Beltway Insider: Trump/GOP Stall on Stimulus, COVID-19 Surge, Totals, BLM, Election: 100 Days

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President Donald Trump and Senate Republicans have stalled the renewal of pandemic benefits, instead pitching sliding scale alternatives even after they were notified the infrastructure needed to implement this would take up to 20 weeks to install.

The President's job approval rating, according to the website, which tracked polls of likely or registered voters for the period ending July 26, 2020, decreased by 0.3 percentage points to 40.2% of those polled who approve of his effectiveness as President and those who disapprove of his effectiveness decreased by 0.3 percentage points to 55.8%. A slight 3% of the population polled have no opinion. Ratings are calculated weekly.

Election 2020, according to the website, which tracks the latest Presidential Poll averages have President Donald Trump trailing Democratic challenger Joe Biden by 8.0% percentage points. With 41.9% of the sample audience indicating they will be casting their vote for Trump, and 49.9% of the voters sampled indicate they will be casting their vote for Biden.

Beltway Insider: Trump/Stimulus Package, COVID-19 Totals, Americas Spike, China, RBG, Rep. John Lewis

Trump Signals Surge in COVID-19

President Trump has indicated by his actions an understanding the Coronavirus has not released its death grip on the nation. Three key indicators of the possibility of additional information on the Coronavirus has been seen, but not reported, as the President has returned to daily coronavirus briefs, he cancelled the GOP convention, which many regarded as fundamentally important to his re-election campaign, he has been seen wearing masks, which he has not mandated in the past and reminding American's of the importance of social distancing.

The President Trump addressed these issues during a press conference this week. "We've had a tremendous week uniting the country in our fight against the China virus.  I have reminded people of the importance of masks when you can't socially distance, in particular.  A strong message has been sent out to young people to stop going to crowded bars and other crowded places."

In response to cancelling the Republican National Convention which had been schedule for Jacksonville, Florida, President Trump said, "The timing for this event is not right.  It's just not right with what's happened recently — the flare up in Florida — to have a big convention.  It's not the right time."

Treasury Secretary Munchin Targets Low Earners

Secretary of the Treasury Steven Munchin has become the mouthpiece of President Trump's failed economic stimulus plan proposing an impossible sliding scale benefits package, knowing, and understanding the infrastructure of many states is antiquated and unable to perform under these restrictions.

"The proposal will involve offering enhanced unemployment benefits that would replace a laid-off worker's wages up to 70%, although he acknowledged challenges some states will face in administering such a complicated benefit. He said he has worked with Mnuchin and Labor Secretary Eugene Scalia to ensure "antiquated computers" in some state benefit offices don't stop people from receiving their benefits," CNN reported.

Senior staff have indicated the original $600 boost which appeared in the CARES Act will not be present in the stimulus package which is expected to be rolled out this coming week. House Majority Leader Nancy Pelosi has indicated they have been prepared to negotiate for more than two months since the HEROES Act was passed and are committed to the continued economic boost until January 2021.

World News: France-Germany Lead EU, Agree to Recovery Plan

The Senate Republican leaders, and White House Senior Staff including Secretary Munchin have repeatedly indicated the economic boost has paid people for staying home. This thinking assess blame on unemployed Americans for what is essentially an uncontrollable act, contractually known as "Forced Majeure," an action outside of anyone's control.

This blame has negated any culpability to the current administration. Unfortunately, the federal government and state governments mandated its citizens to stay at home to effectively combat the surge of coronavirus cases. The boost allowed citizens to survive, to feed their families, to pay rent, to maintain obligations.

The fact that many states are experiencing a surge in coronavirus cases indicate the virus has yet to be contained and further orders by governors may call for quarantine, either self-imposed or statewide as the new epicenter moves into the nation's south and Midwest.

The Republican led senate has indicated they expect the next stimulus package to be completed by August 5, 2020. The first roll out is expected this week, and as many have said it is simply the first counter package. Both sides have said a Stop Gap measure is not possible. If over the next week, both sides can not reach a decision, an estimated 36.5 Americans will lose the economic boost.

Coronavirus Totals

The infection rates of the coronavirus have continued to rise around the world. For the week ending July 26, 2020, coronavirus cases increased globally, 1,723,500 confirmed cases, brings the total of confirmed cases worldwide to 16,065,700, with 645,195 deaths, an increase of 42,346.

Infections rates in the United States are also on the rise. For the week ending July 26, 2020 the total confirmed cases rose to 4,221,900 with new confirmed cases rising sharply totaling 458,300. The coronavirus has claimed 146,599 total deaths, a weekly increase for 6,238 deaths. (Data from The New York Times).

Corona Virus Spike Across Americas

New hot spots have appeared across the globe as the surge in coronavirus cases has been linked to failure to adhere to the preventative information. The America's, The Middle East, Asia and even North Korea have reported a surge in cases.

According to media reports, North Koran leader, Kim Jong Un has immediately issued a State of Emergency after at least one case has been reported. The information pipeline which is often challenging could indicate the dictator is facing an Asian epicenter, where one case will multiple rapidly into millions.

Ten states across America's South and Southwest including Florida, Louisiana, Mississippi, Nevada, Arizona, Alabama, South Carolina, Texas, Idaho, Tennessee, have seen record spikes in reported cases.

California's Governor Gavin Newsom has continued to hold briefing and is forced to dim the reopening even further to attempt to lower the spread. The recent rise in cases across many of California's counties forced the governor to once again order the closing of activities where crowds gather, including gyms, bars, wineries, tasting rooms, family entertainment, zoos, museums, and must suspend indoor activities.

