Men's Fashion: Best Winter Coat Styles for Men in 2020

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Designers have decreed that the best winter coat styles for men in 2020 will go beyond the basics with urban functionality, textures that take leather to the next level, and the ultimate in furry warmth.

With winter right around the corner, staying warm and fashionable becomes a priority. We found the perfect look and the best winter coat styles for men trending in 2020. Remember bundling up doesn't mean sacrificing your fashion sense!

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The impending cold weather usually makes men retreat into the familiar cocoons of parkas and leather jackets. But designers are hoping that they're ready to branch out beyond the basics. Runways featured more fearless fashions, showing that the best winter coat styles for men in 2020 put a twist on familiar classics.

Modern Utility

Even urban outerwear can be as functional as cargo shorts and fishing jackets. The modern field jacket is constructed of more luxe materials like suede and cashmere, and can go from outdoor activities to street chic. Men love pockets to stash wallets and phones. The utility trend is still about neutrals like khaki, green, and brown, with detailing that adds a touch of the military.

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Every year, designers show leather jackets, but 2020 has an unmistakable theme: shearling. On the more restrained end, fuzzy collars hint at the return of the macho bomber jacket that Tom Cruise will be wearing in next summer's "Top Gun" sequel. More dramatic examples don't hold back, like Tom's shearling jacket that switches the traditional lining to the exterior. The volume is being offset by sportier cuts.

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Furry Forms

The playful "teddy bear" coat trend has moved from women to men, with elevated faux furs that are a notch above matted Muppet material. At mid-length, they can look like a walking blanket, so they're paired with fitted, monochromatic outfits underneath.

Runways are always urging men to wear real fur, too, but in unexpected ways. Louis Vuitton's interpretations included a shaggy fox-fur peacoat, and the ultimate overcoat—tailored mink dyed at the tips for a gradient metallic sheen and a contrasting black collar.

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Major Themes

Men will be more likely to wear a trend if they can make it their own, so the runways have given them plenty of options to look up-to-date while maintaining their own style. Designers showed check prints, all-over leather from hat to toe, slouchy cardigans, and overwhelming color schemes with Pantone's color of the year, a royal blue.

The best winter coat styles for men in 2020 all have something in common, though: they all look great with the accessory of the moment—giant knit scarves—and they'll all keep men warm until spring.

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