Rough Guide Copenhagen Travel Book Review – Showcases Thriving Scandinavian City

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Rough Guide Copenhagen, from APA Publications, presents a traveler's guide to the capital of Denmark with its comfortable laid-back lifestyle, its unique blend of contemporary and European history, outstanding cuisine, family friendly destinations and trendy nightlife.


The Rough Guide Pocket editions are each designed similarly. On the front inside cover readers will find a centralized map of the city sections featured in the handbook and a subway transportation map. A Table of Contents follows segmented into four sections: Introductions, Places, Accommodations, and Essentials.

Nyhavn Harbour

For travelers headed to Scandinavia, a stopover in Copenhagen is a must and brushing up on things to do a necessity before arriving. For many tourists, a short stay will be long enough to take in the sights of this thriving, urban, metropolis filled with both a blend of contemporary influences, including the internationally known "Noma" named the World's Best Restaurant four consecutive years and in 2019 in ranked second in the world by Restaurant Magazine and the historic Rosenborg Slot castle and the crown jewels housed inside.

Rosenborg Slot Castle

Copenhagen has earned distinctions in its own rights, with global polls ranking it as one of the best places in the world to live and its people among the happiest. A warm, welcoming, atmosphere, Copenhagen sits on an island off the Denmark mainland.

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Before a more extensive look at the neighborhoods, the Rough Guides Pocket edition provides seventeen not to miss adventures in and around the city, also included is a two-day itinerary featuring the best of Copenhagen.

Ny Carlsberg Glyptotek Museum

The "Places" section outlines each neighborhood highlighted. Each neighborhood also features a block color code in the margin making thumbing through the guide to find a destination or restaurant relatively easy.

The initial page of the neighborhood section includes a map highlighting various destinations within the boundaries of the zone. Cultural sites, shops, cafés, restaurants and unique food halls, music venues and nightlife, are listed with brief outlines of the offerings.

The Little Mermaid created by Hans Christian Andersen

Cuisine plays a significant role in the culture of Denmark since Chef Rene Redzepi earned a prestigious Michelin Star for "Noma" and received global recognition. Restaurants in Copenhagen have continued to reign supreme fusing Nordic and Danish cuisine and the city's restaurants have received more Michelin Stars than Oslo, Helsinki, and Stockholm together. It is a gourmand's paradise.

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The Pocket rough Guide also features an accommodation section outlining places to stay from the luxurious D'Angleterre, often compared to London's The Savoy, and is the choice for celebrities, dignitaries, and VIP's, as well as more moderate and even budget choices.

The edition also includes a traveler's sentiment guide designed to outline possible accommodation choices for those wanting peace and quiet, book the Copenhagen Island; for romance, Hotel Central & Café; for Danish design, Raddison Blu Royal Hotel.

Evening skyline over Copenhagen

The essentials section covers every other topic one would need when traveling to Copenhagen such as transportation, electricity choices for US travelers, WIFI options, cell phones, festivals, tipping, travelers with disabilities, children, and the near total ban on smoking anywhere.

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As Copenhagen is one of the top Gay and Lesbian destinations in the world, a dedicated website featuring all the happenings, is also included.

For travelers who stay a little longer in the region, about 17miles from the coast of Copenhagen, across an ultra-modern Euro bridge-tunnel transportation system is Malmo, Sweden's third largest city. With a combination of urban modernization, quaint coastal charm, and European history, Malmo is a perfect getaway for a taste of a different culture.

Oresund Bridge connecting Copenhagen and Sweden

Venturing further into the Danish mainland is also possible for a day trip from Copenhagen, summer festivals, the Louisiana Museum of Modern art, Viking Ship museum, Den Bla Planet (The Blue Planet), Denmark's National Aquarium. An award winning architectural designed building, the aquarium is a state of the art, with a huge walk-through ocean tunnel, filled with every underwater mammal swimming above and below.

Den Bla Planet (The Blue Planet), Denmark's National Aquarium

Denmark also borders with Germany and although the trip is somewhat longer than the 30 minutes by car to Sweden, reaching the trendy city of Berlin by bus, train, or air is also doable.

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Each edition includes expert advice, independent reviews, best places to stay, eat, drink and shop and all the Rough Notes Guidebooks are authored by an expert in the region. Copenhagen Rough Guides was authored and researched by Taraneh Ghajar Jerven.

Copenhagen pedestrian walkway

Rough Guides Copenhagen provides a thorough introduction to this Scandinavia city and provides all the information necessary to make any stop over an interesting, fun-filled, a once in a lifetime memorable moment.

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