A Chef’s Voyage Review – Superb! A Four-Star, Michelin Rated, Gastronomic Experience

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A Chef's Voyage, from First Run Features and Flapjack Productions, presents a global gastronomic adventure as Chef David Kinch takes his Michelin rated Manresa team international to join legendary Chef's in France to celebrate the art of cuisine.

Directed by Remi Anfosse and Jason Matzner, A Chef's Voyage presents Michelin rated Chef David Kinch, (3 star), Chef Alain Solivérès, (2 star), Chef Jean-André Charial, (3 star), Chef Glenn Viel, (3 star), and Chef Gerald Passedat, (3 star), along with Koji Yokoyama, Courtney Weyl, Christine Muhlke, Jenny Yun, Mitch Lienhard, Jim Rollston, Julie Strangler, Grant Waller, Jean-Benoit Hughes, Eloi, Durbach, Renata Ameni, Kristopher Lord and Food critic and author Christine Muhlke.

The culinary exploration begins in Los Gatos, California, at the home of Chef David Kinch, who in introducing the audience to his idea of an international four hand dinner, which translate to two teams of master chef's paying homage to each of their particular styles.

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From New York, Food critic and author Christine Muhlke, explains the concept of the becoming a Michelin rated chef, as it is the Olympics of cooking and the dedication needed, like an athlete, to be the best and receive the highest honor in the culinary world.

To celebrate Manresa's 15th Anniversary, as the audience learns, Chef Kinch came up with the idea to visit the birthplace of fine dining and take his team, many of whom had not ever traveled internationally, to France to collaborate with three legendary chefs at their iconic restaurants in Paris, Provence, and Marseille.

The idea was to take the Manresa team, and the Manresa menu, and offer a special opportunity to alongside the elevated dining menu's of these establishments and showcase the cuisine that makes Manresa a three-star Michelin rated restaurant.

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Planning the trip has been going on for months and according to Chef Kinch, it was like a military operation. In order to present the refined Californian cuisine in France, the team had to pack as everything they needed, from seasonings, and sauces that take days to make and Pacific seafood such as abalone.

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Finally arriving the team is immediately on the road to their first stop, L'Oustau de Baumanière, in Provence under the leadership of  Chef Jean-André Charial and Chef Glenn Viel. A bit like the first social experience, the two teams struggle to find a rhythm and with language barriers, jetlag, concerns for house rules, nerves, and meeting their own high standards, they proceed. Once the guests arrive and dining service begins, the fine-tuned teams work together to produce a successful event.

With two additional stops on this magical mystery culinary tour Le Taillevent, in Paris, under the leadership of Chef Alain Solivérès, and Le Petit Nice in Nice, the team is feeling somewhat stronger, more capable and assured in their abilities.

The audience is treated to tours of these establishments and are given access along the way to the specialties including Le Taillevent's 300,000 bottle wine cellar, L'Oustau de Baumanière organic grown vegetables and olive oil press, and the beauty of Le Petit Nice, under Chef Gerald Passedat, the presentation of the cuisine, the freshness of the catch and ending the day by popping the champagne cork with a saber.

Director Rémi Anfosso, said, "I believe that gastronomy, like any art, captures the real data on what it's like to exist. In A Chef's Voyage, it happens like a family affair: a quiet artist lives by a duty to exist and preserve his legacy within his "reassembled" family that is, his kitchen team. This is a tale of the land, the city and the sea, in which infinite labor meets loving creativity, thereby giving us faithful accounts on being alive."

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A Chef's Voyage is a culinary masterpiece, presented by an unassuming, friendly, down to earth chef who could rightly project self-importance. Chef Kinch, as the audience is told in the film's beginning, could have opened Manresa in San Francisco and been critically more successful but chose Los Gatos because he wanted to wake up and surf every morning.

A Chef's Voyage provides the epicurean with a tour of three extremely well-known and celebrated French restaurants and along the way introduces the magic of high-end culinary preparation.

Superb! A four-star, Michelin rated experience, well worth the time. For the gastronomic groupie, the traveler, Francophiles, and foodies, A Chef's Voyage opens everywhere September 18, 2020.

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