Auto, Yachts, Jets: The Most Popular Luxury Auto for Celeb's

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The most popular brands for celebrity cars have a lot in common with their flashy owners: they're trendy, high-performing crowd-pleasers that come with expensive contracts, are nearly impossible to get, and have a flair for publicity.


Are celebrities susceptible to peer pressure? They seem to be since Ferraris in Hollywood are about as common as minivans in the suburbs. The big names all drive Bentleys, Bugattis, and Benzes, and that's just a sampling of the most popular brands for celebrity cars.

Auto, Yachts, Jets: The Top Three Most Luxurious Cars for City Driving

These, of course, differ from the most popular brands for mere mortals, who have pedestrian concerns like fuel efficiency and resale value.


These are the most expensive cars ever sold at auction, and the ultimate status symbol for the rich and famous. The question isn't "How many celebrities own a Ferrari?" It's "How many Ferraris does each celebrity own?" Buying a Ferrari is a rite of passage for the newly successful. Justin Bieber has picked up several, just like LeBron James and Gordon Ramsay. Rapper 50 Cent has a decent collection, referring to his 488 as his "Wednesday car."

Auto, Yachts, Jets: Five Reasons the BMW Performance Center West is a Must-Do Experience


This brand would make the list based on the Kardashian-Jenner clan alone. In order of pop culture relevancy, Kylie, Kendall, Kim, Khloe, and Kourtney all wheel around in G-Wagons.

Auto, Yachts, Jets: Five Reasons the BMW Performance Center West is a Must-Do Experience

It's getting a bit of a reputation as the car of choice for famous females such as Megan Fox, Hillary Duff, and Ashley Tisdale.


Here's the flip side of that coin: Men can't stay away from Bugatti. Tom Cruise was one of the first to get a Veyron, giving the model publicity at the premiere of "Mission: Impossible III." He had a hard time getting the door open, though, so it wasn't all good publicity.

Auto, Yachts, Jets: Benefits of Owning a Luxury Auto

The Veyron and the Chiron have a loyal following that includes Tom Brady, Jay-Z, Jamie Foxx, Simon Cowell, and Jay Leno.


Not everyone can be like George Clooney and own a Tango T600, the electric car so teeny—just 39 inches wide—that three can fit in one parking space. Unfortunately, there are just 21 in existence, so Hollywood's big names are choosing to express their global concern with another set of wheels.

Autos, Yachts, Jets: Tips to Safely Drive a Sports Car

Tesla is rapidly becoming one of the most popular brands for celebrity cars, with high-profile fans such as Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner. They may share much since the divorce, but they each retain custody of a Tesla.

Leonardo DiCaprio was ahead of the trend with one of the first models on the road and has one of the few Fisker Karmas produced in 2011-12. Even skeptics are being won over by Tesla—or at least the man behind the brand.

Podcast superstar Joe Rogan loved to talk about his dislike for the cars, until Elon Musk became a guest on his show. Now Rogan raves about his Model S and is drooling over the upcoming Cybertruck, too.


Autos, Yachts, Jets: Tips to Safely Drive a Sports Car

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