100 Houses Nature and Nurture Book Review – Eco-Responsible, Ultra-Modern, Luxurious Homes

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100 Houses Nature and Nurture, from The Images Publishing Group, brings to the pages an international collection of ultra-modern, luxurious, prize-winning and climate responsible homes that highlight their sleek sophisticated designs while complimenting a world of urban settings.

A globetrotting display of distinct, contemporary residences designed to accompany the urban locale, blending into the environment and surroundings. With inclusions from the expected locales synonymous with high end design and luxury including Bel Aire, California and East Hampton, Long Island, to deeply hidden an unexpected such as Genk, Belgium, Vilnius, Lithuania and Ojersjo, Sweden.

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With 315 pages used for the presentation of homes, the floor plans and the uniqueness of the structure, each entry reveals the details, the small nuances, color schemes, and how the architects blended the home into the surrounding environment.

The homes are distinctive. Each page is filled with sleek distinctive lines, the use of glass or a clarity of vision allowing for the light to pass through the structures. Retractable walls, of multiple designs from completely hidden to swinging half wall dividing the entry way into two lanes.

Working with white-washed stone for waterfront locations, and dark earth tones of brown, rust, deep reds and desert tans to blend into homes located in mountains, deserts encompassing all climates and creating the home to perform under the adverse weather conditions and retain its magnificence.

Famed architects from around the world are represented in the pages. Bates Masi +Architects LLC whose Georgica Cove East Hampton residence is featured, Belzberg Architects, McClean Design with a stunning Bel Aire home, McLeod Bovell Modern Houses showcases his West Vancouver, Canada, Container home.

As natural light is in abundant supply, architects use this single element, as a fixed point, when creating the residences. Even in dwellings that are set in urban cities, three to five story townhouses, have been redesigned to incorporate the use of natural light. Opening various points to allow the floor thru light and using blonde woods and color palettes to maintain the indoor brightness reducing the emotional effects of deep winters.

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In tropical climates which have ample supply of natural light, architects create “cooling” effects throughout interior and exterior. In Valenica Spain, the architect team of Fran Silvestre Arquitectos, have created a geometrically designed “Hofmann House” which uses the “iconic combination of that tends to espouse the ideas of panoramic views and bold cliffside suspension.”

Hofmann house is different as the bold white exterior, along with its geometrically shaped design creates natural shade which never allows the Costa del Sol sun to overwhelm the residence. The flat roof becomes a natural outdoor space. Interiors also are designed to create a naturally cool feel, stone tile flooring, white drenched walls and floor to ceiling walls of windows which also retract to allow the cross flow of sea breeze access.

Stone and woods are also in abundant supply and compliment the architect’s vision as the designs are move from the plans to the manifestation.

Trevor Mclvor Architect Inc created the Petaluma House, a stunning design of horizontal and vertical wood choices including an outdoor designed lounging space compliment with vertical redwood railings, stacked railroad tie framed booths, and siding on the home begins with whitewashed Douglass fir wood rising from foundation covering the first story and followed with a rich mahogany encompassing the second story.

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Various blends of woods compliment the stone, which is used in all sizes from large checkerboard with pebbles separating each block, to a flat squared, and a chimney which appears to be a mixture of small brick size stone running from foundation to roof.

The residence also includes a doubled height atrium, filled with bamboo trees, which merges the lush green exterior landscape to the interior of the home. The natural light, stone, wood and a fire pit create a natural convergence with nature.

Each of the 100 featured residences make use of the elements which are available in natural abundance, as well as creating modern, luxurious living spaces which are welcoming, warm and elegant, prize winning, comfortable and comfortable for families and friends.

The featured homes include a brief introduction and full-page size color photos. The Architectural plans are also featured with explanations on the natural elements which act in concert to the home or depending on the thought, alternatively which homes blend seamlessly into the landscape without disruption.

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100 Houses Nature and Nurture showcases cutting edge residential designs from around the world designed by the most accomplished and elite architects. From Victoria, Australia to Mikkeli, Finland to Sentosa Island, Sinapore to Shropshire, United Kingdom to Pelponnese, Greece and well-appointed, captivating homes throughout the North and South America, Europe, and Asia.

100 Houses Nature and Nurture is available at fine bookstores everywhere or through most online retailers.

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