Home, Décor: Tips for Decorating Your Vacation Home

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As the sunshine returns and the weather gets warmer, our thoughts begin to drift dreamily to a weekend getaway, which means only one thing—it’s time to get ready for a trip to the vacation home.

Home is where the heart is, but a vacation home is where our imagination is. Read on for tips to decorate your vacation home for the better.

Home, Décor: Easy Ways to Brighten up Any Room

Whether it’s a mountain lodge in the Poconos or a tropical cabana in Key West, there is truly nothing like a vacation home. What hotel or bed and breakfast allows its guests to completely personalize their space? Our tips for decorating your vacation homewill help you create an unforgettable vacation experience.

Color Schemes

Color is the basis of a home’s décor, so choosing a color scheme is one of the most significant decisions when decorating a vacation home. There is no right or wrong decision when it comes to choosing a color, but there are several good concepts to keep in mind when making the choice.

60-30-10 Rule

To avoid creating a space that is too busy or chaotic, interior designers utilize this rule to balance colors. Each number corresponds with the percentage of a room that should be taken up by a color.

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Per this rule, 60 percent of the room should be taken up by a primary color, 30 percent by a secondary color, and 10 percent by an accent color.

Warm and Cold

When we were in elementary school, we learned there are warm colors—red, orange, and yellow—and cool colors—green, blue, and purple. Incorporating both sides of the color wheel into the same scheme will create a unique look in a room.

Remember Paint Type

Remember that even if you’re hiring professionals to paint your house, you still have to choose the paint. Different types and glosses of paint will alter the paint’s color. Make sure you choose the right kind of paint for your house.

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Emphasize Lighting

Vacations are all about warmth, comfort, and rejuvenation. When it comes to interior design, the best way to accomplish these goals is by emphasizing the natural light in a space. Focus on light-colored paints and furniture, as well as light, airy window trimmings. If possible, see about investing in a skylight as a luxurious addition to the living areas.  

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Go Subtle With Theme

Vacation homes can get a bad reputation for being tacky, and part of the reason for this boils down to going over-the-top with themes. Property owners often decorate beach houses with ceramic tiki heads and “Gone Fishing” signs and forest cabins with antlers. There’s nothing wrong with adhering to a theme but try to handle it more subtly. For instance, try a teal and white color scheme for a beach house and forest paintings for a cabin.

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