag warnings on true intentions. Our girl Sandy and her friends are out barhopping, and she watches the interactions of her friends as an objective observer in case the lines are too smooth, or the alcohol has caused a momentary lapse in their better judgement.

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Soon the film narrows to Thanksgiving and Sandy, who has one small hidden detail about her family, and Bo have decided to meet each other's parents. We meet his mom, Linda, played by Sarah West, a cannabis farmer, and a single parent, and then Sandy finally explains, that her dad, Mark, played by Andy Buckley, authored the best-selling dating book, "Most Guys Are Losers."

And his task, should he be up to the challenge is to convince her father that he is in fact the opposite of most profiles featured in "Most Guys Are Losers."

This is where the film transitions. Before Bo and Sandy's arrival we meet her large family, Amy/Mom, played by Mira Sorvina, sister, Carrie, played by Avery Moss, younger brother, Paul, played by Sander Thomas, adopted son, Taylor, played by Aiden Berzins, and the extended family as her family are local business owners, Al, played by Keith David, Stephon, played by Andres Rosas, Rosie, played by Kayla Forde, Barry, played by Nick Greco along with Sandy's ex-and dad's favorite, Trevor, played by Belmont Cameli, and his best friend, Pat, played by Talen Marshall.

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Mark enlists the aid of his mini-me son, Paul, to hack into Bo's social media looking for any clues that he, who seems to have their Sandy under some sort of spell, is not really who he says he is and is hiding something somewhere and these two are on a mission to find it.

Armed with the ex-boyfriend Trevor, the family is gathered at the Blues Club Sandy's family owns, and through a series of missteps, miscommunications, attempts at breaking up the pair, we see Bo consistently rising to the challenge and when necessary stepping up to challenge Mark on his out of line comments.

What we find is someone who wrote the book on dating is blind when it comes to his own daughters and needs constant supervision from his wife, Amy, to not end up destroying the people he loves the most.

Most Guys Are Losers is entertaining, even as the audience knows from the beginning the outcome, the story and journey by a talented cast is played well.

Written to allow each of the cast to have scene-stealing moments, we see Paul, played by Sander Thomas, stealing the show with his mini-me mirroring of his over-protective father. When he appears to save his sister from the all-American loser, he is the champion.

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Paul Sorvino, plays Grandpa, and appears during the finale with a great monologue on family and love. Of course, Adam Buckley whose journey takes him from sure victor to gracious loser is very funny and Mira Sorvino shines as his wife balancing his lunacy with clarity and wisdom.

Most Guys Are Losers is an enjoyable romcom. It is playing at the Denver Film Festival which runs form October 23, through November 8, 2020. It can be accessed via this link throughout the entirety of the festival.


Most Guys Are Losers
Mira Sorvino, Paul Sorvino, name cast Director/Writer: Eric Ustian 
Producers: Lene Amalfi, Anthony Clementi, Mark Berzins, Eric Ustian 
Starring: Andy Buckley, Mira Sorvino, Paul Sorvino, Michael Provost, Grace Fulton 
Cinematographer: Evan Zissimopulos 
Editors: Thales Correa, Connor Sweeney 
Run Time: 91 minutes 

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