Spies in Disguise Review - A Fun, High Flying, Espionage Caper

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Spies in Disguise, from 20th Century Fox Films and BlueSky Studios, presents the story of the world's most fearless super-spy who is falsely accused and suddenly left with only one choice as he works to clear his name.

Directed by Nick Bruno and Troy Quane, Spies in Disguise stars the voice talents of Will Smith, Tom Holland, Reba McEntire, Masi Oka, Rachel Brosnahan, Rashida Jones, Karen Gillan, Ben Mendelsohn, DJ Khaled, Rashawn Nadine Scott, Eddie Mujica, Peter S. Kim, Carla Jimenez and Stefanie Spampinato.

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Spies in Disguise begins with a young Walter Beckett, voiced by Tom Holland, creating a science project as he deals with his concern for the safety of his mom, Wendy, a police officer, voiced by Rachel Brosnahan who tells her science genius son, "one day your inventions will keep the world safe."

Fast forward we meet Lance Sterling, voiced by Will Smith, on assignment in Japan, in contact his handler, Joy Jenkins, voiced by Reba McEntire, we see him surveying the scene. Even after he is told to abort the mission, Sterling is so confident and accustomed to finishing what he has begun, as well as a bit belligerent, he begins on the outer parameter.

Soon he has neutralized the entire regiment of fifty Japanese hit squad while waiting for a buyer for the newest government made super drone. Needless to say, Lance saves the day, fights off more than 50 very bad Japanese hit men, subdues the evil Kimura, escapes, recaptures the super spy technology all without breaking a sweat. and returns to headquarters where he is given a hero's welcome.

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Stopping in the gizmo and gadget department Lance explains to Walter, who is working away at a new form of spyware that stuns and doesn't kill, the next time he messes with his spyware he'll be fired.

Panning his broom closet office Walter realizes this might be the chance to explain his new cutting-edge spyware that will transform the known spy world. Chasing Lance Sterling, Walter corners him in the elevator and pitches him the idea and is immediately shot down.

Sterling who is expected for a debriefing with Joy begins to command the room, when he is accused of stealing the weapon. Attempting to counter the allegations as Marcy Kappel, voiced by Rashida Jones, enter the room with her team.

Suddenly Lance Sterling super-spy finds himself on the opposite of the law, once the hunter now becomes the hunted. He is cuffed and as they are preparing to remove him, he breaks free and escapes. A hard target search is underway for the now enemy of the state, Lance Sterling.

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This is where the Spies in Disguise takes off into the high-flying fun espionage caper. Lance is, for the first time, in need. His trademark skill is taken from him, and for the first time he needs someone he can depend on. His only ally, he realizes is the hidden romantic, super geek scientist who wants to better the world one bubble filled glitter shot at a time.

I really enjoyed Spies in Disguise. It's laugh out loud funny. With crystal clear animation and vivid eye-popping neon colors. The story stays true to the overarching theme with the ultimate super spy accessory including the outfitted ultra-luxurious exotic automobile.

The entire voice cast, most of whom recorded alone, without even meeting the other actors, brought the characters to life before the editors brought the action to the scenes.

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Will Smith's comedic sensibilities really come through even as, as a voice talent, it is essentially reading a story and embodying the character. Reba McEntire, Rashida Jones and DJ Khaled hit the mark as they bring suspense to the chase, authenticity to their characters and truth to the script.

Screen pairing, throughout history have made good films great, and the voice cast along with the amazing animation turn this truly good film into a great espionage caper.

Spies in Disguise opens Christmas Day. See it.

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