World News: Between Cost and Price Where Does Care Enter The Hospital Equation

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The debt incurred by all French hospitals will be partly taken over by the State. But if the financing of the institution is not questioned, the reasons for the deficits remain intact and without viable answers. Explanations.

Thirty billion euros. This is the cumulative amount of debt of French hospitals. The sum of what to paralyze when we know that public institutions are hindered in their politics of investment precisely because of this broken down to the number of hospitals. The first Minister also specified that the State, namely the national collectivity via the tax levied, would pay up to 10 billion, or 30%, the current incursion.

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The gesture is certainly generous but it loses in size if we remember that the hospital is the first care space for all French, whatever it is, and that it is ultimately the duty of the State to act in favor of the health of all.

After this observation comes the time of the questions and among them how the hospitals, in spite of budgetary efforts made over the last decades, efforts made by the reduction of beds, low salaries granted to hospital public servants (pushing the latter to the private health sector) have managed to accumulate such a debt. The reasons are multiple.

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Costs and Prices

Population growth, increased cost of medical procedures, investment in equipment medical deserts, pushing patients to congest emergencies, ... In short! The list and long and it ends up opposing another logic, that of managers anxious to reduce constantly costs. Except that if for one health at a cost, for others it has no price.

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For a long time, successive governments imposed on health care workers hospitals reforms and decisions in real, or so little and so bad, take the pulse of his own staff, to listen to their reality and not that of quick balance sheets to stigmatize the expense as rather than the reason for the expense.

This debt, abysmal but capable of being absorbed by the state, also raises the question of the efficiency of our health system in view of the constraints current budgets. And the question of emerge: Is public health expensive? Bad question because poorly posed when the real question would be rather: can health be to commercialize?

Mercantilization and Hazards

In a welfare state like France, where the national wealth is redistributed after tax levy (VAT, income tax, etc.) to finance, among other things, public services in general and the hospital in particular, it appears almost obvious that no health can be object of commodification. Why ?

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Because like all public services dedicated by definition to the public, it is part of a social chain animated first by men exposed to the vagaries of the existence, to the stupidity of a car accident, the cruelty of a cancer, the bad tricks of a stubborn flu, so the unexpected! Who is today able to predict what he will suffer in 5 years, 10, 15 years?

No one. It can be subdued, at least imagine it but nothing else. And the hospital in good Samaritan, absorbs for decades, without a word, these natural hazards without the structures are adapted and the nursing staff encouraged. Without saying a word until today because obviously, the hospital (no bad word play) suffers with his patients.



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