World News: Is Another Trump Middle East Peace Deal Imminent

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President Trump's Senior Adviser Eric Kushner and Interim US Special Representative for Iran, Elliott Abrams, were in Israel Sunday and are flying together to the UAE on an Israel ELAL flight, which will fly over Saudi Arabia.

The recent resignation of UN Special Representative for Iran Brain Hook has had little effect on the Iranian regime who according to the Iranian Foreign Ministry has "bitten off more than they could chew."

"The spokesperson for Iran's Foreign Ministry who usually speaks for the regime rather than the Foreign Ministry, said in a tweet that as far as the Islamic Republic is concerned, there is "no difference between John Bolton, Brian Hook, or Elliot Abrams when it comes to the United States' Iran policy. Mousavi added in the harshly worded tweet: "American officials have been bitten off more than they could chew. Same applies to Mike Pompeo, Donald Trump and their successors," reported.

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With Trump's steadfast dedication to Israel and his continued effort to broker peace in the region how will he meet the challenges of a volatile region with several nations on the brink of war. Facing unilateral setbacks, the administration is left to brokering independent peace deals. Will another Arab Spring uprising usurp the President's plans?

The Trump administration's bid to extend the arms related Iranian sanction beyond the October deadline was denied by the United Nations Security Council in a 2-2 vote with 11 nations abstaining. The resolution was then tabled by the United States until further notice.

Iran, Bahrain, Omen and Yemen

The seventeen nations in the Arabian Peninsula known as The Middle East are experiencing internal struggles. The Trump Administration imposed sanctions, and the dismantling of Obama Administration advances in the region have led to further. Lebanon is on the edge of a civil war.

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Bahrain, a very small country with a Shiite majority, but its ruling royal family is Sunni. This makes it a prime target for an Iranian takeover, similar to what the region experienced when Saddam Hussein invaded Kuwait.

Oman is a medium-sized county with its vast majority being Ibati and Sunni, leaving Shiites in its majority. But the thing both nationals have in common is that they are geographically situated opposite of Iran and in fear of that militant Shiite nation, and thus prime targets for a Trump-Kushner peace deal with Israel, and just before the November U.S. elections.

Yemen is facing the worst famine and humanitarian crisis the region has ever experienced. Targeted by the Saudi Arabia government, Yemen 's ability to maintain its food production has been dismantled. The United States Navy blockade makes it impossible to receive supplies. One child dies every ten minutes.

Could this be the harbinger of things to come – perhaps another Trump peace deal? Or maybe even an imminent attack on Iran?

Here to provide both insight and a bit of speculation is David Rubin, former mayor of Shiloh, Israel, and author of the book, "Trump and the Jews."

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Q: President recently make history by brokering a peace deal with the United Arab Emirates. How big a deal was that?

A: It was an absolutely big deal. Other than Egypt and Jordan, no country in the Middle East has dared to establish full relations with Israel and this one has strategic geo-political significance.

Q: So, if Trump gets either Bahrain or Oman onboard with Israel, it's like lightning striking twice.

A: Or lighting striking thrice if they both join the Trump peace train—and doing so is in the best interest of every nation on earth—other than Iran, the big bully in on the block in the Middle East.

Q: OK. Speculate, if you will, what might happen if both nations take the plunge. Would that be the end of the parade for peace or might there be other nations willing to join in?

A: If, and when those countries declare normalized relations with Israel, watch for the big fish, Saudi Arabia, to possibly take the plunge.Even if Saudi Arabia doesn't overtly join in, they will most likely covertly support Trump and Israel.

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Q: In contrast, how would a Biden presidency impact the prospects for peace in the Middle East?

A: For eight years, the Obama-Biden administration had a tense relationship with Israel and there were no breakthroughs in the peace process. President Trump in his three and a half years in office has proven with his leadership that appeasement of the Palestinian terrorists is not the path to peace in the Middle East.

Q: What about the possibility of Trump waging an attack on Iran before they are able to enrich enough uranium to make atomic bombs?  

A: While it's possible President Trump might wage an all-out war just as Nobel Peace Prize winner Obama did, don't rule out the possibility of Israel take care of the Iran problem by themselves.

Q: You wrote the book, "Trump and The Jews." What did you include in that book about Trump and prospects for peace in Persian Gulf countries? And where may we pick up a copy?

A: Yes, I covered the dynamics of nations in the Gulf, but also in detail about other nations in the world that can cause significant problems for Israel and the United States, specifically China.

My book is available at at Just type in the words, Trump and the Jews.

About Mayor David Rubin:

David Rubin, former Mayor of Shiloh Israel, is the author of the book, "Trump and the Jews" and five other books.

Rubin is the founder and president of Shiloh Israel Children's Fund, established after he and his then three-year-old son were wounded in a terror attack.

Mayor Rubin may be found at or at   


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