Accessories: Five Shoe Trends for Spring 2021

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For all its best efforts, 2020 was ultimately a trendless year. Even though we all dressed up for our weekly Zoom meetings and Instagram posts, getting out and about to show off our fashion sense was impossible.

This meant that many of the fashion trends which should have been popular during the year didn’t really take off.

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Thanks to this, many of the trends of 2020 will continue into 2021. However, the new year will also bring with it several new trends of its own. If you like staying ahead of the fashion trends, then you’ve come to the right place. Here’s a list of some of the shoe trends you can expect to see in spring 2021:

  1. Ballet Flats

That’s right, in spring 2021, ballet flats will become popular once more. While these shoes have always been comfortable and practical, they actually went out of fashion a few years ago. However, they’re making a huge comeback this spring.

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Lots of popular brands have already released their ballet flats ready for next season, including brands like Valentino. You can explore this collection of Valentino shoes at From gorgeous black platform boots and sneakers to flat sandals and heels, they have something to suit everyone’s tastes for spring 2021.

  1. High-Heeled Platforms

High-heeled platforms will be another huge trend in 2021. Dust off your flares and search for your fluted sleeve tops - the seventies are back this year, and what better to accompany this outfit than a pair of high-heeled platform shoes? Go for the full-on disco vibe with some gold and silver metallic options or nail the underwear as outerwear trend by finishing your look with chunky slipper-inspired ankle-strap platforms.

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  1. Sandals

Sandals have always been a popular choice in the spring and summer months, but they will become even more popular in 2021. The most popular type of sandals will have narrow straps and be fairly plain in appearance. These styles of shoes are the perfect accompaniment to any outfit as they’re not only comfortable, but they look great too.

  1. Suede Chelsea Boots

Over the next few months, we’ll see suede Chelsea boots with strong and sturdy heels becoming more popular than ever. After months in lockdown, where we’ve only worn sandals or slippers, the Chelsea boot is the perfect choice of shoe to ease us back into wearing shoes once again. Chelsea boots are as classic as they come. They have a timeless style and overall versatility that is tough to beat.

  1. Mules, Loafers, Oxfords and Brogues

Flat shoes such as brogues, loafers, mules, and oxfords will continue to be popular next year. These shoes are a smart alternative to the popular (but less comfortable) ballet shoes. These types of shoes can be combined with a range of outfits including pants, jeans, dresses, and shorts to create a unique and personal look. Brogues, mules, oxfords, and loafers can make any outfit instantly more stylish and interesting. They’re definitely a trend to look out for in spring 2021.

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Since we’ve spent the majority of the last year living in socks and slippers, there’s a high possibility that you won’t want to jump straight into your stilettos and hit the town.

Thankfully, many of 2021’s biggest trends are comfortable and stylish - from lug sole boots to ballet flats, there are lots of comfortable, stylish options to choose from.

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