What Every Aspiring DJ Needs

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DJing is hard work, and like any other talent it requires a preparation and boldness to be done properly. An aspiring DJ needs to learn the tricks of the trade, have knowledge of tunes that move, and marketing.

They also need to consult seasoned experts and adopt the right mindset for all the proceedings. It's no easy task and admittedly something of a balancing act, but only an unwavering commitment to the task at hand will see you through in a fine fashion.

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Consequently, below you'll find a few answers to that all-important question; what does every aspiring DJ need?

You Will Need Ambition and Inspiration

DJing is an art form, and it's not something you can really do well at the last minute.

At the starting legs of your journey, you will spend a great deal of time simply honing your craft. Familiarizing yourself with the legacy players of DJing would be prudent too, learning through your research which figures have set examples you wish to follow and who has shaped the industry in unprecedented ways. David Guetta, for example, has released a handful of albums over the years and enjoys surmounting success year on year. What is his secret?

Calvin Harris and The Chainsmokers are two more names that are frequently on every DJ fan's lips. Study them all and unearth the secret of their passion to see if it can invigorate you. Inspiration can be sourced right from the titans of the industry, so extrapolating some of that will work in your favour enormously. It's your fuel! You wouldn't get into football without reading up on David Beckham or other pitch-based heroes, so apply the same logic to your DJing.

You Will Need A Quality DJ Set Up

Of course, one also needs to have the right tools for the job or activity at hand.

For example, if you check out this Beginners DJ Setup Guide guide, then it will help you get the best out of your efforts.

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Headphones, speakers, software, mixers, and more are all needed, and Pirate.com will walk you through everything at the beginner level. They are experts in the craft, and     well positioned to offer insightful, quality guidance at your leisure. There's no better resource to consult in your learning. The level of your equipment will bolster the level of your craft, and the quality of music you produce.

Of course, having the equipment is one thing, and using it effectively is another. Still, Pirate.com can support you on that journey, leaving no stone unturned when it comes to all of the intricacies of DJing. This is not an area where you can get away with looking the part alone, and you need to be well-versed in all of the software and how to mix on turntable setups, amongst other things! In the end, Pirate.com offers a great range of expertly taught DJ courses, so jump in!

You Will Need Great Marketing

If DJs are playing to an empty room, are they really DJs?

The purpose of a DJ is to entertain the masses, setting the mood for gloriously atmospheric occasions. The audience lets loose and forgets their woes when the DJ is at work, elevated to new levels of euphoria. To draw in the masses, a good deal of marketing is required so that everybody knows when your talents are on display!

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DJs have adapted during the pandemic, with some of their number taking to livestreaming sites to show their stuff and manipulate a turntable or two. Other times, venues and publicists will do all the busy work for them. The famous DJs will only need to drop a line on social media announcing their show, but you should expect to go the extra mile in your earlier days.

Telling friends to tell their friends about your show is a good starting point, but flourish things further with a personal website, Spotify playlist, and the odd poster or flyer to dot around your local area. Spread awareness wherever you can however you might, and hopefully, you will become more prolific sooner rather than later.

You Will Need A Sensible Attitude

To suggest being 'sensible' at a party setting might seem like a killjoy statement to make, but just between you and this blog, it is something you should take somewhat seriously, if only privately.

A 2016 article from The Guardian highlighted that dance musicians and DJs were at greater risk of drug use, sleeplessness, and isolation, with the lifestyle for many of their ilk only being fabulous on the surface. This shouldn't put you off DJing, but rather caution you that there's a time to perform and then a time to be a real person. Your wellbeing is the number one priority here.

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DJing can be rather euphoric, and many do experience a steep come down the second they turn away from their apparatus. They become lost in that short window of performance and return to a life that is void of all warmth and common comforts.

This all tends to be a problem for more established DJs, but if one day you reach the level whereby your passion starts to consume other aspects of your life, hit the brakes somewhat and reassess. It's not about giving up one thing for another, but merely finding a balance that works for you.

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