Easier With Practice, a Kyle Patrick Alvarez Film, Provocatively Challenges Sexual Taboos

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Easier with Practice, a provocative challenging contemporary film, crosses sexual boundaries and explores sexual taboos with the determination, honesty and openness, of the1960’s generation.

The film begins with images of Victorian Romance novel cover couplings; pouty mouth cleavage baring women swept up in the arms of the chiseled equally alluring male. Snapshot images of feminine female dominance positioning, all very Renaissance, visions of Emily Bronte’s, Wuthering Heights.

The lead character, Davy Mitchell, played by Brain Geraghty, recently of Kathryn Bigelow’s The Hurt Locker fame, is reminiscent of a male version of Scooby-do’s Thelma; bespectacled, bookish, introverted, intelligent, living and loving through the characters of a bygone era.


The film explores the mores surrounding sexual taboo’s, closeted and open, sexual foreplay, eroticism, masturbation, family dominance and freedom and comfort with sexual choices, orientations and lifestyles.


Mitchell and his brother Sean, played by Kel O’Neill, are on a Jack Kerouac coming of age combination PR trip to market a soft cover collection of yet unpublished short stories authored by Davy. The brothers stop at another nameless Motel on the road through New Mexico preparing for the next evening’s read. Sean, the wild child, departs for a beer leaving the mild child, Davy, alone to surf the countless cable offerings.  


The phone rings. A seductive voice answers Davy’s “hello” and  proceeds to seduce mild child, Davy/Geraghty, into touching himself as she describes, graphically, her similar actions until, with the touch and the words, he becomes aroused. The scene is relatively long, surprisingly, as one would have expected a premature experience from the mild child, Davy.  It is at this point, that the dialogue used in the scene goes over the top. There is nothing left to the imagination of the viewer.


If the intent is to achieve eroticism, it misses, this is not Anais Nin’s Henry and June. It quickly deteriorates into a verbal triple XXX porn trip. Every raunchy dirty word, including the famous seven introduced by George Carlin, are spoken with emphasis and intent. Even if dirty sex talk is part of one’s foreplay routine this misses; possibly because the singular experience doesn’t match the talk. There were a few other misses in the filming of the initial masturbation scene with Geraghty as it doesn’t match the apparent fervency. The self arousal appeared centralized to the character’s face without the necessary accompanying movement.  


The sex chats begin with the randomness of a one night stand. From there they evolve into a pseudo relationship as mild mannered Davy Mitchell extracts information from his mysterious female caller. Soon he is answering the restricted phone calls with her name and “Nicole” becomes a driving force in his life.


The one night sex chats become the catalyst that changes the behavioral patterns behind Davy’s methodical lifestyle. They rule his interaction with his brother, his constituency; even his own predictable behavioral patterns are altered to accommodate the phone calls.


The sexual stimulation associated with the dialogue coupled with the seductive voice is two thirds of the equation as the imagination takes over and far outweighs reality and his own, limited, common sense. The whole idea that one could be completely seduced to the point of altering one’s life and relationships, by empty words spoken randomly in a cellular conversation in contemporary society parallels a con game. On the flip side, sex chats present a freedom to participate in dirty or erotic sexual encounters without commitment, guilt or other emotions, welcome or contrary, that are cemented in one’s psyche.


Is it possible, as intellectuals, to be seduced by empty sex dialogue knowing the possibility could have the person sitting at the kitchen table, as is pointed out by the reality based astute Sean Mitchell, with a headset working the phone lines for her bread and butter?


As relationships goes this one seems to be doomed as the coming of age trip ends and the dullness and routine returns to Davy’s life. The thrill of the road trip is replaced by the mundane of office temp life; the phone calls occur with less frequency as Davy wants more and states to his still anonymous Nicole that he wants to take the relationship to the “next level.” Ugh! He speaks the most hated phrase by women. A real relationship killer and, in fact, that is what happens here. The phone sex relationship is replaced by the return of one of his three previous sexual encounters. A fact extracted after the first one night stand sex chat.


The films ends with a twist and leaves a last thought that seems to catapult itself past the myriad of topics: Are we seduced by our imaginations and if reality doesn’t match the imagination can we be seduced by dialogue, through secret clandestine phone chats, pseudo-couplings, and walk away from the heightened eroticism experienced when the truth of the messenger is reveled?


Seductive erotic dialogue can be learned; behaviors altered. Imaginations are seared into one’s psyche, hidden, and truly out of reach by competition.


Easier With Practice was written and directed by Kyle Patrick Alvarez; produced by Cookie Carosella. Easier With Practice also stars Marguerite Moreau as the one of Davy’s three physical sexual encounters. It is nominated for three Spirit Awards and has won top honors at several prestigious film festivals.


To view the official website: www.easierwithpractice.com

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