The possibility of returning to mandated stay at home orders, which were in effect beginning March 15, 2020, have also been discussed.

Presidente Mexicano Andrés Manuel López Obrador Hablo con Noticias Telemundo's Javier Vega

Nations Biggest Retailers, Fast Food Chains, Require Face Masks

This week the McDonald's Corporation joined Walmart, Target, Amazon, Whole Foods, Kroger, Walgreens and Home Depot, mandating customers who enter their stores and employees wear personal protective gear in the form of facemasks.

"The 10 largest retailers in the U.S. and most of the top 40, as ranked by the National Retail Federation (NRF) based on sales, have implemented, or are in the process of implementing, chainwide mask mandates," AARP reports.

The following is a list of retailors requiring personal protective gear (facemasks). It is possible the list is incomplete as retailers continue to adopt policy in response to the Coronavirus pandemic and future of public safety.

Walmart, including Sam's Clubs, Amazon, including Whole Foods, Amazon Books, Amazon 4-Star and other branded brick and mortar outlets, Kroger including Ralph's), Costco, Walgreens, Home Depot, CVS, Target, Lowe's, Albertsons, Apple Store, McDonald's, Best Buy, Publix, Aldi, H-E-B, Macy's, Verizon, Kohl's, Starbuck's Meijer, AT&T, Rite Aid, Nordstrom, Gap, Circle K (Alimentation Couche-Tard), BJ's Wholesale, Menards, PetSmart, and Bed Bath & Beyond.

Black Lives Matter Movement

The Black Lives Matter Movement, which focuses on the unjustified murder of African American citizens predominately by law enforcement, has been called the largest movement of its kind in history.

Forcing change through peaceful demonstration, and at times not so peaceful demonstration is not new to America. The Civil Rights Movement of the 1960s, which transformed into the Vietnam Demonstrations of the 1970s, as well as pocket demonstrations which erupted in the aftermath of the assassinations of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., and Democratic Presidential nominee Robert F. Kennedy, the movement which has continued to create a swell of support throughout the nation, lacks one powerful element to becoming an actual force Washington will see as one to be reckoned with and that, of course, is a voting majority.

Forcing change on a national level, and even squeezing companies to modify or remove stereotypes are marked as "victories" toward an end to systemic racism. The sad truth, of course, is a blended combination. With the bottom line at stake, any corporation who desires the populations spend must respond to these vocal demands with contrition.

The appearance of feigned support, on a national level, is directly correlated to the demographics of the state in which the politician resides. Reducing this equation further, the demographics of the district will dictate the personal response.

The lack of a voting majority, and not simply an ethical belief of wrongdoing or injustice, hampers the movement. Organizing voter registrations, endorsing candidates, (real candidates and not those who attempt to mock the system) creates a structure that will force Washington to consider the value of the Black Lives Matter movement.

Moreover, using the national platform to lobby within the system to change the system is the only possibility of creating long lasting, permanent change in a system that is built on systemic discrimination, misogyny, and an entitled privileged club.

The architectural blueprints to this movement are found in the history books. The rebels of the 1970s began elected officials to force change. The disgruntled independent socialist spawned by Bernie Sanders became elected official and voiced rage over harassment, and treatment of both women and minorities.

To create effective, lasting, and permanent change, the system must be changed, and to change the system one must work within the system.

Justice Watch: The Perfect Crime (The Victim X Story Pt. 2)

Rep. John Lewis Cross Edmund Pettus Bridge

A far cry from his first crossing, more than fifty years ago, on a day which has marked history as "Bloody Sunday." Lewis, 25, and fed up with intolerance had helped organize a peaceful protest against Negro suppression.

"We're marching today to dramatize to the nation, dramatize to the world, the hundreds and thousands of Negro citizens of Alabama that are denied the right to vote," Lewis said. "We intend to march to Montgomery to present said grievance to Governor George C. Wallace," NPR said.

History has recorded the hate which met them. Ordered and tolerated unfathomable violence, the Negro of the south had no rights to peaceful demonstrations. Swinging Billy clubs, law enforcement on horseback attacked. Lewis and others were struck several times. Jimmie Lee Jackson was shot and killed protecting his mother who was being beaten.

Today, a trail of rose petals fell across the path where the casket of Representative John Lewis (D-GA), crossed the Edmund Pettus bridge on his final journey home.

Election: 100 Days

The 2020 General Election scheduled for November 3, 2020, is less than 100 days away. The beginning of 2020 election of President Trump seemed, even with the impeachment, possible, the democrats were in disarray, the party unsure of the pulse of the people, and the nation's economic future appeared bright.

My what a difference a few short months have made. The democrats have solidified behind Presidential Nominee Joe Biden, the nation's economy has fallen apart, due to a variation of a virus which left the world unprepared for its power, miscalculation by the president have forced Americans to see him as loyal to a fault as he pardons those tried, convicted, and sentenced, presenting an air of elitism, and entitlement and part of the problem and no longer seen as part of the solution.

The issues as the coronavirus continues to redefine our way of life remains the election. Public Service messaging on safe in person voting procedures, fool-proof online voting, and mail in ballots needs to be reviewed, and above manipulation, as every American believes if the system can be rigged it will be rigged. Voting tampering is not new only the mechanisms have changed.

Plan your voting strategy, contact your local Board of Elections, be prepared for either in-person, online or mail in. The 2020 Election is too important to allow the coronavirus to dictate our participation in democracy.

For more information on President Donald Trump

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