OC Arts: Alexandra Grant at Orange County Museum of Art Collaborates with Cachetejack

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Telepathy Is One Step Further Than Empathy combines Alexandra Grant's studio-based work as a painter and sculptor with her philanthropic work through the grantLOVE project. As the title suggests, Grant's exhibition explores her ideas about mutual generosity and exchange.


For Grant, love has the power to move beyond empathy and can be considered a form of telepathy, which does not privilege one individual over another, but rather is equal and reciprocal. Grant's large-scale works on paper and mixed-media works from her Antigone 3000 series take as their starting point the quote "I was born to love not to hate" from Sophocles' play Antigone. 

By repeating the text and through bold mark-making, Grant evokes the selflessness of Antigone's statement, which she makes as she sacrifices her life for someone else. The exhibition features Grant's large-scale works on paper, smaller works on paper, and a series of neon paintings.

In addition, she has created two new neon works that hang outside the museum, adjacent to the gallery and visible through a window.


For more images: alexandragrant.com/portfolio/alexandra-grant-telepathy-is-one-step-further-than-empathy-at-ocma/

Grant takes her exhibition "one step further" by installing a grantLOVE pop-up shop in the lobby of OCMA. grantLOVE supports artists and nonprofits through the sale of prints, sportswear, and jewelry.

Sale proceeds for this incarnation of grantLOVE will support the acquisition of art by underrepresented artists for the museum's collection. By giving to the museum and fellow artists, Grant draws upon a history of artists operating retail spaces within museums to question the roles of institutions and artists in defining the value of art.

For more information: www.grantlove.com/blogs/news/grantlove-x-orange-county-museum-of-art-fund-pop-up-shop

Images above: Top: She Said to Creon (13), 2020. Acrylic paint, acrylic ink, sumi ink, collage, screenprinting and colored pencil on paper mounted on fabric, 80" x 72". I was born to love not to hate (9), 2018. Acrylic paint, acrylic ink, sumi ink, collage, wax rubbing and colored pencil on paper mounted on fabric, 47" x 35". Antigone 3000 (2), 2018. Acrylic paint, acrylic ink, sumi ink, collage, wax rubbing and colored pencil on paper mounted on fabric, 106" x 72". Antigone 3000 (1), 2018. Acrylic paint, acrylic ink, sumi ink, collage, wax rubbing and colored pencil on paper mounted on fabric, 106" x 72". Middle: I was born to love, outlines 1 and 2, 2000. Neon, 52" x 39" each. 

Above: grantLOVE x OCMA Pop-Up Shop. All images are part of Telepathy is One Step Further than Empathy (2020-2021); Orange County Museum of Art, Santa Ana, CA. Photo: @ofphotographystudio.

grantLOVE is pleased to announce a new print collaboration with illustration duo Cachetejack to benefit SAVVY Contemporary in Berlin!

This collaboration, comprising four screen printed editions of 100, is printed by Le Racletstudio in Berlin. Each print reveals a different playful interpretation of the LOVE symbol -- Love ChakrasTeam PowerL.L.L. (Lunar Love Lady), and Rainbow Mood, 2020.


These prints are available for pre-order now for $150 each, and will be shipped December 5th (for $15 within the US and Europe). A suite of all 4 images is available for $600, with the edition numbers 1-25. In addition, pick-up will be available at SAVVY Contemporary (Berlin) and the Orange County Museum of Art (Costa Mesa, CA) in early December.  

Cachetejack are Nuria Bellver and Raquel Fanjul, a Spanish freelance illustration duo with a nomadic lifestyle working together since 2011. Their illustration universe is full of colors, energy, humour and irony. www.cachetejack.com

SAVVY Contemporary | The laboratory of form-ideas was founded in 2009 by Bonaventure Soh Bejeng Ndikung as an art space, discursive platform, and a space for conviviality. Run by a team of over 30 people from over 23 countries, SAVVY situates itself at the threshold of notions of the West and non-West to understand and deconstruct them. savvy-contemporary.com

Le Raclet is a screen print studio located in the heart of Berlin's Kreuzberg district. Founded by artist printmaker Bera in 2007, the studio specializes in hand printed silkscreen editions on paper. www.leraclet.com

grantLOVE is an artist-owned and operated enterprise that produces and sells original artworks and editions to benefit artists and arts non-profits. www.grantlove.com

Telepathy Is One Step Further Than Empathy
Orange County Museum of Art (OCMA)
Curated by Cassandra Coblentz
On view September 24, 2020 - June 6, 2021

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